Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finish

Isnt it great to go into another weekend, with a finish under your belt?!   Here is Anne Wells.  This is a Birds of a Feather pattern, and I chose to stitch Anne on 36ct Barn Owl Birds of a Feather Linen with Weeks Dye Works Threads.  I think she turned out great!

Soft and subtle the colors, which you know is perfect for me.  The best part is........I am down another WIP!!!  I was excited to read that most of you dont like too many, although I was also excited to read that most of us are in the same boat!!!!!  LOL.  But such is life.  So many wonderful choices.  I am having such fun with these either way, WIPs or Not, playing with the stash is great fun.  I am collecting quite the pile of threads that have to be put back into their homes and it is great fun to actually be using this stash I have!!!!

I finished Anne early enough to breakout the next project to be finished-- Ichabod Seabury.  The Swamp Linen is the color called for, is so far out of the box for me, but I just love it.  Crazy right?!  It is a great design, and I look forward to finishing it this weekend.  Think positive right?!!  Progress pics on Monday for sure.

Thanks for all the great words of encouragement on the WIPS I have chosen to get myself involved in :)  I am looking forward to a great year of FINISHES!!!!!  Yeah!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. Great finish !! I love the fabric on the new start !!

  2. Oh that's a sweet one! I've never seen this pattern before. Great job!

  3. Very nice! I love the finish for sure! I love that fabric for Ichabod too! Yay -- another WIP done!

  4. I like the soft subtle colors in this piece too. Congrats on finishing another WIP. I hope we see another finish soon.

  5. Ooh, so pretty! Love that one!
    What cool fabric for Ichabod...can't wait to see your progress on that one :)

  6. Anne Wells is so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen that before. (Of course I don't see it until BOF have stopped designing...)

  7. Fabulous BOAF finish.
    I love that linen and the IS design

  8. what a great pattern.......I've been looking for it for awhile but without success :-((
    your stitching and your blog are amazing.

  9. Oh another finish! How did I miss this one? Love it - such a sweet, simple piece.


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