Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A small start

Another great weekend was had and I wanted to share my small start.   Sunday afternoon I began La D Da Peace House, with the called for cotton-- yes :)  but I did switch the linen.  I was really excited about how dark the colors were when I saw over at Maude and Mozart, if you go to her great blog, you will see that she has it all done and framed in a fantastic frame.  I saw it originally on her blog sometime ago when she was sharing her stash enhancement she got from a wonderful stitching weekend.  So, at that time I ordered it from my LNS.  I have had it now in the stash for a bit, but when seeing her finish, I had to get going on it!
I didnt really get far the first day, because something about counting with a bunch of people around you chatting, doesnt really go hand in hand, so I opted to wait.  Yesterday I got quite far and I am still excited with the colors.   Weeks dye Works are the cottons used and I chose Lakeside Linen 40ct Pecan.  I debated whether to use 45ct since it would be sooo stinkin cute finished stitch size 4" x 6 ", but I like the color of the 40ct linen better.  So Peace House will still be very cute 5" x 7" :)  I know, crazy.........
I am still working on the other multitude of WIPs, but at this point, have nothing further to update you on, it is sad right?  Well, maybe in a few days.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Its going to fast

My adorable nephew is already a month old and today the announcement of the royal baby, along with so many exciting things happening.  Well, the cross country trip went off without a hitch and we saw a tremendous amount of great things.  So many things have taken place over the last month, it is almost too much for me to think about.  (This post is picture heavy!)
Starting out in NY, ending in OR.
Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park, NY.  One of several mansions owned by the Vanderbilt family.  I have been on a tour in this magnificent home on the Hudson river years ago but this time, we passed.  It is well worth it if you have time.
 We stopped at the Heart of Ohio Antique Mall, which I believe is the largest in the country.... being 116,000 square feet (yes, there are that many zeros!) and I was afraid we might have to spend a week there.  But, we often antique, so we know what we are looking for, and know how to look fast.  There are 8 wings if you will to this massive compound, and all but 1 was good, being antique items.  The 1 that wasnt, was all that crap--repros, or yankee candle booths, etc., etc., etc.  VHS tapes are not antiques, and neither are things made in China last year.  It does bother me that these dealers are allowed in these places.  If you want that crap, go to a flea market.  I did run into this scale, no, I didnt buy it, but I thought it was hilarious.  My husband said those were popular in the 70s.  I wonder how many of you had one!!!!  LOL... and did they come in different colors??!!!!  This dealer wanted 50 bucks for it :)

 This thimble display would be perfect for my friend, but with a firm price of $1895.00 it isnt that perfect for her--- Sorry!! But it is very cool to see.
Love this gorgeous coverlet, and I am not sure if it is a good price at 1200.00, (too much for me) but it was near mint.  Rich navy and creme and love the bird detail around the border.
We did run into an amazing amount of storms and watching the front come in on this one was awesome.  Feeling the wind pick up, and the dust blowing, then an amazing amount of water streaming down the streets.  Before you know it, it is over and dried up.  Love summer storms, you almost dont believe they exist!
 Stopping in Watertown, WI and had to see the famous Octagon House.  I think there is something like 57 rooms in this place.  8 sided, 5 floors built in the 1850s of solid brick.  I am not sure how long it would take to clean this place, but it would be a fun place to stitch right??!!! No, we didnt tour this either, just the grounds because the last tour had just started.  So much for timing!! 
If you look close at the above pic, there are 2 racoons peeking their heads out of the tree.  Not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing to see them during the day, but I thought it was great fun anyway.
What do you think of this gorgeous rooster??  Stunning red and shades of grey make this bird very handsome :)  Friends of ours own him and 2 hens...... Free range eggs are delicious!!!!!

There were 2 stops planned for Minnesota, one being the Mall of America, which is beyond me in size for a mall and this amusement park in the center of it, but more importantly,
Stitchville USA!

This is the newest location for Stitchville USA and wowza is all I can say.  It is a must stop for anyone who loves stitching and needlepoint.  So many things to look at you might need a week just to look at all the stash on hand!!!! 
Have you ever seen or been to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota??  Each and every year the entire palace made of corn is stripped of its shell and replaced with fresh corn.  It is a famous place, however one would be surprised to find inside the palace, a gymnasium?!  I sure was!!

Driving out and about in the middle of no where, is very peaceful.  Growing up in a cement city as I am told often, it is hard to imagine the beauty that does exist in our country.  Although, you are often enamored by things you dont see everyday, so seeing cows grazing next to wind turbines is pretty cool!  I am often told I do not get out much :)  I have been more appreciative of the things we see in life, as you get older, things you thought were once corny when you were 15, are pretty cool at ??.  LOL.
It is hard to imagine this is Sturgis, South Dakota.  Being famous for its annual motorcycle rally and to see no one on main street is strange.  But, its only a matter of time before this small town is hopping with bikers from all around the world, cruising the streets with their motorcycles.

My hope is not to bore you with these scenic pictures that I have posted here, but only to give you a better sense of what we saw for miles and miles.  Amazing beauty was to be seen everywhere.  I love the contrast of the bright blue sky to the bright reddish rock, to the sharp edges of the mountain.  To the beautiful lakes.
My last trip pic to share is of Multnomah Falls in OR.  One of the highlights on the Columbia river drive.
The 620 foot cascade of water is the 5th highest waterfall in the US.  Impressive right?  There is a bridge near the bottom you can stand on and of course, take more pics, but to see it from afar is also amazing.  It was definitely worth the stop.

So all good things must come to an end :)  My grandfather would always say, "Home again James".

And by now I hope you know that there wasn't much time for stitching on this road trip I was on!!  LOL.. Nope, you guessed it.  Not much took place but I did work a bit on Jane's border.....
  I have started the words as well on the top right.  Stopping at another great stitching shop in Portland, called Acorns and Threads---also an amazing cross stitch shop and a must stop for any stitcher!!!!  Super friendly staff too!!! Sorry, no pics but I did get the newest Blackbird designs Wild Berries and here is my progress

And, I chose to stitch this series in the called for cottons.  Yes, pick yourself up from the floor.  Close your mouth that has hit the desk.  YES, cottons.  LOL!!!!!  After talking with a few of the ladies, converting these small beauties into silk wasn't a practical option.  I did change the linen, choosing a 40ct Lakeside Linen makes this Wild Berry a mere 4" square.  Super cute right?  I think choosing a different color linen for each piece is going to be my agenda for this Loose Feathers collection.  I am also thinking these are great fill in pieces in between my samplers, and no, I will not hang them all together.  Terrific pieces overall though!!

So, enough of a novel today, but better going to see about stitching more BBD tonight.  Thank you for going on my cross country trip and I hope you enjoyed it :)

Enjoy your week, and happy stitching!!!!