Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LACMA & LLL Finish


Hello to all of you patient followers!!!  I know it has been forever since there has been any real posting going on but what can I say right?  I have finished Primitive Betties LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE.  What a nice easy little stitch.  Choosing to change the DMC to over dyed floss- Weeks and Gentle Arts, along with an adjustment on the linen-- 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linen.  Again, one of my favorite colors!  I love the combination of the warm and cool colors, both I have a love for-- and this one seemed to marry them both together.  Not too common I would say, although I could be completely wrong..... That wouldnt be the first time.  I think there is one more Primitive Betties pattern that I got over the summer, along the color lines of the earlier posts.  Greys and Blues.

On to the next project, which I have about 6 I would love to crank out right now, so how does a girl decide which one?  So far, I have them just laying out, looking at them.  And, not stitching on any of them, sad I know.   In a few days, when I decide, I will show you the next piece of chose.  Is it Rosina?  Is it Mary Beale?  Is it Fruit of the Spirit?  I have no clues to give you :)

I have had the pleasure over the last few days to visit the LA County Museum of Art in California.  What a treat that was!!!  Going to museums is always special, and I try to go as often as possible.  This fall, there were 2 exhibits that I was interested in, among the rest.

Up first is a tiny portion from the "Eye for the Sensual; Selections from the Resnick Collection"

Portraits from the 1700's- 1900's on display, beautiful casket and the strange looking gentleman carved in marble.  Something about him is very interesting though dont you think???  The portraits are just incredible, and we spent hours there.  We went through the exhibit twice, both times seeing new things.  Incredible to be standing so close to such beauty.

The real reason for this trip to the LACMA, was the Textiles exhibit.  The entire collection was purchased from a collector in France, and all are original, nothing re-produced.  Incredible pieces of clothing and embroidery.  I was thrilled to see these works of art, among many others who were there.

The last dress shown here, was one of my favorites.  I am drawn to the full gown, the detailed pleats, the sweet neckline.  Reminds me of my wedding dress, although this one is blue with butterflies :).  I certainly enjoyed this collection, and if anyone is in the LA area, I think the exhibit is going on through early next year, should try to see it in person.  Perhaps I will be there again too.

Hope everyone is doing well!  Happy Stitching.


  1. Congrats on your finish! I love that pattern and perhaps one day will stitch it as well.

    What a fun exhibit! I love the last dress as well and can only imagine how much beautiful it looked in person. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautifull!!!
    Fun exhibition

  3. I love your finish! Congratulations! I'd love to stitch this one someday -- need to buy the chart first. lol! That textile exhibit looks really interesting! Thanks for the pics. Can you imagine wearing that dress with the wide sides? Don't know remember what they're called -- they must have had very wide doors. lol!

  4. Oh my goodness those textiles are gorgeous...the dress is divine! I believe that the man in marble is a suffering Jesus Christ.

    Love your finish too!

  5. Wow! Congrats on your finish! It wonderful!

    That textile exhibit is just fantastic! I too think that dress is just tremendous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. What a pretty finish!!!! Love the colors. The museum pictures are gorgeous too.

  7. It's finished! And it is very pretty! The textile exhibit must have been such a treat. Beautiful pieces!

  8. Adorable the dame's suit, almost as your embroidery, very beautiful!
    As always you choose very refined schemes...

    by the way my scheme is the Salem Revisited of Plum Pudding NeedleArt


  9. That exhibit must have been amazing to see. Beautiful pictures!

    Congrats on the finish! I love it. Did you see that Betty put a really cute freebie up on her blog this week--it'd be a nice small to be 'window dressing' for your sampler. ;)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! The design at the top right is a snippet of my finished Frances Eden by Hand Work. One of my favorite A&Es because of the funky colors Frances used.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful finish! Thanks for sharing the exhibit too - what stunning pieces!


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