Friday, January 7, 2011

6th January Project

Today Ladies and Gentleman, I have for you one of my favorite WIP's.  I tell you, I could stop the madness and work solely on Rosina Payne.  She is so beautiful, and so relaxing to stitch on.  I must say, that she is for now relaxing, I haven't started the verse which is over 1 and I am stitching her on 45ct Porcelain Lakeside.  Crazy you thought before?!  Now I should be committed :) 
This is where she was left to RIP with the rest of the WIP's I have going, and this is where is is now.

I was disappointed not to get the 1st border done, but I wanted to be sure it is going to match up, so double checking as I went along was my main goal.  I finished the line under the alphabet, and the flowers next to the butterfly are now in a pot, instead of floating, and the border is going smoothly.  She is stitched with a combination of silks, so luscious.

I have had alot of questions about conversions, and I think conversions are something you work out for yourself, my personal taste has alot to do with my color choices, what I feel works best for me, what I want to see hanging on the wall in my house. You also have to remember that dyelots for all threads vary from batch to batch.  I have threads in my stash from years ago, and purchasing another skein today- there is a 99% guarantee that it will be different.  There are times I dont change the colors at all, (rare I know) but I am drawn to pieces with specific color, and if the color isnt for me, I just change it.  I am telling you, if you have never switched out a color on a piece, and are a bit nervous, start with 1 color.  Instead of pink, choose mauve, or instead of red, choose burgundy.  Playing with color is great fun, and you get to play with stash too!! 

Also, I do not use any magnification for my stitching, I have tried it in the past, but found I dont need it just yet.  There will be a time I am sure in the future.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog and comment, it is such great fun to get to know each other, and see what goodies-- new starts and WIP's are being found out there.  Everyone-- keep up the great work!


  1. What a great sampler and stitching on 45ct WOW, would love to be able to do that, but for the eyesite:))
    The little butterfly is just gorgeous.

  2. Love your sampler!

    Stitching on 45ct would be a no no for me, just wouldn't be able to see the holes lol, i always use a magnifiyer, never used to but i think once you get used to one there is no going back!

    I love that you are not afraid of changing the colours on your peices, i was never very confident in trying, but working on the LHN ornaments last year i changed quite a few and they came out ok so i would do it agian.

    Have a good weekend :-)

  3. Gorgeous! I'd forgotten about this one. Those borders are so pesky when they don't match up. It's better to take the time and make sure they do!

  4. I love this piece! You must be young to be able to work without magnification. I used to be able to do that with 40ct and 45ct, but not anymore. lol!

  5. Oh, is this going to be gorgeous. But on 45 ct! OMG, I would love to use that fabric, but I'd be cross eyed for sure!!

  6. Over 1 on 45ct! I am having a tough time over 2 right now. That is a beautiful sampler. I love the colors.

  7. Rosina is beautiful! No thanks on the 45 count. I'll stick with 40 and below, much better for my sanity!


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