Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11th January Project-Start

Wow, so many wonderful comments on my finish with yesterdays post-- I am SO excited.  I am happy to have 1 under my belt already for 2011.  Today I give you pics of my new start last night, Goode Huswife Quaker Friendship Sampler.  This pattern was re-released in the Vol 4 Goode Huswife Book of 10 must have quaker samplers.  I was thrilled to get this book last year, because of all the designs included that had been OOP for so long.  (PS, I didnt take this top pic, just borrowed it from the pattern)

Choosing 36ct R & R Linen with Gloriana Silk thread, so far my start is looking great.  I think the original was stitched on Sparrow, but I didnt have any on hand last night, and didnt really want to go digging at 8:30pm, so..... here it is.

Of course I am thrilled that the center motif matched up. But who isnt ever thrilled when that happens?!  LOL.

How many of you got snow yesterday?  I cant believe the amount of snow in the last few weeks people have been getting!!!!  Wow, at this rate we are going to have snow until spring.  But, look at the positive, if you are stuck at home, think of all the stitching you can get done-- we all know there isnt much chance of running out of stash right?!


  1. Love your newest start! Very pretty, and I love your fabric and fiber choices. Yes, we got dumped on last night. No school today. I'm sick of the snow already. Geez! The bad part of snow is that you have to clean up after it. If it weren't for that well......

  2. Yeah, not much chance of running out here, that's for sure!

    Love your new start!

  3. Some snowflakes here, mostly freezing rain last night. Now it's a balmly 48 degrees. I heard this morning that the only state without snow right now is Florida! I'm enjoying all your projects. Great choices. L.

  4. Nice choice!! Another 'must stitch soon' sampler for me. ;)


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