Friday, May 31, 2013

Something Fun

Since my last post, life as has been a whirlwind of various activites.  All fun of course and great times with friends!
I have some more progress to show on BoaF Le Printemps, however I have put it aside this week because my friend Krista from Just Stitching Along (who is also doing the SDW SAL) has decided to stitch along Birds of a Feather Le Ete (summer) with me!!!  I'm so excited:)   Anyone else who wishes to stitch along is most welcome to.  Just let either of us know which of the 4 seasons you are stitching.  I think it will be great fun!!!
My progress as of last week looks like this on Spring:
Since finishing Elizabeth Mears, and since it was my travel project-- I needed another one.  What should it be?  I must say I have plenty going, but I have a hard time traveling while stitching on 45ct.  I know, poor baby right?  LOL.  But, I can easily stitch on 40ct and I found a great Scarlet Letter pattern called American Quaker Band Sampler that I had kitted up now for over 5 years.  So, out it came.  I am using 40ct Maritime White from Lakeside along with a random variety of AVS.  I started last night and it is coming along great.  I'm calling it a weekender project. 
Here is my progress from earlier today
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!  (Can you believe its June already?!!!!!!)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Next project is?!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, emails and texts about Elizabeth.  She is a wonderful addition to all my other completed girls :) 
I have a WIP pile as long as my arm and I just opened up the bin and pulled one out.  What I have been stitching on for the last few nights is an old Birds of a Feather pattern called Le Printemps.  It is 1 of 4 in a series of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  I think that you can still get these patterns (even though they are out of print which is a shame, there might be some stock left)- I haven't checked in a while since I have them, but I just am crazy over the BOF patterns.  They are all sooo stinkin cute!!!!  (Why do the good ones always go out of print?????)  There is even 1 in this whimsical style with a cat on it!  And yes, I have the cat too.  I have started both the Spring and the Winter back in the crazy challenge of January 2010?  I cant really remember..... I am loving the result and it is a quick stitch so far.


Stitching her on 45ct Vintage Maritime White Lakeside Linen (I cant get enough of this color!  Dutch Beauty also stitched on MW) along with my silk conversion.  The best part about this piece for me is the COLOR involved.  I am not one for such bright colors so I am stepping out of the box for sure on this one but I am loving it!!  Also, the size.  The models for these 4 girls were stitched on 36ct making them 17" x 22".   I have reduced the size of this design to 12 x 17 on my linen choice.  A friend of mine completed her Autumn gal, and it turned out just gorgeous-- framed and all :)  I hope to stitch all 4 of these gals-- I have them all planned out already (I can hear of few of you already saying "Of course you do :)"  LOL.  I know who you are!!!!  Ha Ha.  There is just something about being organized :)
A full week of fun in the sun I hope for everyone and lots of stitching!!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Elizabeth J M Mears

Late last night I put the final stitches into another WIP.  Here is Elizabeth J M Mears.

Above you can see my scissors on the right hand side to show approximate size of the house.   It seemed to take forever to fill in, but it was well worth it.  I am moved in and have been working on sprucing up the garden for last few nights:).  The fence was another eternal process.  I brings me back to when we painted our own fence in our yard.  Never ending!!  But while watching How Green Was My Valley with the beautiful Maureen O'Hara, I put the final stitches into the fence.
I changed one of the birds on the bottom row to a blackbird, I think it is always fun to have one in my piece.  And, I like making my pieces similar but different from the rest. 

 Stitched on 40ct Vintage Pecan Lakeside linen with a silk conversion including Gloriana, Belle Soie, Dinky Dyes and Silk N Colors, I am quite pleased with the end result.  This is my first sampler to include the "Queen stitch" and I am thrilled with my double row of them.
My second design from Queenstown Samplers is under my belt (LOVE these samplers)-- there are several more I would love to stitch but I think those patterns are buried in the basement :)  Looks like there might be some stash diving one of these days.  Until then, there are about 3 piles sitting around my 'chair' staring me in the face nightly.  I think those girls might need some sought after attention first!
Hope all is well with everyone.  Happy Stitching!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe 1809-1849

One of my favorite authors is Edgar Allan Poe.  Of course, perhaps now this might explain the ravens pictured on the sides of my blog.  Or maybe I just like them.    I happened to be in Baltimore and like a turned on light switch I remembered Poe was buried there.  Quickly I googled the cemetery and found it to be very close by.  I was over the moon with excitement.
When arriving at the church yard were he was buried, we were greeted by a gentleman who was more then happy to answer questions and talk a little about the cemetery and who else happened to be buried there.  The church is no longer a church so to speak, but more of  a place to rent out and have weddings, parties etc.  Very interesting.  It would be kind of fun to have a wedding mind is running wild :)
This is the 2nd burial spot for Edgar, he was originally behind the church and to the left.  I am not sure the people who decided he needed to be moved, but alas he was.  And yes, I did ask if his body was moved, or a just new marking.  The entire grave was moved, and a new marking was purchased.  You can see there are a few pieces of change on the site, and it was explained that since he was broke when he died, here are a few pieces of change to carry him through.  The guide said that the change was collected daily and added up to a nice sum yearly, which helps the upkeep of the cemetery.
The guide also mentioned that because the day was so lovely, that he opened up the catacombs in the church and in the above picture, you can see the door open.  Upon entering the catacombs, you see the original marker for Poe.
Which has been removed from the elements.  Amazing to see his likeness from 1849.  The marking was brought in so that it could be preserved.  Through time, the elements would completely destroy this limestone marking. 
Leaving and turning to the left to continue onto the rear of the church you are faced with many many sites where the rich and famous were buried.  The bigger and fancier it is, the more wealthy these folks were.  Generals from wars, their wives and their children.  Above ground, they are buried on the pic below, there are several buried in the same spot on shelves in their caskets.  If the door was opened, you could walk in the center aisle and the caskets are lined up on both sides. 

