Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Already the last night of 2012 is here and I cant believe it.  Not sure where the year went and I am sure that most of you are thinking the same thing.  I guess I should have stitched more, but what I finish I am pleased with!  Overall a great year for sure :)
I have more finished on DB, but not as much as I expected-- which is usually the same story for most of us also :)  Things have been a bit upside down if you will in the household and are finally calming down and getting back to normal.  Normal is as normal gets around here.  LOL.
I am hoping to finish the flowers and its pot tonight, I am looking at the long hours of stitching tonight and I am very excited!!!!  No big plans, we had some, but at last minute decided to stay in, warm and snuggly to watch a few movies and me, stitching.  YEAH!!!! 
I decided to iron this huge piece for fun and take a final Dec 31st, 2012 picture.  My goal is to get it done well before April 1st.  I think I can do it.  Since starting it for the 3rd time during the crazy start challenge of 2010, I decided to power it out picking it back up around the first of April 2012.  So if I can get it done before 4/1/13, I will have it completed in 1 year or less.  What do you think?  Possible right??!!

I have had my piece for the January 1st start for sometime now, it is going to be a nice small one.  That piece among the SDW sal I have fallen off the wagon on-- sorry ladies!!  And the Ann Bowers Attic sal, and the scarlet letter challenge, I have my year cut out for me!!!!
So farewell to 2012.  I hope all of you have a great night!  Looking forward to a fantastic 2013!!!!!

Happy New Years Eve :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Here on Christmas Eve, everyone around the world hopefully settled in to where they will be for the night, and enjoying a peaceful evening.
I am not where I want to be just yet for Christmas, but stuck in a blizzard.   No worries though, I am content with several things.  A full stomach and a nice cocktail in hand :)  Really, I am happy to be safe and sound this Christmas Eve, and have plenty to be thankful for. 
My friends are looking at me as I write this post, and they too are very content.
 As long as we are warm and have a few pieces of the very best candy (in my opinion) on hand.  Thank you See's Candy :)
I spent some time this past week with a dear friend of mine and her husband and what an enjoyable time we had.  Lots of laughing, stitching, classic movies, food and wine was had by all.  I brought with me to stitch Elizabeth Mears, and if you remember back a few posts, I was stuck on stitching the 4 sided stitch as well as the 2 rows of queen stitch.  Well, I put my fears aside and I powered out both.  I am very pleased with my queen stitches and I cant believe I put them off for so long.  A shame I tell you, I would love to do more of them soon.
I am now ready to start the blessed house I have been craving to start, however DB is calling me again.  I am happy to leave E Mears for a bit, I have gotten to a great stopping point-- she is now a great 'driving' project.  But, until then, DB is up for change tonight.

So tomorrow, already for some, is Christmas day!!  I do believe we all need a bit more Christmas spirit among us-- remember the real reason for this most special of Holidays.  I do believe peace can be achieved, but it takes work, and around this blessed day, it is easy.  After it passes, it is easily forgotten, and life goes on.  Being around small town folks these last few days, it is easy to see that it is so normal to be content with life, and coming from a big city, it is easily forgotten the most important of all reasons.  The birth of Jesus :)  It is forgotten with the hocus pocus of media, presents and holiday decorations. Think about how we can carry the Christmas Spirit with us all year long.  It isnt easy I am the first to admit, but trying never hurts :)

Enjoy time with your family and friends; capture these memories, they will last forever.  Merry Christmas to all of you, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's almost time!

Christmas is just around the corner and all the last minute items are getting checked off 1 by 1.  I have not stitched for the last 3 nights and it is terrible!!  I did make some progress last week that I wanted to share with you.  There are only a few more posting times left in 2012 so I better get going :)
I am officially past the middle on the 2nd row which means I am more than halfway to completing Dutch Beauty.  It is getting more and more exciting as I stitch another motif.
Have a great rest of your week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


