Friday, July 2, 2010

They are like Rabbits!!!

Oil cans have been part of the hunt in our Antiquing.  A long time ago, I was made aware of a pattern that used these oil cans as part of the finishing.....not paying much attention to it, it was cute, but where on earth do you get these cans?  A month or so ago, a friend of mine was talking to a few of us about her hunt of these cans on a recent trip out she made to an Antique store with some of her friends, and mentioned that not to many oil cans were to be found.  Other goodies she found, but no oil cans.   With this conversation in mind, the oil can hunt began.  Now, those who know me, know that 1 or 2 wouldnt be good enough.  What else is there?  Are there more? 

HECK YEAH!!  Of course there are more.  So many, they are like rabbits.   An instant collection of these beauties now make up a small little village.  The patina on each one, and the various sizes, so exciting.  My husband is too cute, he is looking for them as much as I am and when he sees one, brings it up to the counter and says 'My wife is going to love this!'.  This pic above shows the various sizes-- the left one is about 2" tall----soooo cute, next to one of my favorites which the diameter is about 5" wide. 

These cans were purchased in several different shops.  I did get about 8 at 1 shop, which I thought was a jackpot!  Some still had the oil in them, and after getting them home, realizing that if I didnt dispose of it, the oil would soon be everywhere. 

I cant remember now how many of these little guys we now have, but it is now a shared collection with my husband.  He likes them just as much as I do-- good thing right?  LOL-- life is a little easier when your husband is not complaining about spending more on what????!!!!!!   Learning about these cans, so much more then you would think, where they were made, what machines they were used for, different shapes, different sizes.  Each one has its own little story.  I did pick up the pattern from With Thy Needle and Thread -- ABC Pinkeep the one with the stitched bird--(The one I was made aware of a few years back).  Also Cari has made punch needle birds- which are so cool, I will have to make that one as well!!!  So many options, but there are so many cans!!!! 


  1. Wow, that's a mighty fine collection! Hope you find many more:)

  2. What a great collection of cans! I can't believe how many you've found. I've gotten a few, cut one store that I went to had a lot in great colors, but were too expensive for my blood. Have fun with all of those!

  3. Great collection! I have quite a few myself and was on a mad hunt after I found the one to do the punch needle bird on from With my Needle & Thread. I've got a great orange one I want to do a Halloween punch needle design for. Love 'em!

  4. Wow, that's quite the collection! They look so pretty together too! Who woulda thought. lol!

  5. OHHH... *drool*... *Ü*
    Great collection!

  6. Looks like you hit the jackpot though! Good for you!
    I stitched that bird, but alas, poor bird has nothing upon which to sit. Can't find an oil can to put her on. You have given me hope.


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