Friday, December 3, 2010

Stitching Weekend Finish

Thanks to all that have commented on our fabulous Thanksgiving turkey.  We had a great day and have wonderful memories to go along with it.  I did get a plethora of stitching done and completed Tylers Lion on Friday.  It turned out great, I love the color I chose, SNC Blackened Grass, a lovely combination with Vintage 40ct Lentil Lakeside.

I was excited to use one of my new thread winders for this project, amazing amount of thread used in this piece, because of the overdyed silk, finishing my "x's" and even with 1 strand over 2 on 40ct, almost the entire skein of SNC was used.
The sad part about this post, is I started it on Monday and couldnt get the pics to load onto blogger for some reason, and now here it is Friday, a week AFTER I finished it, and not to much else to show. 

I did start Little House Needleworks 'Mercantile' which is really far out in the field of what I usually like to stitch, but who cares right?  It is a cute piece, easy to do and the colors are very pretty.  I feel this year focusing on smaller patterns, at least I can get those completed and have a sense of accomplishment in my stitching, instead of plugging away 20 stitches a night on my larger pieces.  I do hope to get in some serious stitching time this winter.  Stay tuned for that.

Another week has flown by, within 2 seconds I think.  Nashville rumors are starting to fly, I think we are all in for very nice treats again this year :)  Cant wait!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your finish looks fantastic!! Love the new start too!

  2. Beautiful finish! Nice start as well! Don't start talking about Nashville! Gosh, it's hard to think about that right now! :D

  3. Hooray! Loving it... that Blackened Grass is beautiful. Send me a picture when you get it back from the framers?

  4. Ooh the Blackened Grass is beautiful! Congrats on the finish - it's fabulous. I'm a bit partial to lions, being a Leo!!

  5. Love the grass!!!! And the awesome thread winder!!! Could you share with me where you purchased it??? Have a great day!!!!


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