Sunday, January 23, 2011

22nd January Project

I saw on Kims blog earlier this week a project I have and knew I had to pick it up again this month.  It is from Scarlet-Letter The SDW German Band Sampler.  My collection of linen, silks and pattern for this sampler has been living in this beautiful project bag for over 1 + year.

I bought the bag on a special trip I went on, and new it would house something beautiful :)  When I had started this piece, I chose 45ct Vintage Fawn Lakeside and my conversion of NPI.  I began like usual on the top right corner, completing the 2 solid lines and began my blackwork inbetween.
It is hard to see this fine band of blackwork, but in anycase, I am determined to stitch this row.  I had a hard time with the NPI, being to thick in the 45ct for such fine work and bringing this matter to the attention of some Friends, I was able to get to the bottom of what to do.  They suggested using the 130/2 Silk which the perfect color I needed could be found.  Using the Society of Soie Surfine Silk (SoSS) I gave it a try last night.
Using this silk in a project for the first time last night, I was convinced there was no turning back.  I was truly amazed at how this 'fine silk thread' sailed through the linen, and that the blackwork was actually going to look like something other then gold blobs on the top of my sampler.  I recommend it for sure, and I am positive I will be using it in some of my other samplers that call for over one (when I chose the 45ct linen) and it will be perfection.  I didnt have any trouble with it knotting or clumping, and yes, I did use the 1 yard lengths (I hate shorter threads) and how much I was able to accomplish in one night.   The only thing is that I am sorry, is that I did not try it sooner, it is fabulous!

Before I started stitching the blackwork though, I had started a small bit on the left side, but I thought that I better make sure that the width was correct first with the blackwork, and also, I didnt want to stop stitching on it last year, because I was waiting for an answer to my silk dilemma.
I have 5 of the flowers done on the top row, I have 11 to go.  I was not looking forward to stitching these at all, but the thread has made it actually very enjoyable.  So, I hope it wont be another year until I work on her, but the end of this 31 day challenge is almost at the end, and then it is a free for all.  You know what they say about a box of chocolates right?


  1. Beautiful work! That blackwork band definitely had me stopped in my tracks. lol! If I ever get back to this one, I may just leave it off. Bleagh. :D I love how your blackwork is turning out though.

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  3. This is going to be so gorgeous, Shannon!!! Love that you found some silk to accommodate the higher count of linen and it is smooth fun sailing for you! Always wonderful to have this going on...even if sometimes what we are stitching is sometimes a punishment, just to achieve the end result. This is not the case here, and I am so happy for you!

    ps LOVE that bag!!!

  4. So glad you are giving that Soie Surfine a try - it looks beautiful!!

  5. What a beautiful treasure it will be.
    Glad to hear you found silk to make it more enjoyable


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