Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving right along!

I took a look at this blog last night, and realized that I haven't posted any more progress pictures of Mouline in a while, and looking at my piece, I think it is high time!! What a difference 12 days makes!! It is almost finished!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some progress!

While I am supposed to be stitching up a STORM.....I have not been stitching enough!!!!! As many of you know, Florida calls me, in more ways then one!!!! So, the top pics are of some palm trees and my foot in the Atlantic ocean, while in Miami. I cant tell you the specific temperature of the water, but I can hear my Dad yell for some SOAP!!!!! It is outstanding!!! March!!!! Whoopee!! I only went in to my thighs yesturday, because I had a dress on, but it was worth it for sure!! Today, we went to the Keys, and it was just as nice. The beaches there are a little more "rocky", but, I did manage to lay on my towel for a bit!! My husband did wonder who was "whiter", ME or the BEACH??!!!!! LOL!! But onto bigger and better things!! We did go into the water, and saw a few tiny fish, even a baby blow fish!!! How exciting is that??!!! Some crabs in there beautiful home, walking in the shallow water along the shore. Amazing. It was about 85 today. As you all know, that I am NOT complaining!!! I had on my bikini, and was loving life!!!!

Mouline as you can see, even from a post last month, that I am making progress. Because of where I am, I am not making the progress I would like to be making, although it is still early in the game! I will continue to work my tail off and stitch stitch stitch. I am VERY pleased on how it looks though!!! I really really love the Quaker pieces, and look forward to working on many more in the future!!! But for now, dinner and a nice cold one is calling!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Autumn Update

I stitched a bit today, to help pass the time while driving....(not me, I am the passenger!!) Nice progress!!!! Tonight, Moulin!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Autumn Bouquet

This is the beginning of Blackbird Designs AUTUMN BOUQUET. I started last week, and I enjoy stitching easy projects, as well as more difficult ones, I am still working steady on Moulin Rouge.....It must be done by the 2oth of this month. I am on a deadline for that one, and I will post a picture soon enough, keep you on your toes!! BUT.....This Autumn piece is on a limited edition run of 30ct R & R Linen, using Gentle Arts threads, modified only slightly!! With the help of Kathy, I have fixed the acorns!! They now have definition!!!!!

Update, Blackbird & Chartmakers

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted something new, and it is high time!! The top picture is the Blackbird Designs "Underneath the Sunlit Sky", Loose Feathers #26; 30ct Sea Fog R & R Linen, Gentle Arts & Weeks Threads......I was stuck on the "buttonhole stitch" on the trees around the house (hard to see in the picture). What a bugger!!!!! I did this stitch last year, but since I don't use the stitch that often, I had a hard time remembering!!! Overall, it turned out really pretty!!

The Second picture, is Chartmakers Tombstone Angels "Abigail Adams". A great, simple project, of course, not to make anything easy, I switched the DMC to Belle Soie Silks, as shown on the left of the picture. I am so pleased with the turnout, using 32ct BOF linen, a tiny scrap, of course you know we cant ever throw those away!!!! She will fit nicely with "Thriller"!!!! Don't know what Thriller is??? I will have to post a picture!!!! Stay tuned!!