Friday, December 31, 2010

Its the Last Day

of 2010.  Can you believe it?!  I am not alone when I ponder this thought.  So much has happened this year, so much to be thankful for and so many blessings.  Overall 2010 has been a great year.

Christmas was fabulous-- very eventful and we have 2 new little ones in the family!!!!  A boy and girl born on Christmas Eve.  We even got to see them on Christmas day in the hospital.  They are so little, so precious.  They had on tiny red and white crocheted hats on that someone made with love for Christmas.   My cousin and his wife were truly blessed with 2 bundles of joy this year.  They are a miracle for sure :)

We even found out there is another little one coming in the Spring, so many babies!!!

I told my boss that I was not going to be working any more this year :)  So stitching and stash diving was a big part of this week.  Not to much was completed in the stitching department in 2010, but I did finish some pieces, even framed one- Paradise Lost.  Stash was added to of course--that goes without saying, you know you see a pattern you gotta get it.   There are a few designers that 'retire' and discontinue patterns, so you better grab it right?  Then they 'come back' into being, selling their patterns again, and it makes you kind of crazy.  Buy or not to buy?  $8-$10 bucks is better then $40-$50 right?  I dont want to take any chances.  There are so many fabulous new designers, so many great  designs, so much time and effort goes into them for all of us to stitch and enjoy in our homes forever.  I look forward to those new patterns for sure.

I have worked slowly on Bramble and the Rose (one of my favorite designs from Ink Circles) over the last 2 weeks, and have made some progress. 40ct Lakeside Linen- Meadow Rue, ltd edition gloriana threads.  I am getting more and more excited about these piece, making more of a dent in it, it is moving nicely.  I would like to continue working on this piece into the new year, and my first finish of the year be the Bramble and the Rose.

I have been thinking and thinking about the challenges that have been flying through the internet blogs and conversations, 15 starts in the first 15 days of January.  I go back and forth, should I do this?  Not that there is ANY TROUBLE FINDING 15, more like which of all these would be the lucky 15!!!  So, as I write this, I am going to start 6 I think, I may change my mind in the next 24 hrs, but I also want to focus on the 8-10 WIP's that I have going.  Of course, there are no rules, right?! LOL.

I wont tell you until the next post, which 6 or so new starts I am going to do, and which of the WIPs I want to focus on.  I am excited about it however, my boss wants to rehire me next year sometime, which of course I will have to say ok, I will come back to work for you, but maybe in a month or so.  I wonder if I will get away with that :) 

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and those who follow my blog, it is so exciting to read your comments and also read your blogs.  I get so much inspiration from your blogs and conversations.  Thank you to all my friends-- mostly far and not so near, but closer then you think for sure :)  Technically, I carry all of you in my pocketbook on my phone, and of course in my heart.

Another exciting year ahead of us, so many projects to stitch and friends to be made.  Happy New Year everyone!!! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse

Many of you I am sure have seen some of these amazing moon pics on the internet already-- Some, may have even seen it 'live'.  My husband and I decided that this was worth staying up for and immediately got our camera out to document this historic event.
Interesting enough, it was a slow start, and questions starting arising, is it the right night?  Is it tomorrow?  Did we miss it last night?  Sure enough over half way into the night, we started seeing the cover.  Outstanding I tell you, simply amazing.  I am glad we decided to stay up for it.  My husband (who dabbles in photography) took the pics, with a Canon 5D and zoom lens.   Here are 3 pictures out of the hundreds he took.

The last pic is shown from further away, and dont keep wiping your screen off for the 'dust' that might be on it....Those in fact are stars :)
(Edited to answer questions.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bramble & The Rose

Well, it has been forever since I have posted a thing, I have had my head so far up under my Christmas Tree this year, I almost forget I have a hobby :)  LOL.  Less than 2 weeks till Christmas and so much to be done.  Our winter break is almost here for us, and I look forward to much needed time off.

