Monday, January 10, 2011

9th January Project-Start

I am so excited to share yesterdays start with all of you!  Many thanks to Margaret, who inspired me to kit this project up (among many many others) this summer, I have now started Jane Atkinson from the Scarlet Letter.  WOW-- isnt she just incredible?
The AVAS silks are on my ring in numerical order, easier for me to find them.  Not to used to using the solid silks as much, silks that have color names are always easy to find, using them often, I know what they look like and love looking at the silks in a rainbow fashion :)  Not the case this time!!
Knowing I will have much experience (yeah right) with over 1 on 45ct, I decided way back this summer I was going to stitch Jane on 45ct.  So, Vintage Navy Bean was a perfect match for her, and she waited quietly in the bin of goodies, until Sunday night.  I now know the excitement Margaret was feeling while stitching Jane, she is coming alive-- one stitch at a time. 
Jane will be like Rosina, I am wanting to stitch on her for more then 1 night, but February is around the corner, and Jane will have to lay still again for a few weeks.  If you are interested in a large piece, she is one to consider for sure.  I know one friend of mine has her kitted up as well.....
I started Jane on the top right corner and finished the most right flower with the 2nd one on the left side half done.  Breathtaking!!!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Great start! I love big projects. Just picked up Margaret Gatis again after long lay off.

  2. Isn't she just wonderful? You'll have a great time with her! I love seeing all the silks laid out. It's funny, I enjoy the AVAS and NPI silks the best. They're my thing. lol! Rosina and Jane will make a great pair!

  3. I just love this sampler and it is one that I hope to stitch one day. God bless you -- stitching this sampler over one on 45 ct. linen! I thought I was bad with stitching over one on 40 ct. My hat is off to you.

    All of the projects you've chosen so far are really beautiful. Best wishes for a full year of stitching pleasure.


  4. Oh, seeing your progress on this is making me itch! I started mine too, but don't really like the fabric I'm using. I thnk I'm going to make a change - yours is looking wonderful!!!

  5. I saw one in person the other night at guild and now I'm itching to start her too. So pretty!!!

  6. Those silks are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!! :)


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