Friday, September 28, 2012

Boring Week

Since not much new as been going on, I was more excited about projects last week, however this week has been more blah than yeah!  I know you have these weeks, and we all have a turn.  Luckily, they are all at different times!  I hate slumps.  But.........
I have made great progress however on quilt #3.  (Q3)
Finished the 3rd top, and it is ready for quilting.  I am thinking of a great black background, and using creme for the quilting itself.  Since the stripes in between are creme, I thought the black thread on top might look weird.   I dont know??!!!!!!

I have Q4 almost ready to go, but I think I need a few more fat qtrs yet to finish the colors I have going.  But, with all of our crafts or hobbies we do, of course there is more than one in the works!  LOL.  DUH!!!!  

As far as cross stitching goes, I have started from Pineberry Lane Clara Thorn.
I am using 40ct (shock) and a great silk conversion I did this summer with my friend.  I am desperate to work on DB, but it is not easy to come home from work and with only a little while to stitch, spend it on figuring out what color I want to use next.  It takes alot more brain power then I am willing to give it :(.  But, it is still right next to me, watching my every move on Clara.  Frowning each day!

Until next time, I am hoping for a great next week :)


  1. Your quilt top is really pretty! I like your idea of how to quilt it and stuff. And Clara Thorne -- always loved this one! Beautiful start!

  2. HI For your quilt number 3 I would use clear thread. They sell it at most fabric stores. That way you arent distracted by the contrast between cream thread on the dark fabric. If that makes sense. Love Michelle

  3. No kidding! I had no idea:). What is it made out of? It's good on cotton then I guess?! Thanks for the suggestion!!

    1. Hi this is Michelle your sister in law. I used to sew quilts for a friend of mine. She pieced them together and gave them to me to quilt the front and back and batting together. Her quits we're very colorful and all cotton and she always had me use clear thread . You still see all the quilting and I looks better when tou have a lot of different colors going on. I am not sure but I think the thread is made out of plastic.good luck. The quilts are gorgeous.

  4. Love that quilt and can't wait to see it all finished. I have Clara in my "in progress" pile ~ perhaps I should get it back out!

  5. Great look on your quilt, very sophisticated color combo. I have admired Clara Thorn, I have yet to add her to my collection. Nice start. I know just what you mean with the drained brain after work. Some nights I cannot work on my over one, to trying.

  6. I don't quilt but for trying other types of projects, I take a photo, then use the Paint program to increase the size, add borders, etc. Or print the photo and add in the stitching to give you an idea of what it might look like. It's striking any way you end up doing it.

  7. The quilt looks wonderful, beautiful fabric.
    I really like your new start too, it is a great Pineverry piece.

  8. What beautiful colours and fabric you have chosen for Your quilt

  9. Quilt #3 is looking absolutely beautiful. Love that Pineberry Lane design too!! I too am in a big stitching slump - hope it goes away for both of us!

  10. This quilt is beautiful! I also use invisible quilting thread on my quilts when I free motion quilt. Over the black areas you will want to use the smoke colored thread or the shiny will show! I bought my thread at quilt stores. :-)

  11. Hi. Commenting again just to let you know -- my Dutch Beauty was stitched on 40ct. :D I love 40ct!


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