Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love, Joy, Peace

I have a finish!!  YEAH!!!!!  I know, it is a long time in coming, but better late then never right?  Sunday morning I put the last stitches into Plum Street Samplers Fruit of the Spirit.  I was desperate to finish on Saturday night, but I started baking red velvet cupcakes, and it was getting everywhere :)  So, with 2 rows to go, I powered it out just in time for sampler club at my local LNS.
Isnt it fabulous?!  A friend of mine asked last year if we could do a project together, and I of course am always up for a challenge.  She finished hers in June, and I started mine in June-- (both of this year)  I had some catching up to do for sure.  The thing is-- and I know (no excuses) but I am busy, and busy doing 10 things-- at once-- like all of you reading this.  So, I made it a priority to finish it before the end of the summer, and I have succeeded.  Yea!!!!!!!!!

I have added a quarter in the pic (yes Dad, I have it saved for you!!)  to show perspective on the size of this cutie patootie piece.  Stitched on 45ct Lakeside with most of the called for colors, with some minor adjustments.  Yes, all of the over one is full cross.  The design size is 6"w x 4 1/8" tall.  Sooo cute :)

I look forward to working on another piece-- well, I always look forward..... I am still pondering the rotation that I want to have going, but last night, Double Dee was the gal of choice.  Tonight, is a new night, will it be Double Dee or someone else?!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, staying cool and with lots of stitching time!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So much patience

Hello everyone!  What a beautiful day it is today, and I am excited to finally update my blog.  Last week was pretty busy, so not too much stitching got done, but enough I thought I would go ahead a share-- plus, the new gal is in town right?  First up, I must show you the progress I have been making on Fruit of the Spirit by Plum Street Samplers.

The grass took forever, in more then the obvious reason that there is 19 rows to fill in, but that the thread would break every 50 stitches or so.  Now, most of you know that I like using a longer length of thread, only because I cant stand having to re-thread all the time.  So, I tried a shorter length, then shorter, then finally I was using 1 foot lengths, and it still continued to happen.  What a PITA!!!  There was no turning back so I pressed on.  It took a few nights of this ajida to finally get the front lawn done.  So, now it is and while watching 'Vertigo' (great movie- never saw it before) last night, finished up the lawn and started the final phase of this cute project.  Almost done with the black box-- why I didnt finish the row I dont know, but tonight is another night to keep going :)

So patience you have all had for 2 weeks now-- at least 2 weeks, and I have started from the Scarlet Letter Dona Dorothea or Double Dee for short.

There are a bunch of us who think this sampler is simply outstanding, and had to start her ASAP!!!!!   So here she is, my start on Double Dee and I am soooo excited to work on her as well. 

Started on the top right corner, the colors are exquisite (of course) and I would love to take a few days and just sit and stitch on her.  So, I have a few smokin' hot girls waiting in the wings, waiting to be stitched on, waiting to be ooohed and aahhed on.  So, turns will have to be made, and a lesson in sharing.  I am not sure how to go about those lessons yet, I want to stitch on them all NOW!!!  (Stamping my foot, hands on my hips)  LOL!!!!!!!!!!! (This doesnt happen right?  No fighting?!!!  :) ) 
I am going to finish Fruit of the Spirit for sure next, then I have to pull out Rosina, Double Dee, Ann, Ann, Susan, Elizabeth and line them up in a row, and see who is going to be next in the running.  I would love a rotation, but with these girls, I just cant stitch on them for just 1 night.  So maybe a weekly rotation could work........ We shall see.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my last post-- it always makes my day :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I can't believe it is August 2nd

Where oh where is the time going Ladies and Gentlemen.  I dont feel like I am getting that much done, although I am having a great time.  Stitching has been a bit scattered, new summer starts and renewed interests in past summer loves.

I have started this post thinking about what I could share with you all, because it has been over 2 weeks now since the last post.  So, I have been working on Fruit of the Spirit, which I realize now I do not have a picture of her, and I am too lazy right now to take any updated ones, so we shall wait for those.  But the good news is, I just have to fill in the grass on the bottom, and the words on the very bottom.  Sounds like a piece of cake right?  Maybe a cupcake??!!

I do have some pics on Rosina Payne for you to see.  I had wanted to get her finished this summer, but now, not knowing at this time if that is going to happen.  I have Elizabeth Mears circling, getting jealous of all the time I have been spending with Rosina.  The perils of jealousy :)  I do want to spend my fair share of time with both of them, but there is a new girl in town....   I am going to wait to tell you more about her.......although we find her very, very exciting.  She will be ready to make her debut in a few days. Along with the other girls, lets just say there is alot of fighting for the mirror.

I have been making serious progress on the border, and within 3 nights had it finished.  I am onto one of the tree motifs right now.
 Sorry the pics are a bit dark, and are not as good as I would like them to be, but bad pics are better then no pics right?
I am loving every stitch that she has-- not looking forward to the over 1 verse I have to do, but I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle that, and have heard the best answer so far..... do one thread length at a time, so that it isn't left for the end, and then I can mix it up in between motifs.  Brillant :)

So, I will get back to her tonight, I cant wait to share with you the newbie in the bunch.  Trust me, she is going to be worth the wait!!!