Friday, November 16, 2012

The Loss of

It has been a rough few past weeks and stitching has come in handy alot of the times.  I just haven't felt like posting a blog, or really being social or whatever. I can put on a happy face pretty good.  I am sure that everyone has felt the loss of a family member-- whether human or pet, loss of a good friend, loss of a job, loss of a home or Country, loss of ?????  Well, the last few weeks I know several folks feeling a loss in their lives.  And you can fill in your own blank on which loss it has been, but is has been tough for all of us.  My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of them.
How many of you have dealt with a rotten person that rips you a new one for NO real good reason? I read a few weeks ago that a poor woman received a rotten email about her own blog.  How dare they?  Lately I think they exist in great numbers--and it keeps growing.  Because you have stress, doesn't mean it should go past your venting buddy.  Get over it, and get over it quickly.  I am so tired of it all already.  I have come into contact with my fare share of rotten (today being one of those rotten morons--who thinks he is all that and a big bag of tricks, among others), and I know I could be rotten, we all can be sometimes, but I have been re-evaluating life lately, and feeling such said loss, there is a lot other things I have new perspective on.  Stress is everywhere.  Some stress can be avoided but believe me, it isn't easy, and there is good and there is bad, but life I feel is WAY to short.  Live in peace with others, stop being so rotten, be more caring of your neighbor!!!!   ---- Life is WAY to short to get all my stash complete :) AND not much longer to EAT A HOSTESS TWINKIE!!!!  LOL
Enough venting for one day ?  LOL.  I do like to use this blog as a venting post sometimes, as many of you like to do, and it is kind of comforting that people can relate it it. 
Like I said earlier, I have had some time to stitch, and making some progress on Dutch Beauty.  The color arrangement is just gorgeous, and it is so worth the time and effort to make it all flow smoothly.
Almost to the half way point, however I have been working on Elizabeth Mears also.  This one has been a great filler project if you will, remember that DB thread is almost everywhere :(.   I can take Elizabeth with me to people's homes, stitching in the car, and it is easy.  No stress :)
The light bulb went on the other day when I was re-taught how to do the queen stitch, and I have learned this a dozen times and it never clicked.  Finally, I am excited and ready to do the next row of queen stitch.  I have to do the four sided stitch above the bottow row in the pic of over-one.  Easy right?  I am anxious to get to that house~!
I also joined a SAL with 5 of the nicest ladies you could find; started by Nicola of Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore.  The SDW German Band sampler.  You have seen fantastic progress by these ladies already, and I am bringing up the rear.  Never the less, I will get my progress pics going shortly.  I have actually started the horse :)  It is a gorgeous project, and at this point have converted the colors but yet found myself last night and this morning making a few other adjustments.  This is what I love about stitching.  Making it your own :)  After I get a bit more stitched on SDW, I will share pics too.
Until next time.  Make it a point to Be nice to everyone :)


  1. Your stitching is so beautiful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Dutch Beauty is going well, I find on a BAP that reaching the half way mark gives me a surge of excitment that carries me through to the finish.

    I am soooo pleased that you have been able to pick up your needle. Stitching can bring great comfort in stressful times.

    Looking forward to seeing SDW.

  3. Definitely words to live by :) Your DB and EM look fabulous! Have a nice weekend!

  4. It is hard when people are fussy and it seems to contaminate your own life. :( Hope things are better soon! It's hard to see people go through loss, especially if you've experienced it yourself.

    Lovely stitching!

  5. I'm so sorry you've had a bad few weeks and that so many of your friends are feeling a loss or stress, including you. I so agree about being mean to others for no reason, and stress too. The past few weeks have been so stressful for me as well so I feel for you and send you lots of good thoughts.

    Love your Dutch Beauty and your Elizabeth Mears as well! Both are gorgeous! I'm so glad I finally got my DB up on the wall. Looking forward to seeing your SDW too!

  6. Loved your post, we are actually dealing with loss too and it was very appropriate!!!! Dutch Beauty and E Mears are both gorgeous :-).

  7. I love that "pot of roses" on your sampler--and love your blog!!

  8. I'm really sorry that you have had a stressful November. It always seems that stress levels increase around the holidays, doesn't it? My grandmother always used to say that if you didn't have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut. Too bad some people don't take that advice. Your progress on DB is lovely, it took me four years off and don to complete mine, but so worth it.


  9. Melinda, our tastes are very similar....I finished DB in 2007....although I'm a "traditionalist" when it comes to repros, I do love your roses.....your color change is gorgeous....I think I need to reexamine my rigidity! I hung my Elizabeth Mears on the wall of my office a couple of months ago and it still takes my breath away when I walk in and see don't realize the beauty of the house until it's finished! There's too
    much anger in the world and it just plain stinks....We need to concentate on being nicer to each other!

  10. I totally agree with what Melinda said. I was also taught that if you can't say anything nice to somebody keep quite. So many angry and nasty people in the world these days. They all need to sit down and stitch. I find that it the greatest stress reliever that I know.

    Oh your DB is looking lovely. I know that when I did mine, that I really enjoyed working on it. Your Elizabeth is also looking lovely. Once you get the hang of Queen Stitch, you will find that it is so easy. Looking forward to seeing your SDW. That is a lovely sampler as well.

  11. Life is too short for nasty people, especially in times of loss +/or stress. Live simply, and enjoy your stitching as your solace. Your stitching is beautiful!

  12. Sorry for all the sadness. I still can't do an acceptable Queen stitch and gave up trying.

  13. Stitching is such a great means to give relief in stressful times, or when having to deal with nasty people.
    I so love your two samplers, they are just stunning. I have always loved Dutch Beauty but have never started it. Maybe I should do that in the new year.

  14. Great time for the reminder! I totally agree with your post...why is it necessary to pursue being anything but nice! Thanksgiving is here and a great time to reflect...we have all had losses and things to deal with in life.

    Dutch Beauty is beautiful and so glad you are enjoying it and share it. Aren't we lucky to have our needlework to sooth the soul!

    Have a blessed holiday season!


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