Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Stash!!

First of all, I changed to the 'new blogger' editor, which so many of you have done already, and I really just have no idea!  So here goes nothin.

I havent really worked on Paradise Lost in the last 10 days, I have no excuse either-- just life in general has been taking up my time.  I also dont have any other projects lying around, so I did get a few new ones I was excited to share.  All this talk of Scarlet Letter charts, gets me fired up and I have had a list going.  I did order some, I am waiting for them to come in.  In the meantime, I found these that I couldnt resist.

The top picture is Red Lion from The Essamplaire, and it reminds me of All was for an Appil from the Scarlet Letter.  This to me is the 'Garden of Eden'.  I ordered the Appil one, seeing Deb and others start this, I couldnt resist. 

Next you can see The Seduction & The Huntsman both from Scarlet Letter.  Very different then I am used to, but I need a break from the alphabets!!!!! I just love the colors, which is also very off for me, because I dont go for too much color.  Gotta step out of the box right?

Next to choose some Linen (45ct maybe!!!) and silks (of course), these will be great to work on, but I know, PL has to come first.  I am in the mood to stitch today, which is a good thing.   Which one to choose to do next though?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

After the super cold weather, this gorgeous site is exactly what was needed to cheer me up. I love waking up with this view!!! The weather here in Florida has been in the 70's, a beautiful thing over 7 degrees last week. Although the weather has not inspired me to do much stitching, it has been an exciting week.

Visiting with my Cousins again is always great. Relaxing, sharing stories and laughing. Lots of walks, enjoying this gorgeous weather. I love the sand, looking for seashells, feeling the water hit my feet.

Here is my progress on PL, if you can call it that! I am not looking forward to the blue band that stretches all the way across the design, but I know as soon as it is done, it will be fabulous. It's moving, slowly but surly.

I am glad you all enjoyed the pics from NY and I enjoyed reading all of your comments. Thank you for them, I always enjoy comments. It is fun to share things with all of you!

Have a great week, I will try my best to get some more stitching done--- we shall see!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Night Out

So the weather has been SO cold everywhere, that it is almost impossible to go anywhere warm, without leaving the country! So I decided last night that we needed to be adventurous and head out into it. I am such a pansy when it comes to the cold weather!!!!! Layer upon layer, we braved the cold. I think last night it only was around 25 but you cant be to sure. I have been craving a steak and these fabulous potatoes from a place called Arthurs Tavern in Hoboken NJ. Anyone not familiar with Hoboken NJ, it is a very busy spot. Especially at night, and even more so later in the night. There are plenty of bars/clubs and eateries to be had. Not to forget that Frank Sinatra was born here. Boy, if Frank could see it now! Hoboken is one of my favorite places to go to--the old brownstones, the cobbled streets, the excitement of it all. Also, it is directly on the other side of the Hudson river, looking out at Mid-town Manhattan.

The first picture is of the famous Arthurs. Located on the corner of Washington and 3rd, it is a great place, 2 levels and plenty of steak to go around. The menu consists of only a few choices, either the the 24 ounce rib-eye or the 48 ounce rib-eye, with a side of these outstanding, mouth-watering potatoes. There are other things- like a burger, and a measly salad...but you don't really go to Arthurs for that. I have had friends in the past order the 48 ounce and it does seem to take forever for it to be delivered. We always order the 'steak' the 24 ounce variety and it is always worth the wait. It wasn't to busy last night, we did go early and it is freezing out, so we were in and out in less then 1 hour. In the warmer weather, you could be waiting for a table for an hour. Boy, it is worth every minute you wait:)

This next picture is of Mid-town Manhattan, from the famed Chart House Restaurant pier. Looking left to right, you see from Columbus Circle/61st Street to the Empire State Building/34Th St. In between is the famed Times Square where the 'ball' is dropped to ring in the new year, the Intrepid museum docked in the Hudson river, and some of the most fabulous places- Central Park, Horse and Carriage rides, shopping--the Famous 5Th Avenue- Bergdorfs, Tiffanys, FAO Schwartz, eateries, etc, etc, on earth. The Empire State building is blue now, I am not sure of the lighting schedule, but just the night before, it was still red and green for Christmas.

A few minutes later, we were in Jersey City. I got a great shot of Downtown/Battery Park. The skyline is not the same, it hasn't been for almost 10 years now. I miss the Towers. It was such a clear, crisp, cold night last night, that the pictures really turned out great. In Jersey City, you are even closer to the NY then you were in Hoboken, so they aren't as blurry. Isn't it a gorgeous site? I could stand and look across all day, and all night-- but then I would also be a frozen figure :). She is not in the picture but far off to the right, stands Lady Liberty. Holding her torch, standing tall and proud. It was too dark to see her tonight, but I know that she is there.

The piece of steel in this next picture is from the WTC, and has been there in Jersey City for many years. Objects are placed on it in remembrance. It is just amazing to me still that what stood so proud on our skyline, could end up in a mess like this. Look at the picture closely, those steel rivets just melted. The melted piece of steel once was about 20 feet long-straight in length. You would need a crane to pick this piece up. Now look at it. I think in 1000 years, people will still look at this and shake there heads.

This spot is now a wonderful memorial. The weathered flag laying on this piece of melted steel, overlooking the wonderful and mighty NYC. The rebuilding has begun, and someday we will have a new skyline to look at. The Towers that stood are Gone, but Not Forgotten.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PL Progress

This weekend has been so busy with so many things! Not so much stitching time. I stitched some on Sunday, with a very warm fire and a tiny bit last night. Time is moving so fast!! So much to be done, so little time. I love the colors in PL, each new animal and a new color! Can you even with the Lions? Aren't they just fabulous?!! I cant wait to start the next bird...It is magenta in color!!!!! It is amazing how this piece really brightens your day. I added my scissors to the picture to give perspective on how small this piece is turning out to be. The scissors measure approx. 4 1/4" long. Isn't it amazing?! Boy I do LOVE this 45ct linen. (Plus, this picture really shows the true color of the Vintage Sand Dune)

Alot of you have started new projects, and it is fun to see. Several I have added to my 'order' list. Terrible these blogs!!!! :) So much inspiration to be had.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Did everyone ring in the new year having fun?!!! My favorite is to watch the ball drop in Times Square. No, I wasnt there but it is always a tradition to watch.

I worked on Paradise Lost for a few days after Christmas, then put it down to go & visit at my sister place for 3 days. We had a Great time, as usual. It was nice to spend time together. No stitching got done over there, I did show her at least and she was amazed at how tiny it is. I am stitching PL on 45ct Vintage Sand Dune Lakeside with the called for silks. I am enjoying the colors. I love the lions head...he is so cute, even without a body! I hope to start working on it again next week.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and is getting the new year started off right!!