Monday, January 31, 2011

30th January Project-Start

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman!  Happy Monday to all of you :)  It was a great weekend, some stitching and alot of adventures.  I have to be honest with last nights start, I was a little lazy last night.  I am getting a little more preoccupied with my duties of work- instead of projects.  (Which is more important of course)  My choice for the 30th project this month was from The Essamplaire- MSD 1735 A Nuremberg Sampler.
Where did the laziness come in?  I only chose 3 colors so far for this piece, I knew that she was going to get the short end of the stick in the progress department, and also I need to get more silks.  The colors as I mentioned before, the good ones anyway, are in high demand for several projects and I didnt feel like rummaging through other starts to see what I would need.  I will end up working on the rest of this conversion on my next break from work :).  But, to get her going, I did choose the border color and its all that really needed to be decided on.  But, I did have 2 pieces of linen I was thinking about for her, and it was between Lakeside Vintage Porcelain and Vintage Maritime White.  That is where the blue skein comes in, (in the picture) Iwanted to see what some of the colors would look like on either piece. All the colors I normally choose would look great on either one, but the blue pushed me into choosing Vintage Porcelain.  I love love love this color.  So very crisp, without being to stark or bright.  Creamy enough that the colors pop. 

I stitched 4 yards of silk already into the border and added a hint of the 2nd color as you can see.  I think the colors are a good start for now.  I am thrilled that I dont change my mind too often on colors and choices are made wisely.
So the last post of my challenge will be tomorrow, and I am excited to show you the next and final project for the Crazy Challenge January.  I am positive I will have other new starts this year, because that is the nature of this beast.  I have chosen the final pattern and the linen, now for another conversion.  Do you know how tiring conversions can be?!  LOL.  It will be worth it.  I am glad to have started what I did this year, otherwise they just lay in the drawer, waiting to be chosen year after year.  Until tomorrow!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

29th January Project- Start

To start off, thanks to all of you who have been commenting on my blog- Isabella is getting quite the attention these days, isnt she going to be something?  There are some many of you wanting to stitch her, or who have pulled her out to continue working on her, or walked over to the finished sampler on the wall to gaze at her.  I encourage all of you to start her.  It is from the Sampler and Antique Needlework Magazine Summer 2010 issue, and there are some out there yet!!!  She isnt a large sampler, so it would be great in any count and if you are considering trying a smaller count, she would be a great example to start on.  But, Isabella had her day on Friday right? 
What about Anne Wells?  Who is Anne Wells?  I really have no idea who Anne is, but I think her sampler is darn cute.  Last night I started Birds of a Feather- Anne Wells.  It is an out of print pattern that I have had for a few years.  I chose Birds of a Feather Barn Owl 36ct Linen along with the called for WDW threads.  I know you are all shocked it is on 36ct--- do you know how stinken' cute she would be on 45??!!!!  But, I have all of this linen, and why not use it already.  Just because I am obsessed these days with 45, doesnt mean that the other gorgeous colors in larger counts have to take a back seat.  Besides, using the larger counts only makes room for more 40 and 45.  Not that 'space' is really an issue :)

I have almost the top half done, and it looks and is easy, just the counting in between the letters is frustrating, because they are all thrown all over the place and some are 10 spaces, others are 12 and some even 13.  I forget and have to recount several times-- which is the idea, but we were watching the tube and listening also distracts the voice in my head shouting 10. 10 already, dont you listen?  10!!!   I am not sure, so I re-count, yes 10.  You want it to be right!!!!!!  Like the rest of you, HATE ripping out. 
Everyone enjoying there weekend so far?  Almost February!!!  I am looking forward to it for sure :)  Have a great day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

28th January Project-Start

I am so behind schedule again today, but better late then never right!  Last night I started Frances B Jones from Scarlet-Letter.  I have noticed especially coming down to the wire of new starts, that I have been running out of stash selection for threads and linen; and that I have started to 'share' threads between 2 projects.  I would not recommend this if you have to use a large amount of threads, or a larger count fabric- because you will run out.  I am using 45ct again, and I am sharing 2 silks- 1 from One Blue Bird- which I think that project I need less then 20 stitches worth, and then the other, 1 shade of pink from Mary Beale.  With that one, I think I should be ok because the pink is just used in the flowers, unlike if I had to share greens, that would be another story.

