Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poor Jack

This weekend was a busy one-- of course how many weekends arent?  Fun was had all around and I finished up Poor Jack on Saturday night!
 Finished on 40ct BOF Sparrow with cottons :)  Cross it off the list!!!!  Another WIP done under the belt.  Get er done!!!!!!  LOL.
Next I picked up Weep Not from Notforgotten Farm.  Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I changed the DMC to WDW and GA threads for more of a murky, drab feel.  After all, this topic is not supposed to be bright and cheery!!!!!! I chose Lakeside Linen Vintage Cedar Plank-- Which BTW is one of my new top favorite colors!!!!  On 40ct this piece is stinkin cute.  I'm looking forward to finishing this one this week also.
Who knows what will be after this!!  So many WIP options.  Stay tuned until next time.
Can you believe it is fall already?  A friend of mine told me a couple days ago that Christmas is only 3 months away.  WOWZA~!!  I cant believe where this year has gone.  Time to step into high gear!!  LOL
I hope all of you have a great week :)


  1. Love your Jack.... so cute! Happy stitching on your next....

  2. Love both of your fall projects!!

  3. Man~ You put Poor Jack into high gear!! Git 'er done~ hmmmm, What WILL you pick up next??

  4. Wonderful pieces and stitching, too!

  5. Oh I love your poor Jack. And wonderful new project.

  6. Poor Jack is fabulous! I so wish that they were still designing for cross stitch.
    Weep Not is great too.
    Don't remind me about Christmas, I wish fall could last forever.

  7. Oh man, that's gorgeous your "Weep Not"...heaven's to mercy, perfect!
    And your Poor Jack...cute as a button!


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