While I debated yesterday to do a blog post, I thought today was much more exciting.  Why?  Well, it is only Wednesday, the middle of the week, less then 2 weeks till Christmas.  Yes.  It is a special day today-- simply because of the date.
December 12, 2012.
At this time of night, I am probably a bit late in the game, however my main goal was to have the post today.  Folks all around the world heard on the news, read on the internet or the paper to perhaps do something special today.  People are getting married, renewing vows, even a lucky bunch-- had a new addition today :)
Me, nothing special per-say, just work and the other daily duties.  I did help some very nice people create special memories-- and I guess you could say I will remember them.
On the stitching front, I am making great progress on Dutch Beauty.  Looking forward to stitching more tonight.
I have started the otherside of the center vines on the other side of the deer.  I am looking forward to stitching the deer soon :)
Also, while stitching along 5 other gals the SDW sampler.  I am making slow and steady progress on it, but stitching 1 day a week, a few hours at a time isnt getting me too far.  I must confess, DB must get done so I can really focus on the Scarlet Letter Challenge.
I really do love this sampler, the colors are so fantastic and the motifs-- we are learning more about this sampler then we could have imagined just passing over the pattern.  This is going to be a gem when complete.
Like I mentioned before, with the Christmas spirit in full swing in the stores-- the decorations up and twinkling at night, I am looking forward to great time.  Shopping is almost complete, I think 2 more to go.  Easy right?  If it only were, then it would be done by now!!!!!
Until next time, enjoy the rest of 12-12-12.  What can you do to finish the day off right?
Me?!  Stitching and a nice glass of Pinot Noir :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A new Challenge

Who doesnt like a challenge in life?  I for one am all over a challenge-- each and every week I feel like there is some sort of challenge in our lives, so why not look forward to one?!!!
Perhaps you haven't heard already, but our good stitching friend Nicola has created a great challenge and EVERYONE is invited to join it!  What is it you ask?  Well, it is a Scarlet Letter Sampler challenge.  This is the pick me up I have been looking for!!!!  Classic samplers.  Start, complete, or start and start any of the fantastic Scarlet Letter Samplers and post about it!  I have loved these samplers for such a long time and I have finished at least one-- off the top of my head, I think one :)
So remember the crazy start challenge that we all did in 2010?  Some crazier then others?!!!  Well, lets get going on another one!!!!!!  I am looking forward to seeing what others choose to start, continue on and finish.  I have some started, but I have to see what I can dig up from the basement in the next few weeks.  WOWZA!!!!!  Check out Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year and join today!  She has done a fantastic job putting this all together, and oops!!!!!  Did I mention there are monthly drawings?!!!!!!!  And there is some AWESOME things :)
I have been busy with our SAL stitching the SDW sampler.  I am really excited about it.  I have made adjustments with the colors, (but that is nothing new right?)
I have more of the mane done, but I dont have an updated pic at this point, but that is ok.  More to share next time.

I have negleted dutch beauty and E Mears, but with Thanksgiving last week, I had some extra stitching time to catch up on SDW.  Maybe tonight I will see what else is looking at me with sad eyes!
Christmas time is just around the corner and I am getting excited-- even though it is cold and I am not that much of a fan (but, with the proper outerwear, I am happy--thank you (you know who you are!!!!) LOL)  and the Christmas lights are popping up more and more.  Christmas trees are being decorated.  I feel like starting something Christmasy---but you never know :)  Until next time!

Have a great week!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Loss of

It has been a rough few past weeks and stitching has come in handy alot of the times.  I just haven't felt like posting a blog, or really being social or whatever. I can put on a happy face pretty good.  I am sure that everyone has felt the loss of a family member-- whether human or pet, loss of a good friend, loss of a job, loss of a home or Country, loss of ?????  Well, the last few weeks I know several folks feeling a loss in their lives.  And you can fill in your own blank on which loss it has been, but is has been tough for all of us.  My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of them.
How many of you have dealt with a rotten person that rips you a new one for NO real good reason? I read a few weeks ago that a poor woman received a rotten email about her own blog.  How dare they?  Lately I think they exist in great numbers--and it keeps growing.  Because you have stress, doesn't mean it should go past your venting buddy.  Get over it, and get over it quickly.  I am so tired of it all already.  I have come into contact with my fare share of rotten (today being one of those rotten morons--who thinks he is all that and a big bag of tricks, among others), and I know I could be rotten, we all can be sometimes, but I have been re-evaluating life lately, and feeling such said loss, there is a lot other things I have new perspective on.  Stress is everywhere.  Some stress can be avoided but believe me, it isn't easy, and there is good and there is bad, but life I feel is WAY to short.  Live in peace with others, stop being so rotten, be more caring of your neighbor!!!!   ---- Life is WAY to short to get all my stash complete :) AND not much longer to EAT A HOSTESS TWINKIE!!!!  LOL
Enough venting for one day ?  LOL.  I do like to use this blog as a venting post sometimes, as many of you like to do, and it is kind of comforting that people can relate it it. 
Like I said earlier, I have had some time to stitch, and making some progress on Dutch Beauty.  The color arrangement is just gorgeous, and it is so worth the time and effort to make it all flow smoothly.
Almost to the half way point, however I have been working on Elizabeth Mears also.  This one has been a great filler project if you will, remember that DB thread is almost everywhere :(.   I can take Elizabeth with me to people's homes, stitching in the car, and it is easy.  No stress :)
The light bulb went on the other day when I was re-taught how to do the queen stitch, and I have learned this a dozen times and it never clicked.  Finally, I am excited and ready to do the next row of queen stitch.  I have to do the four sided stitch above the bottow row in the pic of over-one.  Easy right?  I am anxious to get to that house~!
I also joined a SAL with 5 of the nicest ladies you could find; started by Nicola of Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore.  The SDW German Band sampler.  You have seen fantastic progress by these ladies already, and I am bringing up the rear.  Never the less, I will get my progress pics going shortly.  I have actually started the horse :)  It is a gorgeous project, and at this point have converted the colors but yet found myself last night and this morning making a few other adjustments.  This is what I love about stitching.  Making it your own :)  After I get a bit more stitched on SDW, I will share pics too.
Until next time.  Make it a point to Be nice to everyone :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Clara Thorn and Progress

