Thursday, January 13, 2011

12th January Project-Start

Where oh where has the day gone already?!!  WOW, almost 6pm.  Well, not that I dont have a good excuse, we were hanging out with new babies today.  My cousins twins that were born on Christmas Eve are both now home and boy are they beautiful.  Amazing how tiny they really are.  When we saw them on Christmas Day, it is hard to grasp their real size, when they were all bundled up and tiny tubes all around them.  What a special treat today was for sure.

So home again James we went and after reading mail and emails, I remembered that I hadnt posted my start today yet.   Holy smokes girl!  Get going already!!!!!

So here it is.  In all its blazing glory.  Long Dog Beautie Spotte. 

Tremendous work involved just in choosing/switching all the colors to a GORGEOUS selection of overdyed silks and what color linen would work well with all these colors?  With a few valued opinions later, I chose 45ct Misty Rain Lakeside. 
I am thrilled with the start and the result of my selections thus far. 

I started in my usual spot-- top right hand corner.  This is the companion piece to Sonne Spotte, which I also have, but chose this to stitch first.  You can see a better picture here.  Along with many of you, wondering about why I chose to stitch this piece, it is far from my 'comfort zone', but the color is simply amazing.   More then once this month so far, I have stepped out of the box.  But nothing like a little variety right?  I am excited that it didnt take much to really see the first motif.  Both pieces are 315 x 312, making my finished piece 14" x 14".  I cant wait to see more progress on this one for sure.

Tomorrow Friday already, I cant believe that it is almost mid January.  We all need more time :)


  1. What fun to get to see the twins!

    Your start is beautiful! What awesome colors - I will enjoy watching your progress!

  2. Oh my! I love your choice -- both the Spottes are on my todo list. The colors are so wonderful, right? Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love this sampler!! Great start and I love the silks!!

  4. I've seen this before but never really LOOKED! It's so great! Why am I not stitching it? I love the rabbit most of all. (You start in upper right?--I start upper left--funny how we stick to that).

  5. Gorgeous threads! Stitching with them should be a joy! It's fun to step out of the box now and then.

  6. It is simply gorgeus! Your picture makes me want to come over and feel those silks! They look so vibrant! Can you tell me manufacturer of them?

  7. It is absolutely stunning! Those fabulous colors will make winter flee!


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