Tuesday, January 18, 2011

17th January Project-Start

A new day, another new project to show all of you.  It is so exciting every day, for me too, to see which one will magically jump out of the plastic bin.  Each day, I open that tote, and I can see hands raised and voices shouting 'pick me-- pick me' and the jumping begins.  I would love to pick them all, but patience, patience.
Today I have for you from the Courtney Collection- Mermaid's Folley.  Another large design- and the first design from Courtney Collection.  I have seen this piece done and it is just something else.  Sooo different from my comfort zone, but I am glad I have the 'guts' to do it :), Course, I really do like the piece, so I guess it was pretty easy.

I chose to use the called for linen- 40ct Vintage Autumn Gold, but elected to put my Hank-a-licious to use.  Nothing like a hank of Gloriana silk to sing you through the day.  But then again, hanks of silk-- any hank of silk is just fabulous right?  I have wanted to sttich this design for a very long time now, and I am thrilled that she jumped out last night.

The only negative so far, is the start really doesnt look like much, but, give it a few more days of stitching, and you will see.  Interesting enough, you dont really stitch the 'design' but stitch the background, and the design appears!  So to boot, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous fabric as well as the design.

What does today have to hold?  I cant wait.  Thanks to all of you reading and posting on my blog-- you have no idea how excited I get when others are excited too!!!  It is great fun for sure.


  1. Ahhhh! Another fabulous new start! Great choice!

  2. What wonderful supplies--Gloriana and Autumn Gold LL! I love the project, but couldn't bring myself to do the long haul. And your previous project--Victorine--I'm swooning over! Normally I don't do kits either, but I make an exception for Essamplaire.

  3. OMG! that is such a pretty piece. This is my first time seeing this design. And your silk and fabric what a beautiful choice of colors. I look forward to seeing this one come to life :)

    Take Care and have a great day!

  4. Oh my! I've always loved this one -- great choice! Love your fabric and fiber choices too!

  5. Don't you call this stitching the negative space? Or am I mixing that up with something else? Whichever, I am liking this idea!

  6. Oh that just looks yummy. I'm with you on the silk. Nothing makes me sink into stitching bliss like a budle of silk.

  7. This piece is simply splendid! A perfect use of a hankalicious.


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