Hello everyone :)  What a great Monday it is!!  So many exciting things going on today.
First I wanted to share with you my finish of Clara Thorn by Pineberry Lane. 
 Stitched on 40ct Purely Primitive Linen (by ????) and a silk conversion.  I am crazy about the eagle and and looking forward to stitching some more patriotic pieces very soon.  I did get a few new ones including Clara this summer.  Easy little stitch to add to the old framing pile!
I have made some great progress on my Dutch Beauty-- and I am very eager to get it done already.  I know, I keep saying that and I start something new.  However, I am ever so tired of the pile of silk that has moved from the back of the couch to a heap it seams on the project bag.  With Clara out of the way, it is number one on the list.  I cant promise though :)
I am loving the pinks chosen for the flowers- especially the tulip.  Using over-dyed silks really makes it look 3 dimensional.  I want to concentrate on these WIPs I have going and make this pile of stash a bit smaller.  I need a detox!!!!  LOL.

Thanks for all the super comments on my last quilt-- and the suggestions for clear thread.  I have this top folded up in the pile to be quilted-- similar to the framing pile :)  and someday will get them finished.  I like the variety of quilting verses stitching-- I like them both equally.  They both give you great sense of accomplishment when finished, and keep your hands and mind busy.   Although I feel like stitching takes less brain?  LOL, I dont know, I can watch tv easy and just listen while stitching, however while quilting I feel like I have to focus more, perhaps so I dont run my finger over??!!!  LOL.

Non the less.  Back to it!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Boring Week

Since not much new as been going on, I was more excited about projects last week, however this week has been more blah than yeah!  I know you have these weeks, and we all have a turn.  Luckily, they are all at different times!  I hate slumps.  But.........
I have made great progress however on quilt #3.  (Q3)
Finished the 3rd top, and it is ready for quilting.  I am thinking of a great black background, and using creme for the quilting itself.  Since the stripes in between are creme, I thought the black thread on top might look weird.   I dont know??!!!!!!

I have Q4 almost ready to go, but I think I need a few more fat qtrs yet to finish the colors I have going.  But, with all of our crafts or hobbies we do, of course there is more than one in the works!  LOL.  DUH!!!!  

As far as cross stitching goes, I have started from Pineberry Lane Clara Thorn.
I am using 40ct (shock) and a great silk conversion I did this summer with my friend.  I am desperate to work on DB, but it is not easy to come home from work and with only a little while to stitch, spend it on figuring out what color I want to use next.  It takes alot more brain power then I am willing to give it :(.  But, it is still right next to me, watching my every move on Clara.  Frowning each day!

Until next time, I am hoping for a great next week :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Short and Sweet

This morning was very productive, I finished Sarah H Brown from Miladys Needle!!
With the colors being different from her sister Margaret, I think she turned out just as beautiful!!  I am pleased that they are similar, yet very different in colors.  Using the same 45ct Vintage Pear linen (color is off in the pics of course!), and another great conversion of silks, she is done and on the framing pile :)
Here they are, in all there sister glory :)  Glad to have them both done.  Now, what is next?  Pick up Dutch Beauty or find another great WIP or start something new??  You never know!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years

On this anniversary of September 11th, we continue to remember those lost on this day 11 years ago.  Amazing that it has been 11 years and for those who lost someone it was just like yesterday. 
We will never forget what happened on that horrific day on September 11, 2001.  A few moments of silence mark the times.  Continue to pray for our country.  On these tough days that we had, the tough days that we are going through and the tough days ahead.  Alot of uncertainty for most Americans.  We must stand together.

