Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Next project is?!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, emails and texts about Elizabeth.  She is a wonderful addition to all my other completed girls :) 
I have a WIP pile as long as my arm and I just opened up the bin and pulled one out.  What I have been stitching on for the last few nights is an old Birds of a Feather pattern called Le Printemps.  It is 1 of 4 in a series of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  I think that you can still get these patterns (even though they are out of print which is a shame, there might be some stock left)- I haven't checked in a while since I have them, but I just am crazy over the BOF patterns.  They are all sooo stinkin cute!!!!  (Why do the good ones always go out of print?????)  There is even 1 in this whimsical style with a cat on it!  And yes, I have the cat too.  I have started both the Spring and the Winter back in the crazy challenge of January 2010?  I cant really remember..... I am loving the result and it is a quick stitch so far.


Stitching her on 45ct Vintage Maritime White Lakeside Linen (I cant get enough of this color!  Dutch Beauty also stitched on MW) along with my silk conversion.  The best part about this piece for me is the COLOR involved.  I am not one for such bright colors so I am stepping out of the box for sure on this one but I am loving it!!  Also, the size.  The models for these 4 girls were stitched on 36ct making them 17" x 22".   I have reduced the size of this design to 12 x 17 on my linen choice.  A friend of mine completed her Autumn gal, and it turned out just gorgeous-- framed and all :)  I hope to stitch all 4 of these gals-- I have them all planned out already (I can hear of few of you already saying "Of course you do :)"  LOL.  I know who you are!!!!  Ha Ha.  There is just something about being organized :)
A full week of fun in the sun I hope for everyone and lots of stitching!!! 


  1. Gorgeous new start! I love this series!

  2. What a fun new start! I love these designs too, all of the seasons are great. I picked up the summer one a few months back, it has a boat in the background, which reminded me of the lake here in Connecticut. Maybe I should dig thru my stash to find her and stitch along with you! This spring one is so sweet with all the flowers.

  3. I love those pieces, have the charts and would like to stitch them at some point!!!!! Great start.

  4. Oh she's gorgeous! I love these designs as well and have them stashed away for the future. I'm glad to see you working on Spring!


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