Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I often get the chance to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is something I always look forward to when in the SF area, and my trip isnt complete until I do.  We often stop at the viewing spot on the north-east side of the bridge, to look back and get those pictures of yourself and my loved one in the same spot-- however different outfit (hopefully! lol)  But this time, returning from Corte Madera, I suggested we take the Sausalito exit and continue to the viewing area on the north-west side of the bridge.  No kidding.  I am not sure how many of you have taken advantage of the views you can see from here. 
There are many stops along the way, mostly full of parked cars but if you continue on this long and winding road, you get to a spot where it is almost the end of the line.  If you choose to continue, you must go down a road with 18% grade (WOWZA-- most are 5-6% sometimes 7) or VERY STEEP road which is only 1 way down, in order to return, you must go around the mountain.  OK!!!  Lets do it, why not be adventurous?!!!!  There is a lighthouse that is calling me on the otherside-- lets go and see it--now!!!  It is Pt. Bonita Lighthouse, which signals those humongous boats and barges entering/exiting the SF Bay to/from the Pacific Ocean.  I am so excited for this adventure!!
We are also going to see Historic Forts and Barracks that were once used long long ago. OK, ready set go :)
The lighthouse is some 2.5 miles away yet, but you can just see it about 1/2 inch in on the rocks in this above pic.
 Pulling the car over to the side and jumping in and out was great fun-- quick pullover here, I need to get this picture!! 
Going inside this observation/machine gun nest you can just imagine being inside this at night, watching and guarding the coastline. 
Here is the view from inside this nest; of course when these forts were in full use, that bridge wasnt even there!!!!  But, when the bridge building began in 1933 they had a great seat!!  Isnt it gorgeous!!!!!  It was so quiet out there, we only saw 5 others out there on the whole tour.  Amazing more dont come to view these historic spots!!
Above is a shot from inside the Battery Mendel, a fort named after an army engineer who over saw the building of the coastal fortification.  This fort housed 2 'disappearing guns' which would fold back after they had fired.  This was active from 1905 to 1943.
Finally a better shot of the lighthouse, although we did walk down the steep path to get to it (in 3 inch heels!) but at the end of the road, there was a huge iron door blocking our path to the lighthouse.  What a disappointment, but we did get some great pics of seals playing the water and sunning themselves, and views of the coastline.  Absolutely breathtaking.
The above pic was one of the last shots of the day.  At this viewing spot, it was sooooo windy and cold, you could hardly stand straight.  We used our fish eye lens for fun on some of the shots and I leave you with it.  It was such an experience, that I would recommend anyone who lives or visits the SF area that hasnt been, to go to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  The day couldnt have been more clear, the fog wasnt rolling in (this shot was at about 6:30pm) and the temperature (other than that spot) more perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  (Yes, I have been stitching-- no worries:)  More to update next time!!!)  I am always most appreciative of your visiting, and your comments, it means the world to me :)


  1. Beautiful pictures.... I live in the Bay Area and anytime we head north and I know we will be taking the GGB I always have my camerea ready. I love this city and all the breathtaking beauty it offers.

    I may have to go to those barricks, never been, looks interesting! Thanks for sharing

  2. Since I've never been, nor ever will be to that area, I thank you for the tour! I enjoyed it!

  3. Wow, how cool is that? Didn't even know that existed. Beautiful views! Fascinating historically!

  4. Beautiful shots lady. We love to explore the sites off the beaten path. It is amazing the history embedded across the Nation that still surprise me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, gorgeous pics. I've never been, but my mom went. It was wonderful. She said she loved it. I love the lighthouse pics, and the views are beautiful. I love to see the rocky coast too. Wonderful, and thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of us!!

  6. Beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them.

  7. Thanks for the tour of the Golden Gate area. My husband and I used to love to go to SF. I'm not much of a big city person, but SF is my favorite.


  8. Lovely. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  9. That's my kind of sight~seeing!

  10. If you ever get to the Oregon coast you should check out Fort Stevens and Battery Russell in Astoria--Civil War era stuff, really fun to explore!

  11. How long are you going to make me wait for new DB pictures!!!!!!! Jeannine


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