For more information, pictures or to visit the 9-11 memorial in downtown Manhattan, please visit
I was unable to be in NY this year to hear almost nothing but cars and taxi cab horns, but my heart and thoughts are there.  It is a solemn place.  I will never forget that morning.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Top Done

Last night I finished my the top to my 2nd quilt--scrappy or railroad, which ever you call it.  I cant believe how easy it was, and how cool it has turned out!  I know for all of you expert quilters, this is sooo easy, and now finishing it, I would believe you.  I cant believe that this came out of 2 jelly rolls.  WOWZA!  Now I have to look for the backing, and see what fabulous print I can find.   There are so many options :)
I do have the next one picked out:
Using fabric from the Little Black Dress collection from Basic Grey, this is the next quilt lined up.  However, tonight I am going to work on Sarah Brown and see what headway I can make on her, I dont see it taking too long.
I also want to get going on the binding for the grey and pink quilt I showed you last post.
Stay tuned!  So many exciting things to show you :))

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where did it go?

Here it is labor day 2012 and I am thinking about how fast the summer has gone.  Although, thinking about this summer, it reminds me of many many summers ago when I was still in the school.  I remember very clearly that on labor day, among other Holidays was a great excuse to get together with all the family and have a picnic.  Each time everyone would bring their specialties.......jello mold, tuna noodle salad, fruit salad, ambrosia salad, cheeseburgers made on the grill by my Uncle- (who everyone knew his hamburgers were the best!!) hot-dogs, chips, sodas, ice-tea, lemonade along with desert of course.  Grandmas famous cheesecake, and ice cream for the kids.  This labor day picnic marked the end of the summer; and now as an adult, knowing that it was the best way to end the summer and the worst was yet to come.  School starting the next day :(.   As fun as it was to run around the yard with all your cousins, and eat the best things ever-- when 8pm rolled around, we had to pack it up and head home.
The only thing that got me fired up about starting school was the brand new supplies that had been purchased at K-Mart in the weeks before.  New notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, new lunch box and a new back-pack.  I have a weakness for office supplies and I could hardly stand the wait.  Looking at the pile across the bedroom- taken out almost daily to take thorough look at it.  Something about the newness of the notebooks, pencils, 3 ring binder and fine ruled loose leaf paper.  What is it????!!!!!!
But these days are over, and now I can go to the office supply store any time I want, and wander and purchase one of these things if I like, and use it the SAME day :)  Tomorrow is not something to fear, school days are long over.  Tomorrow can be a play day or a work day.
These last few weeks of pretty much doing a bit of everything, has given new hope for many things to come in the future.  New things tried out, and some tossed away.  I attended a star box class this summer at the LNS and completed the class.  I am not sure why, but glue is still fun, along with fun Christmas wax paper, and plain old cutting paper into shapes :)  Along with having the best teacher, the class was made up of amazing stitchers who all had a blast making this star project.  Adjustments had to be made (duh) and fabrics changed, but over all, the end was a crafty success :)

As you may also remember, I began a quilt this summer and a decision was made as to the placement of the blocks.
As of today, the quilt top has been made, along with the back, most of the ties done.  All that is left is the binding, and I am hoping to finish that this week.  I hear for most, that is the least favorite part.  I am guessing that it is going to be mine as well, seeing as I am not really a blind-hand stitcher :(.  But, it wont kill me!
I added a splitch of the larger floral pattern just as an accent to the edging, along with pink and the outer edge the grey.  I LOVE it.
We got an email from my sister a few weeks back letting us know there was a new addition to her family.  Well, I should say 2 new additions to the family :)
Meet Simon and Garfunkel.  They were adopted at the Duchess County NY SPCA.  On the journey for 1, 2 brothers were found and of course 1 could not be adopted with out the other.   Even I know this-- they are like a set :)  Arent they most precious??? At 4 1/2 months old, they are a welcomed addition. I cant believe how beautiful they are.
This is Simon, he is a bit smaller than Garfunkel, but it is made up for in his personality!!!  My sister says watching them is so much fun-- so many new smells, and environments to explore.  I think there will be more pics to come!  I can hardly stand it. 
I am so happy for my sister and her husband!!  I am looking forward to meeting them in person in a few weeks.  I bet they have grown quite a bit already :) 
So many new things alright!  I started another new quilt this week.  I was able to check out 4 new quilt shops this past week and trouble was had of course.  But I have already made good use out of one of the purchases.
I bought this jelly roll to make a railroad quilt.  The gal said it could be done in 1 day.  Ok!  Lets give it a try.  However, I am only working on it a little bit at a time.  I am on the 3rd day. 
With 90 blocks completed last night and pressed, I am ready to square up my blocks and get ready to place them.  I am soooo excited!!!!!!! It is going to be fabulous.
One more piece of excitement is Sarah Brown from Miladys Needle.
Each night after sewing some, I have been stitching.  No, I cant sit still!  I am constantly moving and doing.  Even up until bed time.  Back at it the next day.
The colors are a different from her sister Margaret, but still on the same Vintage Pear 45ct and my conversion of silks.  She is going to be lovely next to Margaret.  Only a few more days- then she will be done too :)
My husband and I watched our great nephew on Saturday and he too, loves green smoothies!!!!  You can never start too young eating healthy :)  Spinach, spiralina, kale, coconut water.  Just amazing how they cant get enough of these things.   And he is stinkin cute too :)

