Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Starts

Happy New Year everyone!  It is the 2nd of the month already, hard to believe right?  Funny, I could hear the wurring of all the needles all around the country with all the new starts happening.  On New Years Eve, after writing my last post of the year, and working on Bramble, I began to think about another option for January. 

What is the significance of the number 15?  15 starts in January, 15 WIP to be had and hope to be completed in the year 2011 right?  So I had mentioned that I would start 6 for sure, and mostly work on already WIPs that were in bottom of the barrel, but I went into the basement to give a last look for the new start January challenge.  I decided I didnt want to stop at 15.  I was going to go all the way with 31 starts/WIP's in January.  Why mess around?!!  LOL. 

I love a challenge, and what I decided to do, is pull out starts and WIPs (mostly starts) and put them into a plastic tote.  I will pull one out each day to work on, and work on that one all day.  I will take pics of the supplies, and progress pics periodically during the day and when the night is over take 1 final pic.  The following day, I will post the previous days project and progress.  Some are easy, some are HUGE and some are already going. 

And, what I still would like to do, is finish Bramble and the Rose this month.  I said I wanted to finish this piece last month, and you see the progress, but not the finish.  Keep plugging along.  I continued to work on Bramble yesterday as well as my new start for January 1st 2011.

January 1st, the first start of the year is Maria's Dechado by Samplers Remembered.

Using 45ct Vintage Luna from Lakeside Linen along with Soie de Paris, using the colors and linen called for, I started her at 12:05am, put about 20 stitches in and went to bed by 12:20.  Last night, after working on Bramble, I pulled out Maria again at 10pm and worked on her for 1/2 hr.  Not too much progress, but enough to know that she is going to be gorgeous.  I have not ever used this silk before, and I find it kind of slippery, but the sheen is amazing.  Very very nice. 

Since it is the 2nd of January already, I better get cracking on todays project!  It is great fun to see all the new starts going on this month, everyone's blog posts are going to be very very interesting for sure!!!!!  This is going to be so much fun!!!! 


  1. Beautifull start, I am looking forward to seeing your progress throughout the year.

  2. I kind of like the symmetry of 31 projects! Maybe I'll do a little work on 16 WIPs in the latter half of the month...maybe...

  3. Oh I can tell this 15 challenge is going to be a challenge for me just seeing what everyone is doing. It's going to be temptation city! lol! I love Maria's Deschado! It's on my to do list. So pretty! I have the 45ct fabric and the soi de Paris too. You've got me dreaming already. Looking forward to seeing all your 15!

  4. Beautiful schemes, perfect to begin well the new year!

    Happy 2011

  5. 31 projects..gulp! I will look forward to seeing your progress :-) and i must say you are super organised in getting them all into plastic wallets ready to go!

    Want to come and organise mine for me now, lol

  6. You have great charts there! I have been thinking how fun it would be to all sit down around very BIG table and see everybodys works...

  7. Great goals...and this is going to be a very fun year! what a great cheering squad we are!

  8. Shannon, I loved your blog opening...I could imagine 'hearing' all of the new starts too! It is a wonderful thing to share this love of needlework and see what everyone is doing! Your pile looks scrumptious to be sure...I can't wait to see more of your progresses!!!

    Blessings of the New Year for you and your family!

  9. 1. 31 starts? You are a madwoman and I love you for it! I'm doing three: Maria, Dragon Quaker, and Silver Sewing Erui and I am impressed with my wantonness.
    2. You got that far on Maria in an hour? I am doomed

  10. I started this challenge too!! I am alternating WIP's with new pieces. I know that you kind of went into a stitching slump a while back...I have kind of felt like that too. Did not get much done on my piece for the 1st and worked on a WIP for the second. Not to sure what I will start today, I guess that is what is fun about this challenge. I love watching your progress. I threw my back out over the weekend but will try and update my blog today or tomorrow.

    Have fun!!...Stephanie

  11. Love your idea of doing 31 projects!! And your new start is lovely - can't wait to see more. Happy New Year!


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