As far as borders go, I like some and dont like others, this one the border is not repetitive at all and I have to constantly check and recheck.  Others I can sort of memorize after a few times and have at it.  None-the-less, she will be very pretty.  Again, a little different then others, but dainty.  I am not sure if you can see or not, but there are 2 shades of green and in the leaves a hint of gold.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend, I hear snow is on the way for some of you next week :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

27th January Project- Start & Bonus

Another Friday is upon us already and I am positive the month is going much faster then I ever expected it to go.  My last weekend of freedom before I am back to the grind next week.  Fortunately, I am back to the grind on February 2nd, so I will have no excuses to get the 31 crazy challenge done and see what insanity waits on February 1st in the stitching department.  But lets not rush a good thing we have going here.  I have found a few more tricks up my sleeve and look forward to sharing them with all of you in due time :)
Today I have for you 2 things.  First, lets talk about what new project I started last night shall we?!   Out of the Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine, I have started Isabella Johnson.  I have had her kitted up for some time and last night made a slight adjustment on the linen.

I am using the called for Belle Soie Silks and I have opted yet again, for 45ct linen, this time vintage lentil.  There is a method to my madness-- if it makes sense or not, it doesnt matter.  But my reason is that I would like to stitch the other 2 charted samplers that the pictures are featured along with Isabella, Jane Tindall and Maria Tilley on 45ct too, so why not?  This doesnt matter, either way if you stitch them on 28ct or ??? count, because they are all different shapes and sizes anyway........  You can stitch samplers on what ever count linen that gets you going.  I am obviously going on 45 :)  I acquired a piece of Vintage Lentil the other day, a long a narrow piece.   I was looking specifically for long and narrow pieces because I have a VERY hard time cutting my linen.  To make that clear, I can cut anything, but the linen, the gorgeous linen, I have a hard time physically bringing myself to doing this, so I try to find pieces that will work in the right color for each sampler.  Sometimes, like in this case, it has worked out perfectly. 

So you can 'see' my tiny piece of fabric, for most stitchers, this piece you are laughing at me, as tons of room!!  Yes, the entire design fits on this piece width wise with no worries. You can see the width is done from the vine those leafs are growing off of.  The length isnt an issue at all.  Crazy right?!  Yes, I live there, and I have been asked along the way, where it is, where does crazy live, because others are interested in joining me there for more adventure.  The sampler is fabulous and I am excited to have this one going and someday complete.

Back in the end of November, after Thanksgiving I think, my Husband and I took a small road trip and I need an ez little project to stitch on.  So I started Little House Needleworks Mercantile.  Easy I said, it is a cute little pattern and perfect for my purpose.  I only got so far

on our drive and put it away.  Well, we went on another small road trip in the last few days and I have been a busy girl.  I got it done and here she is.

I used 40ct ??? with the called for WDW, GA & CC threads and I think it is super cute.  You need to have easy ones right?  These big jobs that we have going all the time are outstanding, but to finish something, is even better.  Especially, because she isnt in my January challenge!!!!!  My 2nd finish of the year.  BONUS!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

26th January Project- Start

My project for last night, another oldie- but goodie.  I didnt get as far in stitching as some nights, I needed to finish the conversion, and haste makes waste.  So I wanted to choose right for another BAP I was going to be starting.  This piece, is another one that I have wanted to start for along time (Ok, lets be honest, what percentage of patterns do you have that you havent wanted to start for a long time??????  For me, less then 10%)  I want to stitch every thing!!  Someone did tell me yesterday that I should go for the year challenge.  Ok, that is a great idea, but I think I would have to start posting just pics, because somedays it is really hard to talk about another new project.  What else can you say about it?  I choose very similar things, how many times do you really want to read gorgeous, beautiful and fabulous??!!!  LOL I know, we have read it already for what 25 straight days?!  Well, less then a week to go, so bear with my keywords.
I have nothing wrong with starting a million projects, I do however enjoy the end result of completion, and believe me, some love to start and some hate to start.  I love the start, hate the middle, and love the end.  As much as I love pulling my threads, I enjoy putting them away looking all wild from massive abuse from the last how many ever months/years they have been in a project bag. 
I am having a little more of a tough time with the projects that I have still in that bin I showed you on day one, some I really would rather not work on--just yet.  So maybe my percentage went up to 25%, although I am very happy to have some of these patterns, I am not in the mood- if you know what I mean.  I have to smack myself around for the next few days to continue on the challenge with beautiful patterns, not let it slide downhill, (start off with a bang, and end with a fizzle!)  I cant let that happen.  So, we shall see.  I dont want to fall off the wagon just yet :)

