Thursday, January 27, 2011

26th January Project- Start

My project for last night, another oldie- but goodie.  I didnt get as far in stitching as some nights, I needed to finish the conversion, and haste makes waste.  So I wanted to choose right for another BAP I was going to be starting.  This piece, is another one that I have wanted to start for along time (Ok, lets be honest, what percentage of patterns do you have that you havent wanted to start for a long time??????  For me, less then 10%)  I want to stitch every thing!!  Someone did tell me yesterday that I should go for the year challenge.  Ok, that is a great idea, but I think I would have to start posting just pics, because somedays it is really hard to talk about another new project.  What else can you say about it?  I choose very similar things, how many times do you really want to read gorgeous, beautiful and fabulous??!!!  LOL I know, we have read it already for what 25 straight days?!  Well, less then a week to go, so bear with my keywords.
I have nothing wrong with starting a million projects, I do however enjoy the end result of completion, and believe me, some love to start and some hate to start.  I love the start, hate the middle, and love the end.  As much as I love pulling my threads, I enjoy putting them away looking all wild from massive abuse from the last how many ever months/years they have been in a project bag. 
I am having a little more of a tough time with the projects that I have still in that bin I showed you on day one, some I really would rather not work on--just yet.  So maybe my percentage went up to 25%, although I am very happy to have some of these patterns, I am not in the mood- if you know what I mean.  I have to smack myself around for the next few days to continue on the challenge with beautiful patterns, not let it slide downhill, (start off with a bang, and end with a fizzle!)  I cant let that happen.  So, we shall see.  I dont want to fall off the wagon just yet :)

Here is Sarah Farr Floore - from Samplers and Such.  I think I have had this pattern now for 2 years.  A friend had recommended this designer to me and there are some great reproductions; something about Sarah called me.  So I had her ordered in :)

Choosing 45ct Vintage Sand Dune along with a variety of silks conversion, I think it will be interesting.  From looking at the pic, you would think there were about 5 colors, I think there are over 15.  I will have to make adjustments along the way, I have a vision of what I want her to look like, and I have already changed the selected color for the border, to another one.  Might as well do it right from the beginning right?  How many do we have started with colors we arent sure about, or dont even like?  (Dutch Beauty conversion x 3 anyone?!!!  LOL)
One of my favorite linen color is sand dune- regular or vintage, I like the vintage variety a bit better, I love the way it looks.  You can stare at it for hours.  Good think you will be working on it for hours!!  (More like months or years!)

To spice things up a bit, I started in the right hand corner, and went left instead of down.  How little things get us excited :)  I am about halfway across the top border.  I dont think I will ever get over how 3 pages of pattern turns out so small on my linen. This pic show 1 1/2 pages of pattern.  I have 11 little motifs to go along the top.  Piece of cake :)  Speaking of cake, is it to early to have some?!!
I am always appreciative of all who read my blog and share thoughts, it means alot!  Have a great day :)


  1. I really like this one...Guess I'll have to do it as well. One more for my To Do list. :o(

    Thanks for sharing and happy stitching!

    Peggy H.

  2. I just found your blog. Can I tell you that I love all your starts? Yes, I went back to day 1 to see them all. And I can't wait to hear about your plan for February. Is it a rotation idea? I SO wanted to do the 15 new start challenge but my husband would not hear of it. I did start the 15 WIPs challenge (where you picked 15 WIPs to finish this year). I don't actually have 15 WIPs because my husband thinks I should do one project at a time but there are no rules so I have my WIPs and I have some to start to make up my 15. Which I can't do until I have my WIPs finished. ((((Big heavy sigh)))) But you know what? I think I have a way to live vicariously through your blog!!!!

  3. I am really enjoying following all your beautiful new starts. It's so nice to know someone who is even more looney...ahem...uhhh....more ambitious than me! Please keep sharing your starts and progress. Thanks! Nancy in NY

  4. Nice choice! I've never seen that chart before--can't wait to see your progress!

  5. I just found your blog last night and enjoyed going back through all your January posts. You are one ambitious gal. I can't believe how many huge projects you've started. YGG I'm going to enjoy seeing what strikes you fancy the most, which one will be completed the soonest... and those that will get buried on the bottom of the pile.
    It amazes me how many projects you have in the works on 45 ct linen. I've only stitched a small piece on 45 ct.
    We've both been influenced by Margaret to start Jane Atkinson!
    I've not seen this design.

  6. Pretty design! Love the colors!

  7. You are so bad, LOL. I have to say, seeing your floss tosses, makes me want to stitch projects I might not otherwise have even thought about doing. The colors are gorgeous!

  8. How could I have missed this one. Great choice. And mom's birthday is June 4. Is that I sign I NEED to stitch this one? L.


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