Monday, June 24, 2013

Mutilple items

A few things that need to be updated since the last time we talked about stitching.  First off though, my new little nephew is already almost 1 week old already!!  Amazing how time flies.  I remember watching my clock last week and announced that he was already 1 day old.  My sister and brother in law dressed him in this super cute little grey stripe outfit with a giraffe on it and took him to coffee hour at church yesterday.  Everyone was just thrilled to meet the little guy just 5 days old :) 
Today I wanted to share with you some stitching projects I have been working on.
First up is the La Da Da Stitchers Roll Kit; I have completed the stitching, now onto the wonderful finishing part.  I cant tell you how fast that will be complete-- I am not the best finisher, but we shall see.  Depends on how quick I want if off the pile!  (sorry for the wrinkles)
Next up is Birds of a Feather Le Printemps

I am enjoying the filling in of her dress, love the color I chose for her :).   I am looking forward to finishing the skirt soon.  I did notice that the bottom bands are more spread out and there are less of them.  The top ones are a bit compressed.  Although they are wider on the bottom....... I am looking forward to finishing with this color and using some of the other fabulous and bright colors I have chosen soon :)  I am so tempted to cheat and use them, but I feel like it will be a reward for sure!

Since the stitching is finished on the La D Da Stitchers roll, I needed another new travel project.  I managed to dig deep into the basement and stash dive for a bit.  What a hard choice!!!  There were so many beautiful options, but looking for the perfect 40ct linen project wasnt the easiest.  I was looking for something that wasnt quite as simple- or small, and something that would last a bit longer (however I am not sure how long it will last because once I really get into it, I might want to finish it asap--like with Elizabeth Mears)
So, wanting to stitch this next sampler has been in the top section of my basket next to my stitching chair for like 2 years, I decided to start stitching Jane Tindall from Needlework Press. 
Using the called for AVS and Florimell Silks along with 1 other addition a Ltd Edition Hankalicious from Gloriana (the dark red), I have started a new travel project.  Or what I call a driving project.  Call it what you will, it is only worked on while in a moving vehicle.  That all may change in the future, but you never know, there are so many others I want to work on while sitting still!!!  LOL.
Since hearing the horrors of running out of the specific grass color, I bought a few years back a hankalicious of it.  You never can have too much, however you might run out at any time.  I HATE this, and about 7 years ago, decided this had to change.  It wont go bad!
I wanted a specific shade of grey for Jane and I have had her kitted up with (what I think is) the perfect color from the old Birds of a Feather linen-- Sandpiper.  WOWZA is she looking good so far!  I cant wait to hit the road again.

Speaking of hitting the road, how many of you have ever done a United States cross country road trip?  East to West, West to East?  See anything that was so fabulous??  Any cross stitch shops that are a must stop?  Quilt shops? Antique Malls?  Landmarks?  Museums?  State Parks?  Restaurants?  Packing up the old car or truck, motorcyle, 5th wheel or Motorhome? Pack a lunch or hit famous road-side diners? How many stitching projects do you actually take???

I would like to know!!!!  I am just curious as my Husband and I are getting ready to pack up and head out!!


  1. Lovely projects, all of them - they all have wonderful colours :-)

  2. All your stitching is wonderful! Love the colors you are using in Printemps -- that blue is fabulous! I have gone halfway across the country many times (both to the west coast and to the east coast), but only as a young person before I was into LNS's and the like. lol! I hope you have a great time!

  3. oooo well done on your finish :)and love the blue you are using on the dress and love love the colours and your new start too ....
    not done a road trip as live over the pond but a few blogging friends have and visited lots of LNS on route .... love mouse xxxxx

  4. Great projects! I love Sandpiper linen!! So hard to find the BoaF linens now. Your springtime girl is looking so sweet!! Have fun on your road trip! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! I have been bouncing around lately on the East coast so I have not had time for stitching but now I can get back to it finally.

  5. Beautiful stitching, I love all your projects. Jane is looking amazing.
    I hope that you have a wonderful roadtrip! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  6. How ironic!! I have also pulled out Jane to kit up and start since we recently went on a motorcycle trip in north Texas and saw all the cows and horses. I'm using 40 ct. R&R Expresso and still working on the silk. We are heading out to Santa Fe tomorrow. My road trip stash is: The Plum Street kit from our workshop with Tudor Rose-Crowned Bird Sampler and Isabella Johnstone. If you swing by Texas stop by the Stitch Niche. I know Kathy would love to see you. Have fun! Shelly

  7. I've gone from New Hampshire to Los Angeles and then from l.a. to Pennsylvania. We were under deadline so only made brief stops. I enjoyed the football hall of fame and we both had fun at our stop in Graceland. I brought a bunch of projects, but that's because we were moving and I wouldn't have access to my stash for a few months. I think on both trips I finished a medium sized project.

  8. Conrats on the lovely finish. And the Printemps girl has seen some pretty progress.
    Oh, you started Jane, such a wonderful project. I'm looking forward to following your progress on her.

  9. Hello, Thanx for leaving a sweet comment at my blog post. As I couldn't find your email, I'm leaving my reply here.

    I enjoyed stitching Isabella so much and happy to see how the way she got turned out!

    You will have fun with the 50ct if you really like stitching the higher count of the linens. Although it took for a moments for me to get used to it, I'm so impressed myself actually dealing with such micro tiny stitches!! lol Let us know how you like when you give it a shot!!

    I'll try to stay at low key and put more stitches during the summer. Thx for your visit and happy stitching!!

  10. Oops, forgot to say one more thing about the across the U.S.'s trip! Plan stopping by the Attic at their new location! You'll be glued there for hours.

    Congrats to your lovely finish!


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