Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Few more to share with you!!

What another fast summer we are having! Why do they go so fast, and winters so slow?  The weather has been great and I have been enjoying each and every day.  All sorts of fun activities have been going on.
I have a few more framed pieces to share with you that I havent had time to post.
First is Sarah Brown from Milady's Needle:

and her sister Margaret Brown:

Close up of the frame, which has a similar feel to the sampler border

I chose to stitch both samplers of Vintage Pear with silk threads, choosing similar colors to the originals.  I just love the subtle differences and no, I didn't find it tedious stitching both of them.  I found them relaxing to stitch on and was a bit sad when they were complete.   Don't you just love how delicate they are? 

Next up is a classic Goode Huswife piece- The Flowers of Lebanon (OOP):

 I chose the same frame for flowers as The Black Forest (OOP) piece I did of hers a few years back.  I added the below pic for a refresher, but I didnt have the framed one handy.

The colors on the black!!!!  LOVE!!!  Both stitched on 32ct burlap linen with NPI.  Both funky in their own ways :)

Last but not least- the piece de resistance:

Stitching my Dutch Beauty in record time on 45ct lakeside Maritime White with overdyed silks I am OVER THE MOON WITH EXCITEMENT.  Looking at it, its hard to believe its even mine!!!  It is by far the largest sampler I have ever stitched and each and every time I look at it, I find something else I just love.   Countless hours were spent on choosing the color placement just perfectly.  WOW, what a piece of work!!!! 

 A close up of the frame I chose to use a dark teal blue fillet to offset the color in the sampler.  Just a hint of color, but nothing too bright.  I cant wait to find the perfect place to hang it.  An accomplishment like no other for me.  I love the larger samplers, I might complain a bit in the middle, but this one is a masterpiece.

I finished Peace House from La D Da, which I will share with you later this week.  What is next to pick up and work on?  I have to get BBD Wild Berries done, I started it with such a bang, but got distracted.  HaHa!  That is not something new is it?!!  Speaking of new, anyone see some must haves for St. Charles market?  I love the new BBD and the Plum Street pieces shown so far, I have been soooo excited for Yuletide since she teased showed us last year from the retreat at Shepherds Bush.  But I cant wait to see the others!  Of course the With thy Needle and Thread Ltd. Kit.  What else so far am I missing?!!!!!  LOL.

Looking forward to a great week, and I hope all of you have one as well!!  Happy stitching :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 Things

A while ago I dropped off and picked up some pieces at the framers and I wanted to share 2 of them with you today.
I am thrilled of course with the results (as always) and feel like each frame fits each piece.
First up is Lizzie Kate -Green, this was my Olympic project from last year, and it is not a typical piece I would do, which I think is great.  I am trying to peek my head out of the box, and look around, but mostly feel most comfortable on the bottom of it.  LOL.  I am not the only one I am sure :)
The simple frame chosen is mossy brown, hint of green and perfect to accent the piece.  I stitched this Green piece on Vintage Pear, I know, you can hardly tell, but you will just have to take my word for it!  Haha.  The trouble with getting the shading right, sometimes it is and sometimes it isnt.
The next piece up is Little House Needleworks - Nantucket.
I couldn't be more pleased with the look of this frame with this design!!  I love the weathered look and the bead with both the brown and black coloring.  It really pops the colors I chose with the Vintage Meadow Rue.

Until next post with a few more pics to share.  I am hoping to finish La D Da Peace House, with fingers crossed, maybe tonight.
Thanks for stopping by and have a super day :)