Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I can't believe it is August 2nd

Where oh where is the time going Ladies and Gentlemen.  I dont feel like I am getting that much done, although I am having a great time.  Stitching has been a bit scattered, new summer starts and renewed interests in past summer loves.

I have started this post thinking about what I could share with you all, because it has been over 2 weeks now since the last post.  So, I have been working on Fruit of the Spirit, which I realize now I do not have a picture of her, and I am too lazy right now to take any updated ones, so we shall wait for those.  But the good news is, I just have to fill in the grass on the bottom, and the words on the very bottom.  Sounds like a piece of cake right?  Maybe a cupcake??!!

I do have some pics on Rosina Payne for you to see.  I had wanted to get her finished this summer, but now, not knowing at this time if that is going to happen.  I have Elizabeth Mears circling, getting jealous of all the time I have been spending with Rosina.  The perils of jealousy :)  I do want to spend my fair share of time with both of them, but there is a new girl in town....   I am going to wait to tell you more about her.......although we find her very, very exciting.  She will be ready to make her debut in a few days. Along with the other girls, lets just say there is alot of fighting for the mirror.

I have been making serious progress on the border, and within 3 nights had it finished.  I am onto one of the tree motifs right now.
 Sorry the pics are a bit dark, and are not as good as I would like them to be, but bad pics are better then no pics right?
I am loving every stitch that she has-- not looking forward to the over 1 verse I have to do, but I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle that, and have heard the best answer so far..... do one thread length at a time, so that it isn't left for the end, and then I can mix it up in between motifs.  Brillant :)

So, I will get back to her tonight, I cant wait to share with you the newbie in the bunch.  Trust me, she is going to be worth the wait!!!


  1. I absolutely love your Rosina Payne. It's breathtaking beautiful.

  2. Wow, you've gotten a lot done on RP. I can't wait to see more of her. Nor can I wait to see your new lady! Who is she?!? Hope you post again soon!!

  3. oooo it is coming along nicely isn't it and I think the advice you have been given is very good :) that way you won't get bogged down with it :) take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxxx

  4. I love your Rosina Payne! I am so happy when you pull her out to show -- yours inspires me every time I see her! I need to pull mine out to stitch. So pretty!

  5. RP is beautiful! Good advice on the over one, I do that when I am working on a design with a lot of solid fill in it helps break up the boredom or frustration as the case may be.

  6. Finally I can see calmly your blog, I love it, your embroidery are wonderful and your stories always interesting.
    I really liked the post dedicated to rodeo, I have never seen a live, but only on television ... thank you for these photos!

    Good embroidery

  7. Rosina is lovely! Nice progress.


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