I keep reading all your wonderful blogs, and all the wonderful holiday baking, decorating, gift exchanges, and I wonder, am I just not in the mood this year?  Work has a bit of a damper on the Holiday Season this year, worrying about everyone else, (which, tis the season right?)  Not too much worrying aloud for me, so I guess Christmas shopping for others will take place next week?  That isnt really late, technically I have until the 24th, 7pm when the stores all close right?  The Post Office doesnt think so :(

I am looking forward to some fun filled next few weeks.  Relatives to see--(yes, you read correctly, relatives) I look forward to seeing these relatives :)  There is a new baby that was born 2 weeks ago, and twins arriving any day.  This is going to be a great next few weeks for sure.  I just found out that another cousin of mine is due in May, they keep trying for the beloved girl...... So far, my 3 cousins in that family have ALL BOYS!!!  Something I am sure, they are drinking from there own faucets :)  Maybe this Spring, we shall have some frilly, girlly outfits to buy.

I have gotten a tiny bit of stitching in, all of you talking about new starts on January 1st, I am thinking of 1 or 2 I could start I guess, but this last week I have been focused on finishing.  I have so many started, that it would be great to get these WIP's that I have had going for like 2 years out of the way, to make room for something just amazing.

For the last few nights, I have been stitching on Bramble and the Rose, by Ink Circles.  Such a great design, that I started at least last year, with the most gorgeous Gloriana Ltd Edition Silk thread on 40ct Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue.  Exquisite combination I must say, and I feel like I am finally making some serious progress.  I have been stuck on page 3 (starting on the top right) and I have almost finished page 6 and started page 9.  You see there are 3 pages across, by 3 pages down, for a total of 9 pages.  I have been in the habit of starting everything I start on the top right, for over a year now.  I love it.  I cant believe I havent started in the center for so long.  They still havent found me to tell me I am doing it incorrectly.  I dont think they will be able too!!!!!  LOL.

So, you wonder, will I ever get over these rambling?  You know, the lack of communication I have daily, these blog posts are simply amazing for all the ranting and raving you have, and you now that your DH is NOT interested in Cross stitch right?  (Well, I cant lie, my Husband is, but really how much can the poor man take?!!!!!) I do have pics of my project, I am not really far, but, it is fun after all to share these with all of you fabulous stitchers who read this blog at least every time there is a new post!!!

My goal is to get this done this month yet.  A big yet small goal for me.  Looking forward to the challenge.  Isnt it gorgeous?  The colors of course, right up my alley.  Cant wait to show you more!!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Stitching Weekend Finish

Thanks to all that have commented on our fabulous Thanksgiving turkey.  We had a great day and have wonderful memories to go along with it.  I did get a plethora of stitching done and completed Tylers Lion on Friday.  It turned out great, I love the color I chose, SNC Blackened Grass, a lovely combination with Vintage 40ct Lentil Lakeside.

I was excited to use one of my new thread winders for this project, amazing amount of thread used in this piece, because of the overdyed silk, finishing my "x's" and even with 1 strand over 2 on 40ct, almost the entire skein of SNC was used.
The sad part about this post, is I started it on Monday and couldnt get the pics to load onto blogger for some reason, and now here it is Friday, a week AFTER I finished it, and not to much else to show. 

I did start Little House Needleworks 'Mercantile' which is really far out in the field of what I usually like to stitch, but who cares right?  It is a cute piece, easy to do and the colors are very pretty.  I feel this year focusing on smaller patterns, at least I can get those completed and have a sense of accomplishment in my stitching, instead of plugging away 20 stitches a night on my larger pieces.  I do hope to get in some serious stitching time this winter.  Stay tuned for that.

Another week has flown by, within 2 seconds I think.  Nashville rumors are starting to fly, I think we are all in for very nice treats again this year :)  Cant wait!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A lot of folks have asked what my Husband and I were going to do for Thanksgiving this year.  So many invites, it was hard to figure out how to be in so many places at once.  So many options of stuffing, deserts, name it, it was offered.  We opted to have a low key Thanksgiving this year, working so hard, it was super nice to relax in the warmth of the weather (85 degrees) and no complaints.  I took a pic of our turkey to share with all of you, and boy, let me tell was something else!!!!!!!!

Doesnt it look terrific?  My husband did the honors this year, and he is now hired :)   I know you are all looking very closely, and now have clicked on the pic to enlarge it..... what the world?!?!!??!!!

You are correct.  It is an inflatable Turkey!!!!!! Can you EVEN?!!!!!!! LOL. We had such a great time with this, we thought you would get a kick out of it too!!!!!!!!  We did have a great bird though, 13 pounder, with all the fixings, and yes, the pumpkin pie is coming, just making room for it.  Yes, and cool whip too!

