Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bramble & The Rose

Well, it has been forever since I have posted a thing, I have had my head so far up under my Christmas Tree this year, I almost forget I have a hobby :)  LOL.  Less than 2 weeks till Christmas and so much to be done.  Our winter break is almost here for us, and I look forward to much needed time off.

I keep reading all your wonderful blogs, and all the wonderful holiday baking, decorating, gift exchanges, and I wonder, am I just not in the mood this year?  Work has a bit of a damper on the Holiday Season this year, worrying about everyone else, (which, tis the season right?)  Not too much worrying aloud for me, so I guess Christmas shopping for others will take place next week?  That isnt really late, technically I have until the 24th, 7pm when the stores all close right?  The Post Office doesnt think so :(

I am looking forward to some fun filled next few weeks.  Relatives to see--(yes, you read correctly, relatives) I look forward to seeing these relatives :)  There is a new baby that was born 2 weeks ago, and twins arriving any day.  This is going to be a great next few weeks for sure.  I just found out that another cousin of mine is due in May, they keep trying for the beloved girl...... So far, my 3 cousins in that family have ALL BOYS!!!  Something I am sure, they are drinking from there own faucets :)  Maybe this Spring, we shall have some frilly, girlly outfits to buy.

I have gotten a tiny bit of stitching in, all of you talking about new starts on January 1st, I am thinking of 1 or 2 I could start I guess, but this last week I have been focused on finishing.  I have so many started, that it would be great to get these WIP's that I have had going for like 2 years out of the way, to make room for something just amazing.

For the last few nights, I have been stitching on Bramble and the Rose, by Ink Circles.  Such a great design, that I started at least last year, with the most gorgeous Gloriana Ltd Edition Silk thread on 40ct Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue.  Exquisite combination I must say, and I feel like I am finally making some serious progress.  I have been stuck on page 3 (starting on the top right) and I have almost finished page 6 and started page 9.  You see there are 3 pages across, by 3 pages down, for a total of 9 pages.  I have been in the habit of starting everything I start on the top right, for over a year now.  I love it.  I cant believe I havent started in the center for so long.  They still havent found me to tell me I am doing it incorrectly.  I dont think they will be able too!!!!!  LOL.

So, you wonder, will I ever get over these rambling?  You know, the lack of communication I have daily, these blog posts are simply amazing for all the ranting and raving you have, and you now that your DH is NOT interested in Cross stitch right?  (Well, I cant lie, my Husband is, but really how much can the poor man take?!!!!!) I do have pics of my project, I am not really far, but, it is fun after all to share these with all of you fabulous stitchers who read this blog at least every time there is a new post!!!

My goal is to get this done this month yet.  A big yet small goal for me.  Looking forward to the challenge.  Isnt it gorgeous?  The colors of course, right up my alley.  Cant wait to show you more!!!!!!


  1. It seems everyone is feeling stressed and not exactly in a Christmas mood! I'm feeling the same way, although it's slowly getting better. I love your WIP! So pretty! Love your colors too. Hope you meet your goal and finish it. Have fun visiting relatives!

  2. I am so not in the Christmas mood this year--it's kind of sad. Hopefully next year will be better! Your WIP looks great!

  3. It's gorgeous. I've been wanting to stitch this in Coffee Bean with Rose Quartz accents, but just haven't gotten to it. Maybe a New Year's Day start? Sounds like a possibility. I hope you have a great Christmas. Too bad you are so far away. Little Miss Cutie Patootie is coming next week. Can't wait. Hope to see you soon. L.

  4. Small steps in the stitching add up to a nice finish! And who said you had to start 15 NEW projects - some of us are combining new and WIP together. Works for me.
    Merry Christmas!
    Happy Stitching!


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