Here is Sarah Farr Floore - from Samplers and Such.  I think I have had this pattern now for 2 years.  A friend had recommended this designer to me and there are some great reproductions; something about Sarah called me.  So I had her ordered in :)

Choosing 45ct Vintage Sand Dune along with a variety of silks conversion, I think it will be interesting.  From looking at the pic, you would think there were about 5 colors, I think there are over 15.  I will have to make adjustments along the way, I have a vision of what I want her to look like, and I have already changed the selected color for the border, to another one.  Might as well do it right from the beginning right?  How many do we have started with colors we arent sure about, or dont even like?  (Dutch Beauty conversion x 3 anyone?!!!  LOL)
One of my favorite linen color is sand dune- regular or vintage, I like the vintage variety a bit better, I love the way it looks.  You can stare at it for hours.  Good think you will be working on it for hours!!  (More like months or years!)

To spice things up a bit, I started in the right hand corner, and went left instead of down.  How little things get us excited :)  I am about halfway across the top border.  I dont think I will ever get over how 3 pages of pattern turns out so small on my linen. This pic show 1 1/2 pages of pattern.  I have 11 little motifs to go along the top.  Piece of cake :)  Speaking of cake, is it to early to have some?!!
I am always appreciative of all who read my blog and share thoughts, it means alot!  Have a great day :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

25th January Project-Start

I have to apologize for the super super late post.  I know this post was due like 20 hours ago, but what can you do right?  Time slipped by today at record speed, and no complaints about it either!!!!!  Wow, what a great day :)

So without further hesitation, here is my start from last night.  It is from Goode Huswife- One Bluebird.  Very cute, minimal colors, as you can see.  I did add 1 darker shade of brown, because with the 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley I am using, the lightest shade of creme barely showed up-- and I tried and ripped out 3 colors.  So using the lightest shade of brown instead of creme, we had a winner!!  Of course, then I was 'missing' a color too.  No worries, problem was solved very quickly.

I have 3 sides of the border done, and it reminds me of my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Mothers tatted handkerchiefs, so delicate.  The colors are yummy (of course) and I look forward to finishing this one shortly (I hope!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

24th January Project-Start

Another cold but beautiful day we have today.  Another great day for stitching!  Well, I suppose any day is great for stitching right?  My start for last night, is from Needles Prayse-Our Savior and The Two Thieves.  An older pattern, classic in design and in the vision of my sampler wall, will fit in perfectly.  I am always looking for variety, and with what I have started or worked on this month, I think I am headed down the right path.
This piece, by far is the most unusual sampler that I have wanted to stitch, and very special at the same time; I know it is not for everyone.    It calls for 4 solid silk colors, I chose 5 hand-dyed silk colors.  I want to see more depth with the vintage fabric, and I think even with waking up in the middle of the night second guessing my choices, was comforted this morning when seeing the selection again.  90% words, 3 Crosses and a classic border, simple and timeless. 
I am pleased too, to have found a beautiful Lords Prayer sampler, along with gorgeous detail from the Scarlet-Letter.  With the taste I have in choosing the samplers I stitch (usually very similar), I am excited to stitch this one.
I have the border almost done on the right side, I think there are 37 buds, I have over 20 something done.  I know it will be more of an easy stitch, and more exciting then just alphabets over and over again. 
Todays dilema, is what I am going to start/work on, I have no clue and at this point it is too early to take a look.  I have updated my WIP's list on the side of my blog, and it is entirely too long.  I knew that this would happen,  but just seeing it in list formation is a little much!!!!  My Husband was joking with me yesterday, about my 31 projects and said with a straight face, 'why stop at 31?  You know how many days there are in the year?!'  LOL, he is crazy.  Crazier then me for sure :)  Forget it I told him, I dont even think I have 365 projects, he said, wanna bet?!?  No thanks, I dont really want him to know that there are probably 2 or 3 or 4 times that amount.  I dont ever really want to know the exact amount, and with being organized, it doenst look like that many either.......  I am happy with it contained to one room----- or is it more?  LOL.  Stash is just fun, no matter how much you have or how little you have.  My sister has 1 box of projects, maybe 10 projects in it, and she is a 1 project gal, no more then 1 at a time for sure.  I love her will power!!!!  I outta take some notes from her, although I obviously have not paid any attention.  Well what can you do :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

