Friday, May 31, 2013

Something Fun

Since my last post, life as has been a whirlwind of various activites.  All fun of course and great times with friends!
I have some more progress to show on BoaF Le Printemps, however I have put it aside this week because my friend Krista from Just Stitching Along (who is also doing the SDW SAL) has decided to stitch along Birds of a Feather Le Ete (summer) with me!!!  I'm so excited:)   Anyone else who wishes to stitch along is most welcome to.  Just let either of us know which of the 4 seasons you are stitching.  I think it will be great fun!!!
My progress as of last week looks like this on Spring:
Since finishing Elizabeth Mears, and since it was my travel project-- I needed another one.  What should it be?  I must say I have plenty going, but I have a hard time traveling while stitching on 45ct.  I know, poor baby right?  LOL.  But, I can easily stitch on 40ct and I found a great Scarlet Letter pattern called American Quaker Band Sampler that I had kitted up now for over 5 years.  So, out it came.  I am using 40ct Maritime White from Lakeside along with a random variety of AVS.  I started last night and it is coming along great.  I'm calling it a weekender project. 
Here is my progress from earlier today
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!  (Can you believe its June already?!!!!!!)


  1. Your progress on Le Printemps is awesome!! And would you believe... I started American Band Sampler last week! Not joking! Great minds think alike!

  2. Great work on both projects! I love Le Printemps. You've made a lot of progress on the Band Sampler already. Did you just start it today? Look forward to your updates.

    1. Thanks Kevin! I started the SL band sampler the night before last :)

  3. I love your progress on both pieces! How fun that you and Krista will be stitching along together on the BOAF!

  4. Love your blog! Is the BOAF a hard stitch or slow to stitch? I have them all, but was putting off stitching for fear it was a really slow or hard to stitch chart...
    Amy from OK

  5. oooo well done on both pieces and had to laugh that you can stitch on forty count while travelling .... hmmmm no go area for me on that ... 28 may be ... prefer to sit in one place for 40 love mouse xxxx

  6. Both projects are coming along nicely!

  7. Both projects are just gorgeous!!!!!!! I love your colors for the Quaker piece.

  8. Stitching on 40 ct is out of my league--your samplers are beautiful


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