Also buried in the same yard were common folks, one that still stands out in my mind is a woman from 1790- 1799 who lost 4 of her children.  Some living only a few days.  (pic below)
2 pics above, you see there is a shrub on the left hand side.  A few feet in front of it, stands the marker shown in the pic right above is the original burial place for Poe.  This is where that round marker once stood. Why did they move him?  Some one had the brilliant idea that he needed to be front and center, instead of buried somewhere in the back and to the left (no pun intended).  Pretty interesting right?   So now he is in the front left corner of the cemetery. 
From this view in the pic above, his original site was to my right about 100 feet or so.  Now he is about 200 feet directly in front of where I am standing.
I am thrilled I was able to visit this cemetery.  Like many I enjoy walking through these somber places, thinking about the folks buried and what their lives were like.
How many of them were avid stitchers?  Of course, most did know the techniques of sewing and mending among so many other things.  Did they ever make samplers?  If so, were are they today? 
Stitching is certainly a gift that we have learned from a loved one or even self taught.  I am thrilled to know how to stitch.  I hope that my samplers are enjoyed for many lifetimes to come.
Stitching for me the last bit hasn't been much, my poor SDW has been neglected, but Elizabeth Mears is making progress.  Of course, it is brainless progress because I am filling in that house :)  Sometimes brainless is perfect!!
Just this last side to fill in then finish the tree on the right.  Add 2 birds to the roof line then onto the last 2 pages before this gal is complete.  I am looking forward to this finish, and looking even more forward to her being framed this summer.
The question is what will I feel like working on next?  SDW sits by my side everyday, but Rachel Howell is calling as well.  We shall see.  I don't want to jump the gun to fast on what is next, I need to see if I can keep up the momentum first!!!!  LOL.
Thanks for visiting my blog and taking another adventure with me.  Where shall we go next?!!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Its really been that long?!

Its been a long while since my last post, but it certainly wasnt my goal to wait this long.  Life has moved on faster then I can grasp, however being busy is much better then being bored or sitting on my hands with nothing to do.  Traveling for work and some stitching on what little down time there has been.  Honestly?  I havent really felt too much like stitching :(.  I havent had time to read blogs, or really catch up on what everyone else is doing these days, not participating like I should in the SAL's I belong to, which I apologize for being MIA for soo long.  I have enjoyed a few trips and I would love to share one with you today. Getting back into the blog post routine is not easy!!!
My Husband and I decided to go to Key West last minute and what a perfect day it turned out to be.  Armed with sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops and my phone I was set for a great day in the sun.  While the rest of the US was freezing, it was near 90 degrees that day.

The water is sooo crystal clear and sooo warm, I just wanted to jump in--- and I did!!!!!!  Several times!!!!!  I just wanted to pull up a beach chair, grab a cocktail and relax in the warm breeze.
One of our favorite hangouts- Hogs Breath Saloon!  Nestled in and under these great big trees, it is a great place for a cold refreshing beverage (and a tasty snack) :)
 Childrens museum

 Some of the most interesting trees-- may I also tell you that they were enormous too!!!  I have a picture of myself in between the roots on the bottom pic, and let me tell you, I am a tall gal, and this tree made me look itty bitty :)
 From this point, 90 miles to Cuba.  Cant get any closer unless you went into the water!!
 Mojito--much needed cold beverage on a super hot day!!!!  So nice to sit and relax!!  One of my favorites for sure :)
 Margarita while watching the ships pass on the water at Mallory Square.  Each and every night, there are hundreds if not thousands of people watching the sunsets.  Everyone knows when the sun sets each day and most make sure NOT to miss it.  The boats are great fun to watch, you never know what you will see :)  I tell you, this is one lifestyle I could get used to very easily!!!

 Even this crazy guy, with a viking hat and sheild rowing right in front of us!!
So on the stitching front, I purchased several of the Stacy Nash's great new designs from Nashville including the Ltd. Edition Springs Flowers Pinkeep kit as you see in the picture below. 
 Super cute and super easy, but leave it to me to to make adjustments!  I don't care for 1 thread over 2 on 32ct linen so I chose to use 2 threads over 2.  But, since this is a kit, and comes only with what it does, I run the risk of running out of thread.  Well, yes, I did and jumped into the stash and chose close enough colors.  I also thought it needed some trim, so off to Joann Fabrics, where I might say, the color selection for any trims is just aweful.  There used to be so many options and now, like 5.  So, I chose a dark brown (not hot pink, barbie pink, purple, white or black) ric-rac last night with a 50% off coupon to boot, and finished it off today with crushed walnut shells.  Ta-da!!!!! 
A simple, easy project--  perfect for my needs these days!!!!  I have much more to share with you, but I think I have put enough pics in this post for 1 day.  Until next time ladies and gentleman!!!!!  Have a great day :)