Thursday, November 29, 2012

A new Challenge

Who doesnt like a challenge in life?  I for one am all over a challenge-- each and every week I feel like there is some sort of challenge in our lives, so why not look forward to one?!!!
Perhaps you haven't heard already, but our good stitching friend Nicola has created a great challenge and EVERYONE is invited to join it!  What is it you ask?  Well, it is a Scarlet Letter Sampler challenge.  This is the pick me up I have been looking for!!!!  Classic samplers.  Start, complete, or start and start any of the fantastic Scarlet Letter Samplers and post about it!  I have loved these samplers for such a long time and I have finished at least one-- off the top of my head, I think one :)
So remember the crazy start challenge that we all did in 2010?  Some crazier then others?!!!  Well, lets get going on another one!!!!!!  I am looking forward to seeing what others choose to start, continue on and finish.  I have some started, but I have to see what I can dig up from the basement in the next few weeks.  WOWZA!!!!!  Check out Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year and join today!  She has done a fantastic job putting this all together, and oops!!!!!  Did I mention there are monthly drawings?!!!!!!!  And there is some AWESOME things :)
I have been busy with our SAL stitching the SDW sampler.  I am really excited about it.  I have made adjustments with the colors, (but that is nothing new right?)
I have more of the mane done, but I dont have an updated pic at this point, but that is ok.  More to share next time.

I have negleted dutch beauty and E Mears, but with Thanksgiving last week, I had some extra stitching time to catch up on SDW.  Maybe tonight I will see what else is looking at me with sad eyes!
Christmas time is just around the corner and I am getting excited-- even though it is cold and I am not that much of a fan (but, with the proper outerwear, I am happy--thank you (you know who you are!!!!) LOL)  and the Christmas lights are popping up more and more.  Christmas trees are being decorated.  I feel like starting something Christmasy---but you never know :)  Until next time!

Have a great week!


  1. SDW is looking great! Isn't Nicola's challenge awesome! I keep finding more and more samplers I need to 'have'! It will be a fun year.

  2. Nicola's Scarlet Year is just a fun stitchalong isn't it???? I have already changed my mind about which sampler I am starting first :-). I am back to Dona Dorothea, which I fell in love with after seeing yours. Plus my friend Natalia is stitching it so we can compare every time we get together!!!

  3. Such a pretty sampler. I know several people working on this and I just love seeing the updates.

  4. Very nice! I love SDW. And Nicola's challenge should be a lot of fun!

  5. I am soooo pleased you have joined. I managed to source the vintage meadow rue. I wonder what other SL charts you have in the basement? I keep seeing more and more deisgns I haven't noticed before.

  6. SDW is looking great!
    I am getting excited about the Scarlet Letter challenge.

  7. Beautiful progress!

    Good luck with the Scarlet Letter SAL--I wish I could take part!:)

  8. Beautiful stitching! I dare not start another SL sampler until I have finished our SDW SAL - I have too many other projects on the go!


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