So, since this post is enough to keep all of you for quite some time now, I will close.  Thanks for all your patience in between posts.  Blogging is a great thing- however it takes so much time.  I think about putting a post on almost daily, but then get caught up in so many other things!  LOL.

Until next time ladies and gentleman, I hope you are all enjoying your labor day!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

It was a challenge

With the closing ceremonies over almost a week ago already, it is high time that my Olympic project came to a close as well :)
This project was a great fun change for me and my usual classic pieces.  Every once in a while you have to test your perimeters and see what you really can do--- and this result proves it for me.  I dont know if I will stitch another item this off my comfort zone-- maybe and maybe not.  I am looking forward to going back to Sarah Brown and Dutch Beauty.  I think I hear DB cry at night I have almost abandoned her!!!  LOL. 

I am sure that you remember last week I started quilting, and having lessons by a fantastic woman who has been most patient and kind to show me the ropes of this new exciting hobby.  Of course, she is so creative and her quilts are exquisite :)   I believe she is enjoying this as much as I have been.  Over all, I am pleased with my result thus far. 
Above is the first option on how can put the blocks together, and below is the 2nd option.
What do you think? A or B?? Which version is most appealing?  Both are fantastic and I cant go wrong either way.  I am going to tie this quilt and have already chosen my threads for it. 
Next week I hope to finish it-- I am also amazed at how fast this has come together.  I have only worked on it 2 days (while I also know that the more difficult the pattern, the longer it will take- but still!) -- I suppose you can do most anything with the proper tools, lighting and patience right? 
Have a great rest of the week, stay cool and have FUN!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympics 2012

Everyone having a blast watching the Olympics and rooting for their favorite sport?  I must confess that I dont care much for the Olympics-- I can take it or leave it, so I have not watched a bit.
I did however start an Olympic project--- because like a fellow blogger said-- we need another excuse to start a project :)
For the 2 week challenge, I have stepped SO FAR out of my usual choice of patterns and I couldnt be more pleased.
I started on opening night-- while watching American Pickers my Olympic project-- Lizzie Kate Green.  This cute little set consists of 6 smalls and words on the bottom.  I have seen this last year or the year before at my LNS on 30ct WDW and I thought instantly that I wanted to stitch it on 45ct vintage pear.  Yes, it is on the same piece of linen as Margaret Brown, and no, Margaret is still sitting above the Green project.
I also adjusted the colors of course and I couldn't be more pleased with this cute piece.
I have also taken it upon myself to change the 2nd pattern from Eat Locally, to Eat Organic.  You gotta do what works for you right?!
It is so stinkin cute that my project is just slightly larger than the picture on the pattern.  Can you even?!!!!!!!!!!!  Each one of these rectangles is 2 1/2" tall and the finished size will be 10" x 3".
I have 2 more to go along with the saying, I am hoping that I can get it finished by the end of this week.  I think I have only 1 free night this week.  All-nighter here we come!!!!  Maybe I will have to watch some videos on the you-tube to keep me going :) 
Switching gears tomorrow:
After purchasing the above fabric along with a plethora more, I am going to learn to quilt tomorrow.  I couldn't be more excited to start.  My good friends mother is going to teach me and I imagine more adventure that you know.  I will take pics and post them later to see some fun and progress.  I have chosen a pattern-- to heck with what it is called, but by tomorrow afternoon I should be able to tell you!!  LOL.  I am in for it :)
Funny how already I have favorite designers that I am on the hunt for-- and it is great that they all really blend together-- 3 Sisters, French General, Barbara Brackman!!!!!

Stay tuned!