Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin'

April 1st today, and I have some progress pics and some finds I got at an antique shop this week.  First up, progress pic of Ichabod-- which the filling in of the words is taking forever.  I wanted to be done with him last weekend, and here it is another whole week has gone by and still, it isnt done.  Well, if I wasnt out wandering the streets and taking in all the local antique shops, perhaps I would have more to show. 

No complaints though, I am further then last weekend!  I am really enjoying the fabric too, I cant imagine at this point what I would ever use this color again for, and I cant say never either. 
 Up first are 2 super finds, the bottom pair from Germany $4.00 and the top with marking Solingen on it for only $2.00!!!!  Can you even.   Plus, they look great on Swamp :)

The other great find was this enormous pewter thimble (over 2" tall)- which on the side reads "Only a Thimble Full"  and with some research, it is really a shot glass!!  I added a quarter to the side to show you perspective.  No Foolin' !!!!!!!


  1. Love your Ichabod! And your finds are so nice -- love the shot glass!

  2. Oooooh, you got such bargains! I LOVE craft scissor. These look in great shape.

  3. Great finds and Ichabod looks awesome!

  4. Love your finds and Ichabod is fantastic!!

  5. Ichabod is looking fantastic. Great finds too!!!

  6. Nice finds! Love the progress--it looks great!


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