23rd January Project- Start

Hello Monday.  Isnt it just amazing how cold it is this morning?!  WOW!!  This winter has certainly been a great stitching season.  Snow, Ice, frigid temps.  Makes you want to stay huddled under your blankets and stitch the days away.   Tea is always enjoyable this time of year too.
I was going through the stash bin of goodies I wanted to work on this month, and I saw that there were a few lonely patterns- without any thread or linen chosen yet.  So, I had some fun yesterday in the thread department, and then the linen department.  This is one of the most exciting things for me, chosing colors, and finding the most perfect shade you were looking for, you know you have it, where is it?!  Then there it is.  You can almost hear the choir...."Ahhhhh"  Well, I can hear them for sure.  I was looking for the most perfect shade of grape, not too pink, and not to purple, and I knew I had to have a skein somewhere.  I didnt even have to steal it from another project.  You see, the color is breathtaking, but it isnt a color I would normally pick up and have in another project, I usually steer the other direction in color.  This one I knew it was meant to be.  See, there is a reason we buy skeins---- 'just because'.  Someday, there will be a need for it.  And, my need came in yesterday (twice actually!)

My new start for this month is Helen Virtue, from Scarlet-Letter.  I have chosen carefully the colors that would make Helen come alive; along with Dk Pearled Barley 45ct Lakeside.

The colors are a combination of Belle Soie, SNC, Florimell and Gloriana.  I am excited to use another Hank-a-licious in this project, which is a limited edition Belle Soie color, and a nice variety of 'older' skeins.  It still surprises me to have 4 of the same color, and each skein be a completely different shade.  Again, that is why there is nothing wrong with just buying another skein-- even when you have 6 at home already!!!  Someday it will come in handy.

Amazing how each has a border, each sampler has a mind of its own, and each one gorgeous in there own way.  I am fired up about this sampler, the combination of colors are very different for me, but working with such wonderful supplies, it is always a pleasure.  Thank you to all our local LNS's, and the time they take to order all these luscious supplies in for us, and thank you to all the vendors who continue to put out such amazing products for all of us to love (and hoard!! LOL) You are all a huge part of this stitching community and without you, we would not have these gorgeous samplers in our homes!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

22nd January Project

I saw on Kims blog earlier this week a project I have and knew I had to pick it up again this month.  It is from Scarlet-Letter The SDW German Band Sampler.  My collection of linen, silks and pattern for this sampler has been living in this beautiful project bag for over 1 + year.

I bought the bag on a special trip I went on, and new it would house something beautiful :)  When I had started this piece, I chose 45ct Vintage Fawn Lakeside and my conversion of NPI.  I began like usual on the top right corner, completing the 2 solid lines and began my blackwork inbetween.
It is hard to see this fine band of blackwork, but in anycase, I am determined to stitch this row.  I had a hard time with the NPI, being to thick in the 45ct for such fine work and bringing this matter to the attention of some Friends, I was able to get to the bottom of what to do.  They suggested using the 130/2 Silk which the perfect color I needed could be found.  Using the Society of Soie Surfine Silk (SoSS) I gave it a try last night.
Using this silk in a project for the first time last night, I was convinced there was no turning back.  I was truly amazed at how this 'fine silk thread' sailed through the linen, and that the blackwork was actually going to look like something other then gold blobs on the top of my sampler.  I recommend it for sure, and I am positive I will be using it in some of my other samplers that call for over one (when I chose the 45ct linen) and it will be perfection.  I didnt have any trouble with it knotting or clumping, and yes, I did use the 1 yard lengths (I hate shorter threads) and how much I was able to accomplish in one night.   The only thing is that I am sorry, is that I did not try it sooner, it is fabulous!

Before I started stitching the blackwork though, I had started a small bit on the left side, but I thought that I better make sure that the width was correct first with the blackwork, and also, I didnt want to stop stitching on it last year, because I was waiting for an answer to my silk dilemma.
I have 5 of the flowers done on the top row, I have 11 to go.  I was not looking forward to stitching these at all, but the thread has made it actually very enjoyable.  So, I hope it wont be another year until I work on her, but the end of this 31 day challenge is almost at the end, and then it is a free for all.  You know what they say about a box of chocolates right?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

21st January Project-Start

Last minute posting today, short, quick and sweet.  I've got stitching to do tonight :)  Time got the best of me today, deadlines for things that had to be done, and if it wasnt done today, there would be less stitching next week.  So I started Homespun Elegance- Be Joyous.  Started with the called for Belle Soie Red Fox-- it is just so beautiful, no matter what you are working on along with 40ct Pearled Barley. 
Here is the progress:

It will be a nice small project, and who knows how I will 'finish' it, but that is really not something I really ever worry about.  Just stitching, thats it :)  Have a great night!

