Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red, White & Blue

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a small road trip-- which means 2-3 days.  Great!  What stitching projects should I bring along with me?!  Well, I started Amy Mitten last week........
So what else should I take along with me?  I cant just take 1 project!!!!  The horrors!!!  LOL.  I looked through the wips and I decided that much wouldnt get done with those, most being larger than normal :)
Checking the stash in the basement, I found (new from market this year), Chessie & Me Glory House.  A cute little piece that caught my attention a few weeks back.  It is a tiny kit-- Belle Soie silk, linen and pattern.  This is a perfect grab and go-- I'll take it!!
The reason for my purchase of this kit-- which I buy kits, but VERY RARELY.  I will by kits because that is the only way I can get the pattern-- but I will then change either the thread, or the linen.  Silly I know, but I never said I wasnt weird... OR silly!!!  LOL.
I digress, a reason that should be most obvious, is that the flag-- the red, white and blue......the colors that we are so used to seeing, and for me, not used to stitching.  I have several BBD flag designs, and I have picked up others here and there.  This is the kick off to my patriotic themed stitching.  Small, easy, and still primitive enough that it fits with the style of stitching I love.  I think I will have to order the flag design from ByGone Stitches-- One Nation and stitch it on 45ct (of course) to go along with these pieces I have been acquiring.  Last year I got Needlemade Designs flag pattern, fabulous :), I have a couple pair of flag scissors (fabulous!!!) and there was another flag design I like too-- but cant remember right now :(.  The collection is growing.  I will have to get a list together of must haves.  A friend of mine has a patriotic wall, as I know many of you do, but it was great to see so many different designs put together-- with yet 1 common theme.  Any patterns any of you might suggest that are must haves in the stash?!!!! 
So without much more rambling, I have started and finished this cute little piece over the weekend, and I am quite pleased.  With each stitch of the flag, I remembered what this flag represents: FREEDOM.  I know it is way worth still fighting for......  Times are super tough, super hard and it is easy to forget.......but, she still is STANDING TALL. 
I have added my initials to the bottom blank area-- but instead of first and last, I put in first middle and last.   The date is also done and she is put to the side to see how I will finish her.  I enjoy Chessie & me patterns and projects because of the stitches she uses in the mix.  How fun!!!!!  After finishing Weeping Tree with those stitches, it was easy when this pattern called for a few.  Tiny bird on the top is over 1-- stinkin cute.
After finishing Glory House, I went back to Amy Mitten and I am excited to see more progress, it is going to be a fabulous finish......But I have to get cracking on it already!  Now that I have more into it, I can see it is not going to be to long to get the main stitching done.  Tonight I will be back at it :)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weeping Tree

Another finish under the belt yesterday morning!!!!  It was impossible to actually sit in front of a computer for 15 straight minutes to post the news, and it is almost as impossible today-- but here goes :)
Weeping Willow by City Stitcher (OOP) on 40ct Lakeside Fawn.  A personal conversion to overdyes and here we are.  Isnt it gorgeous!!!!  I am thrilled that I decided to finish the piece with the sawtooth border.  I LOVE it.  The whole thing was great fun to stitch.   I know that a few of you have mentioned you have had this hanging in your home now for sometime, and couldnt be more pleased.  I share your excitement now!!!!!
I love the sheep :)  Stickin' cute!!
Another one for the framer.  I cant wait to see what the end result will be for this one!!!!
Next I am going to start the Amy Mitten class-- I was supposed to start it last night, but visited with 2 VERY CUTE girls and will have to start it tonight instead.  No worries, it was way worth playing with Rapunzel last night!!!

After Amy, I have in mind a very BAP :)

Have a fabulous day!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you love them?!  A house with some good bricks always attracts me to a sampler.  I am not sure why, it is alot of work doing them, but the reward is wonderful.  I am still put-zing around with Weeping Tree.  I stitched the main part of the house-- the mortar so I could return and fill in the bricks with ease.  No more counting for a bit.
It is hard to tell the mortar on the linen I chose, but as you can see, it pops with the bricks.  My Friend and I had consulted with the colors on this piece in record time, and when it came to revisiting the colors to stitch it, I was a bit put off with the brick color that I had decided on.  So, another consult and it is turning out fabulous :)
Perfect bricks!!  LOL. 
And here is where I am leaving you today, with this picture.......which is pretty close to the linen color-- (miracle right?!)  I have to stitch the side of the house yet, satin stitch trees & border, the words and the hands on the bottom left-- (And, And, And--- LOL) but another finish is near!!!!!! 
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Isabella Johnstone

Already over a week has gone by and I cant believe it.  I wanted to post this next exciting frame on Friday, but here it is already Monday night!!!  Holy smokes!  Where does the time really go?!!!!!
My husband and I had a great weekend, antiquing and supper with friends and relatives.  Fun to catch up on good old times.

But, with out further delay,  here is a great finish last month, with another super frame choice. Here is Isabella Johnstone from Needlwork Press.  (The pattern was just released this nashville in pattern form)  I am just as thrilled with this one, as I was for Double Dee.
The whole reason behind the 2 or double frames, is that I wanted from the start of stitching Isabella, to have gold next to her, just like the original.  Hard to find a frame exactly from over 150 plus years ago in condition I would be interested in....and could afford-- LOL......... I was shown this great frame and I was sold.  For me, it was perfect.   Isabella is a fine girl, and the large and ornate frame just blew me away.  Using the double frame for Double Dee, came after my framer showed me this gold frame for Isabella.  Outstanding right?!  I am thrilled with choosing something so different than normal, but now you see a pattern going right?!  Fancier is good!!!
I cant wait to show you the last one of the bunch---- stay tuned!!!!!!

Hope all of you had a great weekend, anyone go to any Nashville parties and have super new stash??!!!!!!  What did you get?!!!!!  Any good stitching to report?!!!!  I am still working on Weeping Tree, however, I am onto the house :)  Very very exciting!!!!!!!!