Monday, January 24, 2011

23rd January Project- Start

Hello Monday.  Isnt it just amazing how cold it is this morning?!  WOW!!  This winter has certainly been a great stitching season.  Snow, Ice, frigid temps.  Makes you want to stay huddled under your blankets and stitch the days away.   Tea is always enjoyable this time of year too.
I was going through the stash bin of goodies I wanted to work on this month, and I saw that there were a few lonely patterns- without any thread or linen chosen yet.  So, I had some fun yesterday in the thread department, and then the linen department.  This is one of the most exciting things for me, chosing colors, and finding the most perfect shade you were looking for, you know you have it, where is it?!  Then there it is.  You can almost hear the choir...."Ahhhhh"  Well, I can hear them for sure.  I was looking for the most perfect shade of grape, not too pink, and not to purple, and I knew I had to have a skein somewhere.  I didnt even have to steal it from another project.  You see, the color is breathtaking, but it isnt a color I would normally pick up and have in another project, I usually steer the other direction in color.  This one I knew it was meant to be.  See, there is a reason we buy skeins---- 'just because'.  Someday, there will be a need for it.  And, my need came in yesterday (twice actually!)

My new start for this month is Helen Virtue, from Scarlet-Letter.  I have chosen carefully the colors that would make Helen come alive; along with Dk Pearled Barley 45ct Lakeside.

The colors are a combination of Belle Soie, SNC, Florimell and Gloriana.  I am excited to use another Hank-a-licious in this project, which is a limited edition Belle Soie color, and a nice variety of 'older' skeins.  It still surprises me to have 4 of the same color, and each skein be a completely different shade.  Again, that is why there is nothing wrong with just buying another skein-- even when you have 6 at home already!!!  Someday it will come in handy.

Amazing how each has a border, each sampler has a mind of its own, and each one gorgeous in there own way.  I am fired up about this sampler, the combination of colors are very different for me, but working with such wonderful supplies, it is always a pleasure.  Thank you to all our local LNS's, and the time they take to order all these luscious supplies in for us, and thank you to all the vendors who continue to put out such amazing products for all of us to love (and hoard!! LOL) You are all a huge part of this stitching community and without you, we would not have these gorgeous samplers in our homes!!!!!!


  1. LOL I'm so glad you said that! My needlpoint friends laugh and shake their heads at "crazy" me when I see a fresh stock of Belle Soie or Waterlilies or Sampler Threads come in and I pick up a bundle of a color or two. "What's that for?" they ask. "It'll be perfect for something," I reply.

    Of course this also explains why the path to my tv is blocked..... by the giant Rubbermaid tub of threads.

  2. Oh nice!!! Oh you're just trying to tempt me into buying more Scarlet Letter charts, right? lol! I love all your fiber choices and the fabric too. Soooo pretty!!!!!!

  3. Oh, sweeeeet. Just so you know, you ARE killing me with these projects that you're posting! It's a good kill, though, one I'm totally enjoying, LOL. I wait eagerly for your daily posts to see which project you've chosen! Love your choice today!

  4. Oh no, not another great one. I've been writing these down, don't you know. The Scarlett Letter will be getting an order from me. And my husband isn't going to appreciate it! LOL I can't wait to see what you post tomorrow.

  5. As always, I love the color conversion you've done!! Another pretty start!

  6. I have to say, I love your conversion. I'd have never looked twice at that sampler but after seeing your floss toss, I want it, LOL. Gorgeous start and I am off to order my chart.

  7. This is just gorgeous!! I love all the projects you have been starting, but I have to say I think this is one of my favorites. I would love your conversion too (if you don't mind). Thanks!! :)



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