Monday, March 28, 2011

A new week

Anyone watch the classic movie "Office Space" lately?  It is one of my favorites-- I even own a Red Swingline Stapler.  One of the classic lines in the movie is "Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays".  Well, that is me today.  Wow, what a difference from last week right?!  The weather has turned cold again and I am not a fan :(.  When is it going to get warm already!!  I think I need a vacation.

I did some stitching this weekend, but not enough to finish another WIP though!  I have progress pic to show you.....

Amazing the color of the fabric how different it looks from the last post.  But, I am liking it more and more.  I finished the top, and will spend the next few days finishing the bottom.  I am pretty sure I know the next WIP I am going to stitch on next, I was chatting with a friend this weekend, and I think I am convinced, although I will keep you all in suspense until I get Ichabod done. 

Back to the grind-- I hope tomorrow is better!!!!!! 


  1. Ichabod is looking so pretty! Love the colors! Looking forward to seeing what's next - and to an Ichabod finish too!

  2. Ichabod looks great - the fabric is awesome. I hope your week goes better - I've had it with the cold, too!

  3. It really looks great! The fabric is perfect for that design. Hope you have a better week and I hear you on the cold - it can't warm up fast enough.

  4. It's so pretty, and I love the linen!!!!

  5. I like the fabric, looks great with your stitching! I'm ready for the warmth to come and stay but as I look out the window I'm looking at that darn white stuff coming down from the sky!

  6. I totally had a case of the Mondays yesterday. And I have watched Office Space recently - great movie! Ichabod is looking awesome, I love this piece!


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