Friday, January 21, 2011

20th January Project

Being more then just a little lazy yesterday, I almost forgot to even stitch.  I cant believe it myself either.  We ended going to an Antique Village which was a little street of about 15 shops.  Both my Husband and I have things we are always hunting for, and it is always exciting to see what is waiting around the corner.  We ended up with a few new treasures, and had lots of fun looking.  Amazing the different kinds of people in antique stores-- and often thoughts run through my mind, 'what are they hunting for?"  Another thought is "I hope it isnt what I am hunting for!"  LOL.  I have never met anyone at an antique shop looking for the same thing as me at the same time, either they were there before and bought it, or I beat them to it! 
I picked up late last night The Bramble and the Rose by Ink Circles.  This is such a great piece.  My Friend reminded me of how I dont really like more then 2 WIP's at a time, and I totally agreed with her.  At this time, with more then 15 WIP's I am beyond passing the crazy farm, I now actually live there :)
I was looking for a pic of where I had left off, and not remembering where it was on my computer, you can upload pics from your blog that you have already posted.  Amazing, going through the 100's that are on there, looking back at all the projects that I have worked on since starting this blog almost 2 years ago.  Wow, was that fun!  I am not the only one, who forgets what they have stitched, especially because I do not have most of them framed and hanging up in my home.  Most are laying on top of each other in a drawer, waiting for their day of display to come.  Lottery anyone?!!!!!
I got a few stitches in last night, not too many, but enough to see slight improvement from the top pic.
I hope to be a little more proactive today, but you never know.  I will remember at an earlier time to stitch today, just on what, is always a mystery!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

19th January Project-Start

I decided to give myself a break last night, a start an 'easy' project.  'Easy' you ask?  Yes, and you are reading correctly too :)  I started an old Sheepish Design- American Beauty. 
I had to dig deep for a piece of linen that would work, I ended up choosing Birds of a Feather Black Crow 32ct with a variety of Crescent Colors, WDW and GA threads.  It calls for SNC and AVS, but I didnt really want to look for the silks, I just opened up my cotton thread bin and chose colors at random.  Pretty easy to do, you should try it sometime.  You never know what you are going to come up with, and it is great fun to boot! 
I am pleased with the start, and even looking positive and put the date of 2011 on it.  Why not?  If I cant get this done this year, I might as well pack up now and through all the stash I have the heck out. 
But, this piece has a combination of cross stitch and satin stitch, which is fun, adds depth for sure.  Also, working on 32ct is something else, I can literally see through it!  LOL.
So much fun these projects, so much fun!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

18th January Project

I got an email from a friend the other day, that reminded me of a project that I had started the end of last year, and for some reason, seemed to forget about it until now.  I didnt start something last night, but continued to work on Mary Beale- Her Sampler.
This is where I left her last year, and I this is where I left her last night.
I am amazed at her beauty.  So very delicate and fresh.  You can almost smell the flowers.  I wanted to work on her because of Andrea.  She started this years ago, and finished it last year, and it is Magnificent.  Simply breathtaking, she is an amazing stitcher.  She did an outstanding job!!!  So, I have to have this sampler done in my home someday too :)  What do you think?  I love the variation of the silk overdyes, and so me gives her a some depth.  This is the start of the top right corner, the 2nd flower is going down the right side, and the corner flower is done as well, and I am heading across the top.  I was going to continue on the top, but got side tracked on the side.  At this point it is 50/50.  Do I stitch more flowers or start the words?  I will not know until next time she makes an appearance!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

17th January Project-Start

A new day, another new project to show all of you.  It is so exciting every day, for me too, to see which one will magically jump out of the plastic bin.  Each day, I open that tote, and I can see hands raised and voices shouting 'pick me-- pick me' and the jumping begins.  I would love to pick them all, but patience, patience.
Today I have for you from the Courtney Collection- Mermaid's Folley.  Another large design- and the first design from Courtney Collection.  I have seen this piece done and it is just something else.  Sooo different from my comfort zone, but I am glad I have the 'guts' to do it :), Course, I really do like the piece, so I guess it was pretty easy.

I chose to use the called for linen- 40ct Vintage Autumn Gold, but elected to put my Hank-a-licious to use.  Nothing like a hank of Gloriana silk to sing you through the day.  But then again, hanks of silk-- any hank of silk is just fabulous right?  I have wanted to sttich this design for a very long time now, and I am thrilled that she jumped out last night.

