Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not quite done

My idea of a weekender project was made with good intentions-- however, the weekend came and went!  I did make some great progress on the American Quaker Band Sampler by Scarlett Letter.   This is Sunday nights progress:
Not to bad right?  I came to an abrupt hault when I realized that after the black alphabet, the specialty stitches came to play.  I knew this was going to happen, but completely forgot when I got to it.  Being kitted for so long one tends to forget the small things :)
No worries though, the row of long arm cross went without a hitch as well as the start to the full alphabet 'over-1'. 
Last night, I continued working on it and got a bit further
The next band are eyelets.  Again, easy-- especially since there are only 4" worth!!  Some of these other samplers I am reading about on blogs the eyelets are eternal!!  LOL.  I too, will get to those someday.  So I am onto the row of queen stitches and I decided to go to bed.  Tonight in another night!!!
I leave you with a full pic of the progress so far and thank you for all your comments-- I love them!!!!! 
Have a fantastic day!!!!


  1. I have dreams of a Quaker room with all of the different kinds of Quaker samplers represented. This one it in the pile and seeing how lovely yours is and how quickly it is working up, makes me want to start it!! Laura

  2. Looks fantastic! So close to another finish!

  3. I love this sampler and yours is just fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous! You are so close to a finish!

  5. Love it so far! I am afraid when I see speciality stitches so I usually stay away from designs that have to many. I can handle a few....

    Can't wait to see the finished peice :)

  6. I love this! Looks like you are close to the finish!


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