Sunday, January 16, 2011

15th January Project- Start

How many of you have brunch on Sundays?  Or a later breakfast on Sundays?  We just got back from brunch with my cousins and their 2 super cute little girls.  One is 2 yrs old and the other 2 months.  So much energy, and so much fun.   The older one just loves hugs, and being familiar with us, we even get squeezes :)  So cute you can only squeeze them back right?! 
My start for yesterday is Examplar Dames And they Sinned.  Yes, I am officially on the ATS wagon and loving it.  I even pulled up my blog just now to see what was 'new' and saw Michelle was working on hers too.  YGG!!   Funny how she got through stitching her cloud by watching Sopranos.  I love Sopranos.  Not for the faint of heart though, but for me too, it is easy to watch 'seasons' of it at a clip.  Well, that and the Godfather movies.  But, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro arent too hard to watch for long periods of time, but we are going off on a tangent, and this paragraph with these such types of graphics/stories, isnt what we should be talking about with ATS right?  Get back on track here...........Focus, Focus!!!!! LOL.

Showing once again the gorgeous silks, (I am going to need more of the thread keepers, with all the starting this month, each must belong to there own right?)  I have made some adjustments (I can hear you-- of course you did!! LOL) or for me some improvements, and off I went.  We did watch Forever Young with Mel Gibson, which at first, I said to my husband, I hope this gets better...... and Sommersby with Richard Gere, which was better.  We try to get 2 movies in a night, and that is when I have been focusing on my stitching.  For me, I am not really watching it, just really listening.  Either way, the job is getting done in the stitching department.  My husband, truly does like my hobby, very supportive- and those that know him, can attest to this.  He has been after me to start this one forever.  He likes bright colors, as you can see, this month, he is getting quite the variety of color.
I have added the ruler (rather it is really a yard stick) into the picture, because I wanted to show you the actual size.  I chose a linear half for this piece, and on 45ct I thought the finished piece was going to be 7 1/2" wide but, stitching it on 45, (and being fully aware of this, but like a bus, hit me last night) the complete width is 6 3/4".  My length will be almost 3 1/2" shorter then expected, which at 11:45pm, I was fired up!!!!!
You know how the color of the linen changes with every picture?  The top pic is more truer in color and taken at night, the bottom was taken this morning.  The bottom pic is more like the color of my Dutch Beauty-- however, both pieces were bought at way different times.  This piece of Vintage Maritime White has beautiful shadings of green and is very creamy, Dutch beauty is creamy with light patches of gold/beige.  You've got to love Lakeside Linen!!!!!!  Every piece is like magic.
So what is it going to be today?  I already have a very good idea........
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness is this going to be small! My hat is off to you for being able to stitch on 45 count linen. Oh, and those silks - your piece is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I have ATS going as well! lol! I hope you do well with it. I do love it, but I'm stuck in the cloud. You'll know what I mean when you get there. :D

  3. Wow! 45 count?! I can't even imagine!!! This will be stunning with those silks and so tiny - wow - I am really going to enjoy watching your progress.

  4. Destined to be so very gorgeous, Shannon! I can't wait to see progress on this beauty. You are very fortunate to have a hubby that is supportive and interested...makes me so glad for you that you have him.

  5. Welcome to the ATS Train, this is such a fun piece. Yours is going to be so small. I love the colors you have picked. I made it as far as the tree but have not worked on it for a few months, but I am ready to pick it back up.

  6. Those silks are mouth-watering!

  7. Gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to watch your progress :-). I need to get mine back out.

  8. Oooh, gorgeous! I loved stitching ATS--such fun motifs on it. I love the silks you've chosen!

  9. Oh! I miss stitching ATS, lol
    Wowza! 45 ct, I couldn't even think of that on any design,
    I will enjoy your progress
    Have fun!!

  10. You are a brave soul. My husband loves this piece and I am considering stitching it this year. But not 30 other projects! Love your blog!!


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