Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Already the last night of 2012 is here and I cant believe it.  Not sure where the year went and I am sure that most of you are thinking the same thing.  I guess I should have stitched more, but what I finish I am pleased with!  Overall a great year for sure :)
I have more finished on DB, but not as much as I expected-- which is usually the same story for most of us also :)  Things have been a bit upside down if you will in the household and are finally calming down and getting back to normal.  Normal is as normal gets around here.  LOL.
I am hoping to finish the flowers and its pot tonight, I am looking at the long hours of stitching tonight and I am very excited!!!!  No big plans, we had some, but at last minute decided to stay in, warm and snuggly to watch a few movies and me, stitching.  YEAH!!!! 
I decided to iron this huge piece for fun and take a final Dec 31st, 2012 picture.  My goal is to get it done well before April 1st.  I think I can do it.  Since starting it for the 3rd time during the crazy start challenge of 2010, I decided to power it out picking it back up around the first of April 2012.  So if I can get it done before 4/1/13, I will have it completed in 1 year or less.  What do you think?  Possible right??!!

I have had my piece for the January 1st start for sometime now, it is going to be a nice small one.  That piece among the SDW sal I have fallen off the wagon on-- sorry ladies!!  And the Ann Bowers Attic sal, and the scarlet letter challenge, I have my year cut out for me!!!!
So farewell to 2012.  I hope all of you have a great night!  Looking forward to a fantastic 2013!!!!!

Happy New Years Eve :)


  1. DB is looking so beautiful! I think you can finish it by your goal. I'll root you on. You do have some stitching ahead of you for 2013, I can see! Looking forward to seeing it all come to life. Happy New Year!

  2. DB is amazing!!! And "Oh Sure" you will finish it by April 1st!! You are an amazing stitcher & I'm sure 2013 the bring many finishes for you.

  3. Happy New Year Shannon.

    DB is looking pretty amazing. Here's to a finish by your deadline.

  4. Happy New Year!
    DB is gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful progress! Happy New Year!

  6. Should be a piece of cake!LOL It is a huge piece but I have faith, you can do it. I am in several of those SALs as well so I'll be seeing you around blogland in the new year!

  7. Your progress is wonderful on DB even though you may have not gotten as much stitching done that you wanted. It's such a beautiful piece.

  8. Your DB really is a beauty! Though I'm not officially part of the Scarlett Letter SAL... I did pick up the SDW Sampler... I had thought about it for years... and 2013 will be the year I finally start it! :-) Many Happy Stitches to you in the New Year!

  9. Your stitching is so lovely. You can get it done by April.plenty of winter stitching time left.

    We'll all be rooting for your finish.



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