Monday, January 3, 2011

2nd January start

Yesterday was not as productive as I would have liked in the stitching department, I did manage to get started on "Ichabod Seabury" by Primitive Needle, but ended up spending the afternoon at my cousins, putting things on craigslist.  I tell you what, that craigslist is something else.  I have never purchased anything off of it, but I have sold my fair share of items on it.  She had never sold anything on it, and from my experience, it can be only a matter of minutes before the phone calls start coming in.  For example, with her 8 items we listed, after lunch yesterday, within 5 minutes of posting a washer/dryer 2 combo unit, the phone rang and in a 1/2 hour, there was someone coming for it.  Paying cash and it was out of the garage.  She couldnt believe it.

We listed other items, table, bedroom set, etc etc, and already this morning at 10am someone came for the table.  Simply amazing.  Tonight we have an appointment for the bedroom set, which is fabulous, and should have no problem going, as of this post, 5 were interested in it.  First one with the cash wins!

I got back late and picked up Ichabod, around 9pm and started on it. I am using 40ct Swamp from Picture this Plus along with Belle Soie silk threads, changing only the Lasagna for Paprika.  The Lasagna color was way to bright for me.  Strange, I have never in my life used a linen color like this, and it is quite different.  Not hard, but WAY of of the box for me. 

Not to shabby.  If I stayed home, I would have gotten way more done.  I have been wanting to stitch this piece for a very long time.  Did you read, there are a few goodies lined up for us from Primitive Needle.  I love her things, they are always so fun :)


  1. OMG! That fabric, had to google it right away...I'm big fan of green...

  2. What a great color fabric. I am using a red on one of my starts and I love it....mught have to try a green!

  3. Ichabod is great - I really want to stitch that one. And the fabric for it is luscious. I can't wait to see what PN comes out with for Nashville!


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