Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I often get the chance to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is something I always look forward to when in the SF area, and my trip isnt complete until I do.  We often stop at the viewing spot on the north-east side of the bridge, to look back and get those pictures of yourself and my loved one in the same spot-- however different outfit (hopefully! lol)  But this time, returning from Corte Madera, I suggested we take the Sausalito exit and continue to the viewing area on the north-west side of the bridge.  No kidding.  I am not sure how many of you have taken advantage of the views you can see from here. 
There are many stops along the way, mostly full of parked cars but if you continue on this long and winding road, you get to a spot where it is almost the end of the line.  If you choose to continue, you must go down a road with 18% grade (WOWZA-- most are 5-6% sometimes 7) or VERY STEEP road which is only 1 way down, in order to return, you must go around the mountain.  OK!!!  Lets do it, why not be adventurous?!!!!  There is a lighthouse that is calling me on the otherside-- lets go and see it--now!!!  It is Pt. Bonita Lighthouse, which signals those humongous boats and barges entering/exiting the SF Bay to/from the Pacific Ocean.  I am so excited for this adventure!!
We are also going to see Historic Forts and Barracks that were once used long long ago. OK, ready set go :)
The lighthouse is some 2.5 miles away yet, but you can just see it about 1/2 inch in on the rocks in this above pic.
 Pulling the car over to the side and jumping in and out was great fun-- quick pullover here, I need to get this picture!! 
Going inside this observation/machine gun nest you can just imagine being inside this at night, watching and guarding the coastline. 
Here is the view from inside this nest; of course when these forts were in full use, that bridge wasnt even there!!!!  But, when the bridge building began in 1933 they had a great seat!!  Isnt it gorgeous!!!!!  It was so quiet out there, we only saw 5 others out there on the whole tour.  Amazing more dont come to view these historic spots!!
Above is a shot from inside the Battery Mendel, a fort named after an army engineer who over saw the building of the coastal fortification.  This fort housed 2 'disappearing guns' which would fold back after they had fired.  This was active from 1905 to 1943.
Finally a better shot of the lighthouse, although we did walk down the steep path to get to it (in 3 inch heels!) but at the end of the road, there was a huge iron door blocking our path to the lighthouse.  What a disappointment, but we did get some great pics of seals playing the water and sunning themselves, and views of the coastline.  Absolutely breathtaking.
The above pic was one of the last shots of the day.  At this viewing spot, it was sooooo windy and cold, you could hardly stand straight.  We used our fish eye lens for fun on some of the shots and I leave you with it.  It was such an experience, that I would recommend anyone who lives or visits the SF area that hasnt been, to go to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  The day couldnt have been more clear, the fog wasnt rolling in (this shot was at about 6:30pm) and the temperature (other than that spot) more perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  (Yes, I have been stitching-- no worries:)  More to update next time!!!)  I am always most appreciative of your visiting, and your comments, it means the world to me :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Enterprise

So a few weeks back my father sent me some fantastic pics..... Road trip!!!! My father and my brother headed down to the Hudson River- between NY & NJ to witness something most wont ever see in person.  The space shuttle ontop of a 747.  What?!!!!
There is the space shuttle Enterprise hitching a ride or piggy back on a 747.  This is a special made 747 to strictly carry these shuttles around--not for ordinary passengers and our luggage.  Since they obviously need to be securely fastened on top (I can imagine the size of these bolts!!!), flying at hundreds of miles per hour...... you know they need a special one :)  There are 4 of these shuttles going around the country to be put on display.

Discovery- Smithsonian in the DC area
Endeavour- California Science Center Southern California
Atlantis- Cape Canaveral FL (will remain there)
Enterprise- Intrepid Museum NY.
 Here it comes flying over the Statue of Liberty, Jersey City NJ
Over the Hudson river

towards the GW Bridge (George Washington Bridge)
Can you just imagine seeing this?  Simply incredible.  I was so excited to see these pics from him.  The Enterprise landed at JFK airport where it will remain until it is lifted onto a barge via crane to get ready for the 2 day trip up the river to the Intrepid.  This will be another incredible picture opportunity and I am sure, that I will have pics to share of this great event also.
The Intrepid Air and Space museum is literally in the river-- when you go, you literally go on board an aircraft carrier that has been retired and you can wander around viewing some of the most incredible planes and submarines up close and personal.  It is worth the trip the next time you are in NY.  I am looking forward to seeing the Enterprise on board the Intrepid this fall.  The exhibit opens mid July this summer.  For more info
I leave you this great Friday with a pic of lower Manhattan, with our ever growing new Freedom Tower :)  Its simply amazing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Friday

