Sunday, September 12, 2010

A small finish

A few of us commented over the summer on just how many peacocks there were in samplers.  Seems like the last few that I have been working on, has at least one.  This one caught my eye, because he was shown from the front.  So many are from the side, and don't show the beauty that peacocks really have.

The color chosen for the house is Crescent Colors Deep Fennel, the roof  is Gentle Arts Woodtrail, and the windows etc is Crescent Colors Stepping Stones.  I chose a limited edition Gentle Arts color for the border and some small motifs that I think blends the whole piece together just perfectly.

I think this gem took about 2 or so days to stitch and it was great fun!   The house and Peacock were my favorites, but of course, the blue is just fabulous, and the shading is so delicate.  It is nice to add a few smalls under my belt, with all the BAP's going on at the same time.  So the next question you ask is the linen right?  Of course it is Lakeside Linen, Navy Bean 40ct.  Something about this color I cant get enough, it is one of my favorites and I just love the soft color it gives to my pieces.  I know there are several who feel the same way :)

This pattern is called 'With my Needle' from Primitve Betties.  It is so hard to keep up with all these new designers, and this one caught my eye over the summer.  I bought others and I am working on 'Live Laugh Love' now in between Rosina.   It is always nice to trade off to a small every now and then.  Back to the grind Ladies and Gentleman.  There is stitching to be done!!!!!!!

PS, A few weeks back a fellow stitcher asked about my Beatrix Potter, and how many skeins I used to complete her... SORRY for the late response, but I am not sure how many skeins it will took to stitch her, I used a Hank-i-licious of Gloriana Coffee Bean.  I used more then half of it.  I stitched her on 40ct linen, using 1 strand over 2.  Hope this helps!


  1. It looks exquisite. Very nice indeed.

  2. I love this finish. The colors are great.


  3. Beautiful! I love it! You're right, it's hard to keep up with the new designers. Oh, and I seem to recall a hank of Gloriana is about 45 yards?? Or something like that?

  4. That's a GORGEOUS finish, and I love the colors!!

  5. Beautiful stitching..I have this one ready to be kitted up. I like your colour choices, very preetty


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