Friday, June 7, 2013

Up next

Thank you for all your kind words yesterday on my American Quaker Band Sampler.  Curious minds also wanting to know what is next up on the stitching front.
From this past Nashville market, from La D Da; Stitcher's Roll Key.  I am immediately drawn to kits when I see them, but remember each and every time I start one why I don't like them.  The linen is always the bare minimum and you hold your breath for the threads.  Linen is 30ct WDW burlap and I am not used to putting my needle up from the bottom and it falling out of the linen by the time I reach my hand up to the top to grab it.  LOL.  I use a hoop so one hand is always occupied.   I am thankful that this kit is using NPI and the numbers are given- easy to match if you run out.  I always like options however sometimes the design takes over (a must have) and you just make due with what comes with it.  I guess I am usually spoiled stitching on a piece of linen larger than a hankie and having a full skein of something.  Non the less though, I did purchase both of this years kits, even the Stacy Nash kit.  Overall the end result is what matters.  I love these little guys!!  They are stinkin cute!!!!
I think that once the easy part of the stitching is complete, the hard part will be for me is the finishing.  I would rather stitch queen stitches all day then finish something like this.  One of my friends said that is what they have finishers for. 
Almost finished with the top section, looking forward to hopefully finishing it today, but we shall see.  Le Printemps was calling me so I worked on her for the later part of the evening while watching The Impossible.  This movie is a true story about a family who was in Thailand in 2004 during the Tsunami.  Truly incredible, and worth watching.
I finished outlining the bottom right of her skirt along with the bottom and began filling in her dress.  It is amazing what only a few hours will do for you when you are focused. 
I cant wait to add more to her, she is so much fun!!
Enjoy your weekend, hopefully it is relaxing and full of stitching!!  Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Your sewing is looking lovely. I always worry about having enough threads in a kit, sometimes it is too close for comfort. I also get cross if the threads aren't sorted as sometimes it can be tricky to decide which colour is which. However, in England it is mainly kits that are sold in the shops.

  2. Pretty colors in a Stitcher's Roll! Le Printemps is one of my favorites - I love that series of designs. :)

  3. Lovely new stitch! Looks like you are almost done already :) Your Printemps girl looks so sweet. I did start mine too. I am going to watch that movie too, The Impossible, some time today or tomorrow while getting in some stitching time.

  4. Both pieces are wonderful! I do love that needlebook -- so pretty!

  5. What a pretty sampler. And nice progress on Printemps.

  6. I am glad I found your blog, it is very interesting. I am also a sampler lover and sampler maker.

  7. I'ts marvelous to admire all your work in your blog. Congratulations and thanks for letting us see it.
    The fabric that you ask is a 28 count from the Permine house.

  8. Two absolutely great projects.


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