Apparently I am finding that Fridays are a great posting day for me.  I dont really have a reason as to why though.  Fridays for a lot of folks are an extra special day......the week is over, the weekend is just beginning, no work tomorrow....... However, Friday for me is just another day.  It doesn't get me fired up. I do work on Saturdays and Sundays for that matter, so what gives right?  Everyday is great especially if I can get some stitches in.  A few or alot, I will take what I can get!
Last week was the kickoff to a stitching weekend with 30+ talented and friendly stitchers and I couldn't have been more pleased to be a part of it.  I tend to see most of everyone's stitching progress on the internet via blogs, or texts of pics so when I can rally in an entire weekend of admiring, being inspired and motivated, that's what fires me up.   I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am-- especially when there is a ton of laughing, bagels--with or without cream cheese and the occasional cocktail to end the day :)

I have made some great progress on my DB.....I mentioned last week that I have taken over the couch as a pin cushion, so how could I stitch on DB with my friends?!  Well, the best way I knew how, was to pack up DB with 1 color of silk--- ONE??!!  (There was one gal that offered to swing by and pick up the couch pincushion and take it on our adventure--LOL, can you only imagine?!) Yes, 1 color and I worked on the border.  I dont know how many of you readers have this problem, but finding that these gals 1 by 1 were having the same trouble as I was, I wasnt too worried.  Frogging :( 
This sort of thing happens to me EVERY TIME I get together with anyone other than stitching at home on the couch is mistakes.  I hate this, and because it happens to me so often--- I dont like to stitch outside the home.  Does this make sense?  I do one heck of a job multi tasking, but when it comes to multi tasking and reading a pattern and stitching, it doesnt work.  Period.  So everthing that goes in, must come out :(.  I must say that it was a challenge for me this weekend, but I managed to over come it the 2nd day.  I dont know how, but perhaps after settling in with the ladies, I could focus on the task that needed to be done.  The 2nd day I did not do any frogging when I got home, it was all perfect.  Mark it on the calender!!  LOL.   As you can see from the above pic, the top of the border is done as far as length goes.  I still have to fill in the buds, but I am not sure what colors I want to use just yet.
I have reached the middle of the top row, very exciting right?  However, there are 2 more rows to go!!  LOL.  I am not stressed about the size of this project, I never have been, it has more been about the linen or the silks that throw me over the edge.  When stitching something that you are in love with, I think is most of the battle.
I love the cherub on the right, and there is one more to stitch on the left side.  I am not sure if there are more in the piece.  I tend not to focus on anything other than the page that is in front of me to stitch.  The whole piece is so gorgeous that I want to stitch it all NOW, and I want to enjoy each and every page.  And, I assure you that I will  :)
Until next week, or next time, this is where I left off last night.  I am sure this piece will evolve each and everyday this week.  The sun is shining today, the weather is a gorgeous temperature and I would like to check out the scenery.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


You ever watch that show?  We dont have a tv, dont pay for cable, dish or dvr etc., etc.. But I have watched this show on many many occasions with my mom.  We like to watch these types of shows, -- Pickers, Storage Wars, and Ghost Hunters would be my favorites along with the classic detective shows, CSI, Law & Order (any of them), NCIS and NCIS- LA, Forensic files, 48hrs, etc., etc.  I could watch these shows for 24 hours straight, and when they have the marathons I am in heaven :)

My stitching progress goes through the roof when I watch these shows.  However, this is not the case these days.......
We have been watching Seinfeld Episodes on the computer and that helps, but it isnt the same as the detective shows.  They are really funny, and even though you have seen it years ago, that Kramer is still my favorite.  George is a bit whiny for me and I want to kick him in the a** most of the time.  LOL.
I am happy to make as much progress on DB as I have (even if it isnt that much), I have been working on Amy Mittens piece the last few days.  The biggest reason is that I am able to pack up Amy and take her 'out' meaning I can stitch on her outside my home.  At friends homes, with groups of stitchers.....she is easy.
This is why I cant take DB on the move with me.  She is sprawled out like nobodies business and that is how she is going to stay until she is finished.  Sorry honey, the couch is mine for the next ?????  LOL.

Happy Stitching :)