Saturday, January 29, 2011

28th January Project-Start

I am so behind schedule again today, but better late then never right!  Last night I started Frances B Jones from Scarlet-Letter.  I have noticed especially coming down to the wire of new starts, that I have been running out of stash selection for threads and linen; and that I have started to 'share' threads between 2 projects.  I would not recommend this if you have to use a large amount of threads, or a larger count fabric- because you will run out.  I am using 45ct again, and I am sharing 2 silks- 1 from One Blue Bird- which I think that project I need less then 20 stitches worth, and then the other, 1 shade of pink from Mary Beale.  With that one, I think I should be ok because the pink is just used in the flowers, unlike if I had to share greens, that would be another story.

As far as borders go, I like some and dont like others, this one the border is not repetitive at all and I have to constantly check and recheck.  Others I can sort of memorize after a few times and have at it.  None-the-less, she will be very pretty.  Again, a little different then others, but dainty.  I am not sure if you can see or not, but there are 2 shades of green and in the leaves a hint of gold.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend, I hear snow is on the way for some of you next week :(


  1. You're picking such gorgeous projects!

  2. I am in heart with this border, Shannon, it is so pretty! Know I will enjoy seeing this one come alive!

    Also missed your previous post, your Mercantile finish is oh so sweet! I agree, we need these smaller ones, that don't have us as crazy as the larger ones. I just finished one up myself this evening.

  3. Another gorgeous start, Shannon. You really do pick the prettiest projects - I just wish I could enjoy stitching on 40 or 45 count fabric. I just can't do it - it becomes a strain on the eyes and then it's not a joy. What is a joy is seeing all your lovely projects on that impossible for me, high count fabric! YGG!


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