Saturday, January 15, 2011

14th January Project- Start

Happy Saturday everyone!  What a busy week it has been for all of us right?  I am excited to share my start yesterday, it is Permin- Dutch Beauty.
Kitting this pattern up years ago with 32ct lt examplar, seemed only fitting with a nice straight conversion from DMC to NPI, no deviations.  Putting a few stitches in the design on the top left corner, not in love yet, I ended up putting the supplies aside, knowing what I was in for in size, someday I will get to this again.  Switching the linen for 40ct lt examplar 2 years ago with yet another conversion of NPI, more 'my colors' starting the stitching again in the top left, but not really loving the conversion anymore. I definately didnt like the border color I chose, and if you dont love it, with a piece like this, you might as well just throw it out.  You will never work on it unless you are in LOVE right?  I have seen this piece stitched, many of you have completed it, and it is just gorgeous.  Simply breathtaking.   One of my friends is stitching it on 40ct, and is so close to being done (maybe by this summer??!!) and her conversion is just fabulous.   Another one of my friends is stitching hers on 48ct.  I must stitch this piece too!!!!
This past summer, seeing their's again, made me want to break mine out again.  Well, at least the pattern :)  Finally, putting the supplies to bed, I have my final (and 3rd) conversion and NO, it is not going to change.  Maybe locations of colors, but not the colors themselves.  I might have to add to them, but we are there folks.
With the very patient help of my good Friend, the colors are now 'me'. (The 3rd time is a charm) I am finally in 'LOVE' with Dutch Beauty.  Wow, what a great feeling, and now I dont know how I am going to wait until next month to continue working on it.  The colors are an outstanding collection of Gloriana, Florimel, SNC, Belle Soie, Waterlilies and Fibers to Dye For.  I had alot of fun taking the pics for this post.  The hard part was choosing only a few-- not to bore anyone more then they might already be :). 
My progress pic shows you so far the border, starting on the top right hand, and stitching more then the length of the first page.  I think it is 7 sheets across and 3 down, so I am in the middle of the 2nd sheet on the right.  Oh yeah, and stitching her on 45ct Vintage Maritime White Lakeside.  I am very very pleased with this color as well-- happily suggested and selected by another good Friend.  Isnt it wonderful to have so many fabulous friends to help you enhance your projects?  Help you in suggestions for your projects?  What a great feeling to have a close family of stitchers around you (even if they arent so close!). 
For those of you who dont have an LNS, the blogging world has certainly helped enable all of us, and make new friends all around the world.  Suggestions and ideas shared-- simply amazing.  Thanks to the blogger who first introduced the Crazy Challenge this month, I know it has been very very popular :)


  1. Gorgeous! Great choice again! I have my Dutch Beauty framed but not hanging up. I should hang her up. Have fun with her! Love your conversion and fabric choice! (I used DMC)

  2. What a fantastic choice again. It's another one that I've wanted to do for so long. I'm going to enjoy watching yours grow with your conversion!

  3. This was one of the first charts I ever bought. Though I haven't stitched it, I have stitched motifs from it, including using some in Nick's birth sampler. It is a gorgeous design and I love your colors!

  4. Oh wow!!! I love the silks - they're just gorgeous! You definitely made the right choice this time! :)

  5. Was wondering the name of the teal blue silk floss? Love your conversion!!


  6. To Stephanie- The color is Belle Soie Evergreen :)

  7. Oh, jiminy crickets!! I wanted to start Dutch Beauty--I've had all the supplies for awhile now--but just thought I'd go too crazy having Jane Atkinson and DB as WIPs. I can't WAIT to watch your progress and see more pics. I really like your conversion. I think that's one of the reasons why I haven't started DB yet--I just am not enthused with the colors on it. I have the perfect spot for it when it's done, I just need to get stitching!


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