Monday, April 25, 2011

Cold, but still Better

Hopefully this week was the last of the 'cold' we are going to see for a while.  I am soo anxious for the warmer weather.  Bring on the heat already!!!!!!  The flowering cherry, pear, magnolia, dogwood trees dont know weather to bloom or not.  For some of you, you have been enjoying some of these most beautiful trees for a while.  I am jealous!! I have been missing the sun now for most of this past week, all but 1 day was pouring rain.  Today the sun is out and it is still cold.  I am telling you, it is time for a vacation to the islands!!!!!  LOL.

I have been working on a variety of things over the past week, mostly Peace.  It is coming along better then I thought, and I am more excited about it this week, then I was last-- GOOD right?!  Have you seen the size of this beauty?!  I have bounced around on the page I was working on, just to get some variety in.  I am looking forward to another few weeks of Peace.  (The colors look pretty good in this pic today-- and the linen too :))

I have a few other WIPS I pulled out this week, got some stitching done on some of those, but I am too far behind this morning to take pics of those, perhaps next week. 

Thank you to all who read and commented on my last post-- about my great weekend at Grandmas.  I appreciate you taking the time to share in the fun.  She is a great lady and I look forward to many more visits :)

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter-- I know I did!!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I woke up

I saw this outside my window yesterday.

When is it going to stop?!!!!  I cant believe it--April 18th.  3 inches of the white stuff all over the place and coming down for a few more hours.  It was cold, windy and with a mixture of sleet and snow.

Overall, my weekend was fabulous!!!!!  My Husband and I spent the last few days with my Grandmother, which is such a treat.  She is 81 years old and is doing better then ever.  It has been tough for many years-- dealing with cancer hasnt been easy on any of us, but last week she got the best report we could ever hear--Cancer free!!!!!!!!  How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!  So many prayers and so many people looking out for her, it is such a blessing to hear such positive news.   When Grandma knew about us coming a few weeks ago, she of course couldnt be more pleased.  She went and got some of our favorite late night snacks-- ice cream, cookies and even baked a cake.   You know when visiting Grandma, food is always top priority-- especially when visiting with relatives, breakfast, lunch and supper --going out for it is the norm.  For me, I dont eat out all that much, especially 3 big meals in one day, although every meal time couldnt be full of more fun and laughter.  For me, it all balances out.  We had a great time, seeing everyone again.  We took Grandma to an antique store that she had wanted to go in, and it was great fun to hear her say-- "I have that, I used to have that or so and so had that!"  Finding a few goodies is always fun-- and the hunt is the best part.  What is around the next corner, it could be it!  

She has been crocheting afghans for all the great-grand children and it is amazing to see the pile.  Each one thought out for each child.  She is whipping right along with them--only has a few more to make before Christmas, I think she is going to make her goal :).  She is working on one of those huge floral cross stitch projects-- I cant think of the name right now, but the flowers are so life-like, one of the iris' she is stitching and has been working on it for a while, lost her place so put it away.  I was thrilled to help get her back on track and perhaps after the afghans are done, she will pick it back up.  It was fun showing her some of my WIPs, and she just was floored over the small counts-- and what count is this?  40.  This?  45.  Ooh, and she'd lean back on the sofa with amazement.  I have never seen such fine linen- she said.  I didnt stitch much while there-- really hard to start and stop in between all the eating!!!!

She has a nest of Duck eggs right outside her garage door, which is so amazing to see, however where is the mother?!

Grandma got a new canary and boy does it love to sing!  She is thrilled with her new friend and  it brings her such joy.

To see her light up each time we came back to the house and run over to him, they had a special chat.  Then she would come back into the kitchen, put on another pot of coffee and say, want some cake?  LOL, we just got off the breakfast table!!!  Classic.  We were sad to leave her early last night, and am looking forward to the next visit with her soon. 

Last week I did finish a small project-- Be Joyous by Homespun Elegance.  I used the called for silk with 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley.  It was a great little project and one down in the WIP pile.

I have been super busy with work, but managed to get in some stitches on Peace.  I think I am going to work on this for a while, and see what I can do about this HUGE WIP.  I am in love with the colors, and definately looking forward to progress.  If I dont open up the sheet I am working on, it doesnt scare me as much.  I am going to work on it page by page.  It is too big to do the whole border at once, and I want it to line up in the worst way!!!!  LOL-- who doesnt want their borders to match up?!!!!

The top pic is more the true color of the 40ct Sienna Night Lakeside I am stitching on.  With the miserable weather we are having, it was hard to get a clear shot, so the bottom pic is under a bright light.  I am already bummed, tonight I have to work late, so I dont think much stitching will take place, but there is always tomorrow right? 

Thanks for all your great comments on Ichabod Seabury, the color is fabulous and I hope some of you give it a try sometime!!!!!!

Until next time!  Happy Stitching everyone :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It has been a long time coming, it seems like forever.  Ichabod Seabury is Finished!!!  I cant believe how long it took to fill in the blocks around the wording.  E-TER-NAL.  LOL.  I finished him last night around 11:30 and told my husband that I wasnt coming to bed until he was done.  Thank goodness it wasnt too late.

For reference, this is from Primitive Needle (We are all going to miss Lisa and her great designs!) using the called for Swamp Linen and Belle Soie Threads.  I wonder what the frame will look like?!!

So another WIP down in the bucket and a new day has started.  What shall the next WIP be?  I have taken pics of the next 2 WIPS colors, both projects have been started-- I cant let myself start a new one this year just yet.......I promise you, that I will though :)  It is only a matter of time or WIP lists!!!  Anyway, both sets of colors are all silks, a variety of them and I am excited to get my hands into them.  The biggest question is which one to dive into first?!!

Thanks to all who visit my blog regularly, and those who stumble apon it and enjoy it as well. I love receiving comments and kind thoughts from all of you.   I hope to continue to keep it interesting and entertaining.  Most of all, help with the enabling!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin'

April 1st today, and I have some progress pics and some finds I got at an antique shop this week.  First up, progress pic of Ichabod-- which the filling in of the words is taking forever.  I wanted to be done with him last weekend, and here it is another whole week has gone by and still, it isnt done.  Well, if I wasnt out wandering the streets and taking in all the local antique shops, perhaps I would have more to show. 

No complaints though, I am further then last weekend!  I am really enjoying the fabric too, I cant imagine at this point what I would ever use this color again for, and I cant say never either. 
 Up first are 2 super finds, the bottom pair from Germany $4.00 and the top with marking Solingen on it for only $2.00!!!!  Can you even.   Plus, they look great on Swamp :)

The other great find was this enormous pewter thimble (over 2" tall)- which on the side reads "Only a Thimble Full"  and with some research, it is really a shot glass!!  I added a quarter to the side to show you perspective.  No Foolin' !!!!!!!