I am thankful for so many things this year.  I have the Best Husband anyone could ask for, we are both healthy, both working hard, have a roof over our heads, have the best friends and family anyone could ask for.  We have been truly blessed.  Thank you to all who have touched my life this year.  I look forward to seeing what next year brings :)

I did not get much stitching done this week, but I am going to try and make up for it this weekend.  With a few days off, I am hoping.  Here is a progress pic of the lion from stitching today.  

I am hoping to have this one at the framers early next week :)

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend.  PS, anyone getting up early to go to Box Mart?!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

O Birdy, Tylers Lion and a Gift

The time is flying Ladies and Gentleman.  Thanksgiving is almost here already and I think there are less then 40 days till Christmas?!  Amazing the amount of stitching that has not occurred this year.  Sad, I know, but there are a few positive things that happen in a case like mine. 

When you get together with some of your best buds, miracles do happen and stitching must get done right?!  Starting 2 very cool projects last week, not just 2 started, but several others kitted up and on the starting line up ready for the green light to fly down the fast track. 

Several of my favorite designers have continued to put out such super cute patterns, it is hard sometimes as I often say, to choose which ones to really sit and stitch on.  Right?!  I mean lets get down to brass tacs here.  We all, have every intention of stitching everything in our stash, because we are going to live at least 10 life times to get what we own now in our stash stitched, but in the 10 lifetimes that we do live, there are going to be like a billion new patterns we are going to want to stitch.  So clearly there is a tiny problem on ALL of our hands.

There are a few, rare and in between days that I think, do I really want to stitch this?  The rare answer is 'no'.  So I have to have it.  But, in all seriousness, (especially the rate I am stitching these days) am I going to get much of this stash tackled?  Now, not that I am going to even come close to putting the kabash on the stash enhancing, but perhaps, like at the beginning of this post, gathering up some of your best buds and really getting down to the nitty gritty of stitching, things might actually get accomplished.

So, without much further babbling, first up is Harry Tyler's Lion from Heartstring Samplery, stitching on 40ct Vintage Lentil with SNC thread- Blackened Grass maybe?  Either way, it is not the 'called for' items.  (Yes my friend, Of course I did :)). 

I have to laugh, this La D Da 'O Birdy' choice was such a fabulous impulse, and so much crazy laughing, and fluttering around,  that I will always have memories with this piece.  A few more then others.  Every piece has something special along with it right?  I can-- tell you that every piece that I have stitched, I can honestly tell you some of the best things about that time, but, good luck with that :) 

O'Birdy is finished, and stitched on 40ct Vintage Autumn Gold with some of the finest new silk threads one can stitch with.  You have done it again Ann, and we all THANK YOU for it!!!!!  Florimell silk hand-dyed threads are simply fabulous.  The colors are outstanding and it glides through the Linen with such ease.  Beware, with this thread and a certain type of speedy stitchers, we might find more progress!!!!!  LOL.

I chose to stitch my red bird in Florimell Antique Black, and the subtle color change is exquisite.  The variety in the greens is fabulous and the gold so rich.  I highly recommend trying this silk for sure, even if you try it in just 1 color, I can promise you, you will soon have a variety.  (And if you have enough patience, some might just fall into your lap.)

I finished stitching my bird last Friday, in the car, while thinking about the great times that came with this now priceless piece.  Thank you all involved!

Last but not least, my Husband surprised me with this DOVO sewing scissor case, in burgundy leather with threads, needle threader and a classic pair of DOVO gold scissors.  The best in the world.  This piece is such a great addition to my scissor collection and it is so small!  Less the 4" long the entire case.  I am so thrilled with this gift, I had to share it with all of you.  How thoughtful is he?  Adding to my scissor collection.  He truly is a keeper :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LACMA & LLL Finish


Hello to all of you patient followers!!!  I know it has been forever since there has been any real posting going on but what can I say right?  I have finished Primitive Betties LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.  What a nice easy little stitch.  Choosing to change the DMC to over dyed floss- Weeks and Gentle Arts, along with an adjustment on the linen-- 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linen.  Again, one of my favorite colors!  I love the combination of the warm and cool colors, both I have a love for-- and this one seemed to marry them both together.  Not too common I would say, although I could be completely wrong..... That wouldnt be the first time.  I think there is one more Primitive Betties pattern that I got over the summer, along the color lines of the earlier posts.  Greys and Blues.

