Friday, August 17, 2012

It was a challenge

With the closing ceremonies over almost a week ago already, it is high time that my Olympic project came to a close as well :)
This project was a great fun change for me and my usual classic pieces.  Every once in a while you have to test your perimeters and see what you really can do--- and this result proves it for me.  I dont know if I will stitch another item this off my comfort zone-- maybe and maybe not.  I am looking forward to going back to Sarah Brown and Dutch Beauty.  I think I hear DB cry at night I have almost abandoned her!!!  LOL. 

I am sure that you remember last week I started quilting, and having lessons by a fantastic woman who has been most patient and kind to show me the ropes of this new exciting hobby.  Of course, she is so creative and her quilts are exquisite :)   I believe she is enjoying this as much as I have been.  Over all, I am pleased with my result thus far. 
Above is the first option on how can put the blocks together, and below is the 2nd option.
What do you think? A or B?? Which version is most appealing?  Both are fantastic and I cant go wrong either way.  I am going to tie this quilt and have already chosen my threads for it. 
Next week I hope to finish it-- I am also amazed at how fast this has come together.  I have only worked on it 2 days (while I also know that the more difficult the pattern, the longer it will take- but still!) -- I suppose you can do most anything with the proper tools, lighting and patience right? 
Have a great rest of the week, stay cool and have FUN!!!!!


  1. I love your finish! I want to stitch that series sometime too. And the quilt -- so pretty! I like the layout both ways. Not good at making decisions. lol! I think it would look great either way!

  2. Congrats on your Olympic stitching!
    Love the colors in your blocks ~ my eye goes to the second picture!

  3. Great stitching...I love the quilt colors too and am so proud of you to start a new craft. I vote for "B"....pj

  4. Love your quilt and I really like option B as well

  5. Your quilt is turning out beautifully! I can't wait to see which layout you'll choose - both are good choices! Congrats on your out of the box finish too!


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