The only negative so far, is the start really doesnt look like much, but, give it a few more days of stitching, and you will see.  Interesting enough, you dont really stitch the 'design' but stitch the background, and the design appears!  So to boot, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous fabric as well as the design.

What does today have to hold?  I cant wait.  Thanks to all of you reading and posting on my blog-- you have no idea how excited I get when others are excited too!!!  It is great fun for sure.

Monday, January 17, 2011

16th January Project-Start

Happy Monday right?  Right.  What a doom and gloom day, raining like a pest, but PERFECT for stitching! Last night I started a project that I treated myself to last year.  The Essamplaire Victorine Delacroix.  Only sold only as a kit when I bought it, (I think it still is), which buying kits is something I dont normally do, but there are exceptions to every rule.  I love the sampler, love the colors, but I switched out the fabric.  I had to do something, and the fabric it came with, wasnt something that appealed to me for the long haul of this project.  The linen it came with has been added to the linen drawer, for maybe ornaments (alot of ornaments) or something :)

Another reason I do not like kits, is that the threads come all in a bunch and you have to spend a tremendous amount of time sorting them, even though Margriet did a great job in laying them out perfectly, there is always some shifting in the mail etc.  None the less, Victorine will be worth the trouble.

Amazing the difference, I was thrilled to find the thread cards enclosed, I remember as a child, my mother buying me kits, specifically needlepoint kits, and the thread was so thick, and didnt fit into the cards, so I can remember her helping me make new thread cards, ones with adequate holes, made out of heavy cardboard.  For this piece there were only a few colors that I needed to share a space across the aisle if you will and it will be pretty easy.
Again, starting in the top right, I didnt get as much done as I would have liked, sorting the threads and all, but I managed to get 4 colors into it.  I know this is going to be an amazing piece for sure. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

15th January Project- Start

How many of you have brunch on Sundays?  Or a later breakfast on Sundays?  We just got back from brunch with my cousins and their 2 super cute little girls.  One is 2 yrs old and the other 2 months.  So much energy, and so much fun.   The older one just loves hugs, and being familiar with us, we even get squeezes :)  So cute you can only squeeze them back right?! 
My start for yesterday is Examplar Dames And they Sinned.  Yes, I am officially on the ATS wagon and loving it.  I even pulled up my blog just now to see what was 'new' and saw Michelle was working on hers too.  YGG!!   Funny how she got through stitching her cloud by watching Sopranos.  I love Sopranos.  Not for the faint of heart though, but for me too, it is easy to watch 'seasons' of it at a clip.  Well, that and the Godfather movies.  But, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro arent too hard to watch for long periods of time, but we are going off on a tangent, and this paragraph with these such types of graphics/stories, isnt what we should be talking about with ATS right?  Get back on track here...........Focus, Focus!!!!! LOL.

Showing once again the gorgeous silks, (I am going to need more of the thread keepers, with all the starting this month, each must belong to there own right?)  I have made some adjustments (I can hear you-- of course you did!! LOL) or for me some improvements, and off I went.  We did watch Forever Young with Mel Gibson, which at first, I said to my husband, I hope this gets better...... and Sommersby with Richard Gere, which was better.  We try to get 2 movies in a night, and that is when I have been focusing on my stitching.  For me, I am not really watching it, just really listening.  Either way, the job is getting done in the stitching department.  My husband, truly does like my hobby, very supportive- and those that know him, can attest to this.  He has been after me to start this one forever.  He likes bright colors, as you can see, this month, he is getting quite the variety of color.
I have added the ruler (rather it is really a yard stick) into the picture, because I wanted to show you the actual size.  I chose a linear half for this piece, and on 45ct I thought the finished piece was going to be 7 1/2" wide but, stitching it on 45, (and being fully aware of this, but like a bus, hit me last night) the complete width is 6 3/4".  My length will be almost 3 1/2" shorter then expected, which at 11:45pm, I was fired up!!!!!
You know how the color of the linen changes with every picture?  The top pic is more truer in color and taken at night, the bottom was taken this morning.  The bottom pic is more like the color of my Dutch Beauty-- however, both pieces were bought at way different times.  This piece of Vintage Maritime White has beautiful shadings of green and is very creamy, Dutch beauty is creamy with light patches of gold/beige.  You've got to love Lakeside Linen!!!!!!  Every piece is like magic.
So what is it going to be today?  I already have a very good idea........
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!