On to the next project, which I have about 6 I would love to crank out right now, so how does a girl decide which one?  So far, I have them just laying out, looking at them.  And, not stitching on any of them, sad I know.   In a few days, when I decide, I will show you the next piece of chose.  Is it Rosina?  Is it Mary Beale?  Is it Fruit of the Spirit?  I have no clues to give you :)

I have had the pleasure over the last few days to visit the LA County Museum of Art in California.  What a treat that was!!!  Going to museums is always special, and I try to go as often as possible.  This fall, there were 2 exhibits that I was interested in, among the rest.

Up first is a tiny portion from the "Eye for the Sensual; Selections from the Resnick Collection"

Portraits from the 1700's- 1900's on display, beautiful casket and the strange looking gentleman carved in marble.  Something about him is very interesting though dont you think???  The portraits are just incredible, and we spent hours there.  We went through the exhibit twice, both times seeing new things.  Incredible to be standing so close to such beauty.

The real reason for this trip to the LACMA, was the Textiles exhibit.  The entire collection was purchased from a collector in France, and all are original, nothing re-produced.  Incredible pieces of clothing and embroidery.  I was thrilled to see these works of art, among many others who were there.

The last dress shown here, was one of my favorites.  I am drawn to the full gown, the detailed pleats, the sweet neckline.  Reminds me of my wedding dress, although this one is blue with butterflies :).  I certainly enjoyed this collection, and if anyone is in the LA area, I think the exhibit is going on through early next year, should try to see it in person.  Perhaps I will be there again too.

Hope everyone is doing well!  Happy Stitching.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Live Laugh Love Update

Not to much to tell about this cute little sampler by Primitive Betties, just a little more stitched.  You ask, all this time and this is it?!!!!!!  Yes, work is a little bit of a priority of course, I really enjoy working, and finding time to do my second love, is more difficult these days. But, what can you do right?  The linen color sure is off this time, the lighting was different this time.  There isnt much left to do, alphabets and such, I wont be able to finish it this week, I mis-placed a color I was using....... But I will do as much as I can, and I am eagerly awaiting to stitch on Sanctuary by the Drawn Thread.  I will keep you posted for sure.

I have been excited reading my fellow bloggers, such beautiful progress is being made on so many pieces.   I certainly have been inspired.  Keep it up Ladies and Gentlemen, it is good for all of us to see :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A quick update

I had a little time to myself this weekend, so I started and finished the Little House Needleworks Liberty Belles.  I got the cute little blue pillow for the finishing, so I opted to use 32 count Vintage Light Examplar over the 30ct???.   Of course did some color adjustments, and ta-da!  Arent they fabulous,??!!  I love the shading in the middle dress!!!!  Super cute , and super easy.  Now, the hard part is the finishing..........


A few weeks ago I started the With Thy Needle Primitive Bettys __________.  Dont have a clue to what the name of this piece is, but I love the original colors, but of course, switched them out from DMC to Gentle Arts and WDW.  I just love the shading the overdyes gives the piece, and I am stitching it on 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley.  One of my most favorite colors, isnt it one of yours?!

Gotta get back to the grind!  Have a great day :)

PS, My good friend Mary emailed me with the name of my mystery sampler....  It is Live Laugh Love by With thy Needle.  Primitive Bettys.  Thank you for letting all of us know:)  It is appreciated.

Edited once again :)  My mystery project has now been found.  Primitive Bettys Live Laugh Love.  Sorry for the mixup.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So many options

How has the week been going for everyone?  School has officially been in for a few weeks now, things are starting to pick up and time continues to fly by right?!  Amazing that Fall is almost here and the weather is still beautiful.  Well, at least where I am, it has been getting cooler in some spots, I have seen leaves starting to change color already (and I think it is way to early for that, but sometimes I loose perspective!)   I enjoy the Fall season, alot of wonderful things have happened in the Fall time, and I am sure will continue to do so :)

On Thursday night of this week, I went into the basement and wandered through my stash.  Looking for yet another new thing to start, and perhaps finish and so on and so forth.  I found a few things and I am so excited to share.  First of all though, I havent been stash diving in what seems like forever, and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN.  I just love doing that once in a while, not feeling quite so guilty this time for 'wasting' stitching time.

