Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

After the super cold weather, this gorgeous site is exactly what was needed to cheer me up. I love waking up with this view!!! The weather here in Florida has been in the 70's, a beautiful thing over 7 degrees last week. Although the weather has not inspired me to do much stitching, it has been an exciting week.

Visiting with my Cousins again is always great. Relaxing, sharing stories and laughing. Lots of walks, enjoying this gorgeous weather. I love the sand, looking for seashells, feeling the water hit my feet.

Here is my progress on PL, if you can call it that! I am not looking forward to the blue band that stretches all the way across the design, but I know as soon as it is done, it will be fabulous. It's moving, slowly but surly.

I am glad you all enjoyed the pics from NY and I enjoyed reading all of your comments. Thank you for them, I always enjoy comments. It is fun to share things with all of you!

Have a great week, I will try my best to get some more stitching done--- we shall see!


  1. Non-snow pics are an unusual sight these days - I'm glad you are having wonderful weather while in Florida and your PL is coming along wonderfully. Oh the border, always a drag!

    Have a great Sunday

  2. What great progress you're making on PL! Such a great piece. And I'm so jealous of those other pictures. I'd love to feel some warm sunshine on my face right now. Hope you're having a wonderful time.

  3. Lovely pictures! It must be nice to see the sun! Our weather warmed up enough to start melting all the snow but it has been cloudy for at least 3 days now! I need the sun!!

    We'll forgive you for not getting much stitching done since we know you were out and enjoying the warmth and sunshine!

  4. I could sure use some of that warm, Florida weather, too! I can see why you're not stitching too much but.... the progress you've made on PL is wonderful! This is such a fun piece!

  5. What nice pics of sunny FL!! Nice progress on PL--every stitch counts! The blue band is fun to stitch just because it's a fun color. ;)

  6. Wow - what a change of scenery, from cold NY to sunny FL!! Love how PL is coming along. Hoe funny the word you have finished is "done?". lol!

  7. Good for you re: your progress on PL!! And, is it okay if I'm jealous of your current geographic location? I don't begrudge you the enjoyment, though!! Can't wait to see more "warm" pics and more progress pics! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  8. That Florida sunshine sure looks tempting!

    Great progress on PL


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