Friday, January 14, 2011

13th January Project

Hope everyone is ready for another great weekend!  Another weekend of stitching right?!  I didnt start anything new last night, but instead took out a HUGE project that if I dont stitch on it a little here and there, it will NEVER EVER EVER get done.  Someday I hope to finish it.  The project is from A Stitchers Hand- PEACE.  I know 2 other of my friends are working on it, and both of theirs are going to be gorgeous as well.

I am stitching Peace on 40ct Sienna Night Lakeside, with a beautiful variety of Gloriana, SNC, and Waterlilies silks.  I have had the pleasure of seeing the original, which was stitched on 28ct over one using brighter AVS silks, and it too was beautiful.  Mine being stitched on 40ct over 2 will be much larger for sure.  The stitch count on this mother project is 578 x 941.  Finished size 29" x 48", yes you are reading correctly, and yes, it is an entire yard of linen.  So, with all this cold weather and snow we are having these days, it works as a blanket as well!!!!  LOL.  Completely insane?  No, close though :)

I finished up the "D" last night, and when I finished it, I told my husband, 1 down, 25 to go.  Ugh.  25....really?  Holy smokes.  So if I calculate my cards right, and think about stitching 1 letter a night, I could have the letters done in 25 days right?  Well, thinking that would be great if they were 25 consecutive nights, but the rate I have been going on this, I dont think so.  One can always dream right?

I have had a comment the other day of someone asking me, you really think you are going to get all these stitched in 1 year?  Like as if I am planning on finishing all of them, plus more this year-- arent all of you?!  I mean come on.  No, the idea is just having fun with your stash right?  Starting projects and finishing projects are 2 different things.  Yes, I enjoy both, I can do both.  Both are great fun for me, and I know there are many others in the same stitching boat as me, and boy are we having a great ride!

So with the weekend at our heels, I am ready to start running.  I know for many of you tomorrow is a new start Saturday, and also for others, is the 15th of the month-- which means the last of the new starts for the crazy January challenge.  I have been excited for all of you stitching your hearts out, being inspired with new ideas and enjoying your projects.  Enjoy your weekend!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness...I can't wait to see more progress on this is stunning already!


  2. Oh Wow!!!! Wow! Wow! I'm speechless! Fantastic -- I can't wait to see more!

  3. That is a stunning piece - which I actually got. I, too, have seen the model - it was breathtaking. Don't know if I will ever tackle it, but if I do it will be on silk gauze.... to cut down on the immense size - I love the colors you have picked - you have a fabulous eye. Can't wait to see more, especially on that gorgeous border.

  4. I've just read all your posts from the beginning of the year and I have to admit that I so love the choices you made for the Crazy Challenge. Exciting projects, all of them.

  5. WOW! I've wanted to do a project like that, but I'm still too much of a chicken. Maybe someday. Yours is stunning and I absolutely LOVE those colors!

  6. Love your project, Just remember to keep pattern and threads together always... We moved and some of my wip's got seperated and that was 5 years ago..Yes, you can and YES you will complete this project and it will fill a wall fantastically.. Sincerely CarolM

  7. That is stunning! I love the floral border - the colors are just gorgeous! I can
    t wait to see more.


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