Tuesday, January 25, 2011

24th January Project-Start

Another cold but beautiful day we have today.  Another great day for stitching!  Well, I suppose any day is great for stitching right?  My start for last night, is from Needles Prayse-Our Savior and The Two Thieves.  An older pattern, classic in design and in the vision of my sampler wall, will fit in perfectly.  I am always looking for variety, and with what I have started or worked on this month, I think I am headed down the right path.
This piece, by far is the most unusual sampler that I have wanted to stitch, and very special at the same time; I know it is not for everyone.    It calls for 4 solid silk colors, I chose 5 hand-dyed silk colors.  I want to see more depth with the vintage fabric, and I think even with waking up in the middle of the night second guessing my choices, was comforted this morning when seeing the selection again.  90% words, 3 Crosses and a classic border, simple and timeless. 
I am pleased too, to have found a beautiful Lords Prayer sampler, along with gorgeous detail from the Scarlet-Letter.  With the taste I have in choosing the samplers I stitch (usually very similar), I am excited to stitch this one.
I have the border almost done on the right side, I think there are 37 buds, I have over 20 something done.  I know it will be more of an easy stitch, and more exciting then just alphabets over and over again. 
Todays dilema, is what I am going to start/work on, I have no clue and at this point it is too early to take a look.  I have updated my WIP's list on the side of my blog, and it is entirely too long.  I knew that this would happen,  but just seeing it in list formation is a little much!!!!  My Husband was joking with me yesterday, about my 31 projects and said with a straight face, 'why stop at 31?  You know how many days there are in the year?!'  LOL, he is crazy.  Crazier then me for sure :)  Forget it I told him, I dont even think I have 365 projects, he said, wanna bet?!?  No thanks, I dont really want him to know that there are probably 2 or 3 or 4 times that amount.  I dont ever really want to know the exact amount, and with being organized, it doenst look like that many either.......  I am happy with it contained to one room----- or is it more?  LOL.  Stash is just fun, no matter how much you have or how little you have.  My sister has 1 box of projects, maybe 10 projects in it, and she is a 1 project gal, no more then 1 at a time for sure.  I love her will power!!!!  I outta take some notes from her, although I obviously have not paid any attention.  Well what can you do :)


  1. You have so many great starts for January. I'm going nuts here! lol! The threads look so pretty too!

  2. I remember when my husband went in my sewing room and walk-in closet (looking for a needle to sew on a button - silly man, there's only tapestry needles in there!) and then called me and said, Do you know how many projects you have? LOL. Too funny. I reminded him it kept me out of trouble. Great project by the way. It's good to branch out. I may have to take a look at this one. Can't wait to see the next one! L.

  3. What an interesting piece! I'd never seen it.
    Remember with projects (and scissors and Barbies and shoes) the rule is: Don't Count, Don't Tell!

  4. I have that chart!! I haven't looked at it in a few years but I know watching you stitch it will make me want to grab it back out. Love the Lord's Prayer sampler, too!

  5. I like your idea of keeping a list of your WIP's. Sometimes I tuck those projects away and forget what I have going. I love greens and browns, so I think the colors you picked for the Needles Prayse sampler will be perfect.

  6. I love the gold/silver scissors on your project. What kind are they? Where did you find them? Roxy


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