Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Romance

I have to begin saying that summer time is all about fun, friends, excitement and new loves right?  Love being defined per individual of course; I have not a new love, but a new love in the sampler world.  Of course, I told you last week about my start on Scarlet Letter German Band Sampler. I have already put it on the back burner, and started a couple of other things.  Today I am going to talk about the new Queenstown sampler Rosina Payne.  This is the designer of Queenstown Samplers first sampler she bought way back when, and has charted it for us to share and love.  A good Friend of mine informed me of this sampler last week and a few of us lost our breath.  Immediately our hearts were a flutter and we just had to have her.  The same feeling of one seeing that special someone across the room and butterflies fill our bellies and we start blushing.  This is the same feeling we had, and could hardly wait for her to arrive in the mail.   Silk colors and linen were chosen--- let the romance begin.  I was very excited to start the flowers, counting down and over to make sure there was enough linen on the sides for me to start the violets in the center, that I tell you, seeing it in person, the leaves have a texture and they smell wonderful.

My excitement with this new sampler has only been for 1 week, and I can tell you, that it has been very enjoyable stitching her, and seeing her come to life.  I have her in a rotation schedule-- not really a schedule per-say, but the last few nights have been Rosina. 

I have started stitching Rosina on 45ct Porcelain Lakeside Linens with a variety of threads-- Gloriana, Silk n Colors and Belle Soie.  This comes to many as no surprise that I have adjusted the colors to fit me.  Adjusting the peach to pink and scarlet and the purples to violet and aubergine.  The over one verse does send shivers down my spine, but I am always up for a challenge, and love the excitement of trying something new.  I can only invision her beauty when she is done in the colors chosen.  Simply exquisite.

I cant wait to show you more progress on her next week. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is next

So far this summer has been just great!  The 4th of July was very relaxing, later in the afternoon had a BBQ at relatives and watched some of the best Fireworks.  It is always fun to see different fireworks every year, my brother and his girlfriend went to the NYC fireworks, nothing of course beats those, and speaking from personal experience, those are the best darn fireworks one could ever see.  Simply amazing.  But I saw some fireworks far from NYC in a small town and I was impressed for sure.  It was nice to see family again, share stories, and learn something new everytime.

I have dug deep into the WIP bag and pulled out Ink Circles Bramble and The Rose.  Isnt is just fabulous??  Tracy is an amazing designer and this is one of a many of her designs that have caught my eye.  Of course I love the deep purples that she stitched hers in, but changing the color is one thing I do best.   I am stitching it on Lakeside 40ct Meadow Rue with a special Ltd. Edition Gloriana Hank-a-licious color.  Hard to tell of course in this pic, I just cant seem to get the colors right on this, perhaps I should consult a professional about it, get some tips or something.  That would only make the most sense :). 

Saturday is soon upon us and stitching with a group of friends is going to be the main attraction.  Keeping up on the latest stitching and conversation is always important.  The weather should be great tomorrow, not as hot as it has been, but not cold like last week :(.  Wearing a sweatshirt in the middle of summer is beyond me.  Cute skirts, shorts and tank tops are usually the norm, not winter parkas!!

I have started the SDW German Band Sampler this week, I had a very tiny start on it last year, ran into a small issue, now have rectified it and should be moving right along.  I will post pics next week on progress.  It is going to be stunning.  Worth the wait I assure you!

Have a great weekend and Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 Stitched Pincushions

2 Easy little projects that I have stitched (not 'finished' yet).  This is right about my speed for the week- with all the antique shopping taking up most of the time.  Both finishes are from the Blackbird Designs Book 'Thank you, Sarah Tobias' which has 7 projects included.  2 of which are stitched, and far from completed as a pincushion.....Maybe I will be inspired this summer to 'finish' them??!!

I used 40ct Vintage Woodsmoke from Lakeside Linen for both pieces.  This top on Sarahs ABC Pincushion was stitched with a Limited Edition Silk n Color thread-- Caravan Road.  I added the bird after my name.  The silk is just beautiful.

The 2nd finish is the other half of my Homework assignment and this is Pins & Tulips.  Of course the colors have been modified from the original.  It is so much fun to switch things up dont you think?  I am pleased  with the way it turned out.

I used a combination of the Silk n Colors Caravan Road along with Belle Soie Old Crow and Fibers to Dye For from Amy Mitten.  I have always been attracted to these threads--- simply because of their names.  For example 1 of the 5 colors that I used is called 'Rigor Mortis' .  Can you even?!!  The others that I used was 'Old Lace' and 'Candle Stick Bronze'.  Amy has lots of great other colors i.e Casket, Arsenic, Alibi, Killer Eggplant, Dirty Rat etc. etc.  I have never stitched with these threads before yesterday-- (I have owned them for some time now) and I must say, they were fabulous to stitch with.  They are 100 % silk, hand dyed threads and I used 1 strand for 40ct and the coverage was perfect.  If you have a chance or are looking for something new and fun, try these Fibers to Dye For, you wont be sorry :)   (Ask your local LNS for them or leave your email for where to buy them.)

Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

They are like Rabbits!!!

Oil cans have been part of the hunt in our Antiquing.  A long time ago, I was made aware of a pattern that used these oil cans as part of the finishing.....not paying much attention to it, it was cute, but where on earth do you get these cans?  A month or so ago, a friend of mine was talking to a few of us about her hunt of these cans on a recent trip out she made to an Antique store with some of her friends, and mentioned that not to many oil cans were to be found.  Other goodies she found, but no oil cans.   With this conversation in mind, the oil can hunt began.  Now, those who know me, know that 1 or 2 wouldnt be good enough.  What else is there?  Are there more? 

HECK YEAH!!  Of course there are more.  So many, they are like rabbits.   An instant collection of these beauties now make up a small little village.  The patina on each one, and the various sizes, so exciting.  My husband is too cute, he is looking for them as much as I am and when he sees one, brings it up to the counter and says 'My wife is going to love this!'.  This pic above shows the various sizes-- the left one is about 2" tall----soooo cute, next to one of my favorites which the diameter is about 5" wide. 

These cans were purchased in several different shops.  I did get about 8 at 1 shop, which I thought was a jackpot!  Some still had the oil in them, and after getting them home, realizing that if I didnt dispose of it, the oil would soon be everywhere. 

I cant remember now how many of these little guys we now have, but it is now a shared collection with my husband.  He likes them just as much as I do-- good thing right?  LOL-- life is a little easier when your husband is not complaining about spending more on what????!!!!!!   Learning about these cans, so much more then you would think, where they were made, what machines they were used for, different shapes, different sizes.  Each one has its own little story.  I did pick up the pattern from With Thy Needle and Thread -- ABC Pinkeep the one with the stitched bird--(The one I was made aware of a few years back).  Also Cari has made punch needle birds- which are so cool, I will have to make that one as well!!!  So many options, but there are so many cans!!!!