I pulled out several things, and added them into the pile of 'WIP' I plan on stitching the next few weeks.  Sometimes I get easily bored with projects that I have started already, and I really like them, just for some reason they are a cramp in my stitching style......

First up (the top picture), I finished a small on Wednesday that had been started oh so briefly this summer.  I added a little bling to it.  Not positive the pattern, but I know it is my first use of the Weeks Dye Works Linen 40ct Straw.  Now, nothing negative to report on this first attempt and finish,  I must say I am still a Lakeside Linen lover.   But, why did I stitch on WDW linen?  I am always about color.  I have my limits, but choosing the perfect color for any of my projects is one of the most important things.  I used Acorn Woods Silk n Colors thread, 1 over 2.  Mill hill beads, etc. etc.

Next up pics are the color ring of Sanctuary by Drawn Thread.  I chose 40ct Lakeside Linen Vintage Pear for this piece with a variety of Silk threads,  and yes, they were adjusted accordingly.  I have put the top row in, a few more stitches until I turn the corner, but I was eager to stitch other stitches besides the traditional 'x'.  I havent really done much with stitches outside the box, yet, I have a few in the works, I thought this was a great choice and I was inspired with the color of linen from my friend's completed piece.  She did an abolutely gorgeous job :)

Saturday morning I started working on Birds of a Feather Christmas Memories ornaments and got 3 out of the 4 done.   Super cute and super easy.  I chose Lakeside 32ct Vintage Autumn Gold with the called for Weeks and Gentle Arts threads.  I added a Crescent Color, but thought the Christmas Tree needed a brown stump, not a red one :).  I have to finish the 4th one and get some stars for the corners of them.  Sew them into ornaments and put them in a box for future use on my tree.

2nd to last, my updated Rosina Payne pics, I have not worked on her to much this week, too busy with real work, but I was anxious to show you how she was coming along.  I couldnt find a quarter, so I used a dime instead to show perspective in her size.  She is still so fine and dainty isnt she?  I can hardly get enough time on her.  I did start the letters above and will give you updates next week.

Last but not least, I have kitted up (several weeks ago) a sampler I have wanted to start for so long, and now have the opportunity to do so.  2 actually, but the picture above shows the color palette for 1.  It is from Mary Beale- Her Sampler.  Andrea from Deep Fried Cupcake is actually stitching and almost done with this gorgeous sampler.  What are the odds of seeing this beautiful sampler at the same time I was interested in it??!!!!  WOW!!!  What an inspiration, she is doing the most incredible job on her sampler.  Looking forward like most of you, to see her finish.  Stay tuned for the start of this beauty, she is going to be worth it for sure!!!!!!!

Enjoy your week~!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A small finish

A few of us commented over the summer on just how many peacocks there were in samplers.  Seems like the last few that I have been working on, has at least one.  This one caught my eye, because he was shown from the front.  So many are from the side, and don't show the beauty that peacocks really have.

The color chosen for the house is Crescent Colors Deep Fennel, the roof  is Gentle Arts Woodtrail, and the windows etc is Crescent Colors Stepping Stones.  I chose a limited edition Gentle Arts color for the border and some small motifs that I think blends the whole piece together just perfectly.

I think this gem took about 2 or so days to stitch and it was great fun!   The house and Peacock were my favorites, but of course, the blue is just fabulous, and the shading is so delicate.  It is nice to add a few smalls under my belt, with all the BAP's going on at the same time.  So the next question you ask is the linen right?  Of course it is Lakeside Linen, Navy Bean 40ct.  Something about this color I cant get enough, it is one of my favorites and I just love the soft color it gives to my pieces.  I know there are several who feel the same way :)

This pattern is called 'With my Needle' from Primitve Betties.  It is so hard to keep up with all these new designers, and this one caught my eye over the summer.  I bought others and I am working on 'Live Laugh Love' now in between Rosina.   It is always nice to trade off to a small every now and then.  Back to the grind Ladies and Gentleman.  There is stitching to be done!!!!!!!

PS, A few weeks back a fellow stitcher asked about my Beatrix Potter, and how many skeins I used to complete her... SORRY for the late response, but I am not sure how many skeins it will took to stitch her, I used a Hank-i-licious of Gloriana Coffee Bean.  I used more then half of it.  I stitched her on 40ct linen, using 1 strand over 2.  Hope this helps!